What’s In My Handbag?

MoneySupermarket are challenging bloggers to reveal what they keep in their handbags. Have you ever added up the total cost of the contents in your handbag? Most people don’t realise that when you factor in your phone, keys, purse, makeup, technology and sunglasses it’s easy to see how the worth of your handbag increases. MoneySupermarket are trying to find out just how much we carry round with us on a daily basis and whether we insure all of our valuables even the handbags themselves.

Last year after realising that I carry an awful lot of value around with me on a daily basis I contacted my home contents insurance company and changed my policy to include my handbag and contents as I would never be able to afford to replace it should it get lost or stolen.

My handbag usually changes depending on my outfit and I’m sure this applies to most women. The handbag I’ve been using this week is a couple of years old and was purchased from All Saints.


I love All Saints bag (£135.00) and in my opinion they are worth every penny, I own 7 All Saints bags in total and each one is in perfect condition and will last me for years.


I carry far too much around with me especially now that I have a baby and my bag is always super heavy.  The contents pictured above were taken out of my bag for the purpose of this blog post.

I always carry a hat for Arthur this particular one is from Joules (£6.00), a muslin cloth from Marks and Spencer (£1.00), a nappy (£0.12) and a pack of baby wipes (£0.99).

I like to make sure I have a notebook (£5.00) and pen(£1.00) in my bag as you just never know when you might need one.

I don’t always carry sun lotion in my bag but as the weather is getting warmer I like to make sure I have something suitable for all of the family.  I have three different factor 50 (£13.00)  and a factor 15 for myself (£2.50) .  My skin is always dry in the warmer weather so I like to keep applying body lotion during the day, the Korres quince body butter (£6.50) is my current favourite.


I carry so much around with me so I just don’t have the room for a massive makeup bag.  I got this particular cosmetic bag from next (£5.00) last year and it contains a clarins face powder (£26.00), torch (£20.00) , Dr Lipp balm (£11.50), malibu spf lip balm (£1.00), Supergloop (£6.45), a MAC lipstick (£14.00) and a Burt’s Bees lip tint (£4.79).

Finally I have my purse (£15.00), keys and iPhone 5 (£529.00).

My bag and contents total is £803.85.  MoneySupermarket state that the average total cost of a handbag and its contents is over £850 which makes the need for insurance more apparent as it could prove quite costly should your bag become lost or stolen.  If I went out on a sunny day my sunglasses, ipod and iPad would tip the total of my bag right over this total cost so I’m really glad to say I took out the extra insurance last year.

If you wish to enter the MoneySupermarket competition, simply write a blog post to tell them what is in your handbag. They’re interested to see pictures of your handbags and what you’ve got in them, which will really help them to get to know you better and piece together just what the average handbag contains.

As part of your post, make sure you take into account just how much the items (including your handbags) are worth. From a designer purse to expensive foundation, the value of the contents of our bags can soon add up.

When you’ve written your post, email the link to competitions@moneysupermarket.com with ‘What’s in your handbag?’ in the subject line.

Make sure you submit your post before midnight on Monday 1st July 2013.

*Disclaimer*This is my entry for the MoneySupermarket ‘What’s in your handbag?’ competition*

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  1. Charlie says:

    Love all your mummy essentials and all the gorgeous make up bits …which colour was your MAC lippie? Xx

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