My workspace currently consists of a two tier desk in the study, I use this for Uni work, blogging and work as I work from home.  Although it looks like a right mess, I know where everything is!

The top shelf houses some of my most used reference books, HMRC and Accounts information, Reciepts, certificates and all other important documents that I often need to get my hands on at short notice.

I have a desktop computer and laptop on my desk, both are used daily but I do the majority of my blogging from my laptop.  My inbox tray is always full with things that need to be done, letters that need an answer and forms that need to be filled in, I usually tackle my ‘to file’ tray once a week so it is all done in one go.

I recently purchased a desk planner to try and keep me organised as my previous method was sticking post it notes all around the desk – they often got lost and I would forget to do things.

I have a pile of magazines and books on the right hand side of my desk which I use for inspiration, I’m currently writing a cookery book and I have notes written on everything from napkins to the back of receipts.




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