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I have been an NCT volunteer now for over two years, a lot of people are often surprised to hear that I had never actually used any of the services offered by NCT before I started volunteering.  I just happened to see a plea post on Facebook that had been shared by a friend that said my local branch were in desperate need of a treasurer and without one it was likely that the branch would have to close.

I spent a couple of hours researching the charity and decided that as I had some spare hours thanks to being a freelance worker I would enquire about the position, the thought of local parents not having access to vital services offered by NCT really hit a nerve with me as a new parent.  I had no financial qualifications and apart from doing my own accounts and tax returns and some basic book keeping for clients I was unsure if I would be qualified for the role.

I quickly found out that the treasurer role didn’t require any former financial knowledge and you didn’t have to be a qualified accountant which quickly put my mind at ease.  You do need to be comfortable with handling figures and money, we pay our nearly new sale sellers with cash on the day of the sale so this requires a lot of counting, checking and double checking of the cash.

Full training is provided by the treasurer who is leaving the role, there are a variety of regional training days offered to volunteers and as branch treasurer you are never alone. There is great regional and national support who I’ve had to contact on a few occasions when I just couldn’t work out how to do something.  There is a fantastic yahoo group where branch treasures can go if they have a question and there are regular Skype sessions offered especially during the year end where a treasurer might need extra support.

The role of Branch Treasurer can sound quite time consuming if you read a list of the tasks and responsibilities but in reality it doesn’t take me more than 2-3 hours per week although it is a little more during a nearly new sale and at the end of a financial quarter  The main tasks you undertake as treasurer are recording all the branch income and expenditure on NCT’s web based financial software so NCT can produce accounts, making sure the bank balance in the black and providing the financial plan for the branch year.

My volunteering experience has been so positive, we have an incredibly supportive local team who go above and beyond to help each other and it’s because of the support I get from my fellow volunteers that I also took on the role as newsletter editor just over a year ago.  I’ve loved every minute of my time as treasurer and I really don’t want to leave my role but as I’m taking the role of Branch Coordinator I unfortunately can’t do both.  The treasurer who takes my place will have my full support, after all I’ve been doing the role for the past two years and I know that it can be quite daunting at first which is why I’m glad I’ll be there to offer them as much help and support as they need in the role.

If you’re interested in volunteering for your local branch, you can find out more information on the NCT website.  If you live in the Warwickshire Central area and would like to volunteer you can contact volunteer.nctwarks@gmail.com for more information.


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  1. Codie says:

    What a fulfilling thing to do – especially as you seemed to have enjoyed it so much and have ended up becoming Branch Coordinator! One reason I’d love to be freelance is so I could volunteer more! x

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