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Tefal press show


Irons have come a long way in recent years, I have memories of my Great Grandmothers heavy iron that was heated up on the fire and I certainly don’t envy anyone who used one.  I’ve never really loved ironing and have gone many years without ironing by mastering drying techniques that ensure creases are minimal.  I think my hatred for ironing was probably down to the tool I was using?



I’ve been using the Tefal Pro Express Turbo iron now for a few months and I really do love it, ironing with this is a breeze!  I tend to save up 3-4 days worth of ironing stick on an episode of Drop Dead Diva and the time flys by.  The Tefal Pro Express steam generator is powerful enough to easily tackle the toughest of ironing jobs in half the time, offering high 5.5 bar steam pressure and 120g/min continuous steam. Designed to handle the most stubborn of creases, the Pro Express also boasts a 240g/min shot of steam. Ironing bedding is a breeze, David’s work shirts take seconds and Lucie’s pleated school skirts are a piece of cake.


The safety lock holds the iron in place whilst carrying from one room to another.  I keep my iron and ironing board in the kitchen but prefer to do my ironing in the kitchen, having this safety lock means that my iron isn’t realised until I need it.

The Pro Express heats up in just 2 minutes which is more than enough time to run upstairs for some coat hangers.  The large 1.8 litre removable water tank allows you to iron for up to three hours without having to refill it.



The three metre cord gives you plenty of manoeuvrability, and conveniently tucks away into a compartment when the ironing is done.


The steam generator is equipped with a variable steam dial which allows you to regulate the amount of steam you use while ironing. This function, in conjunction with the soleplate temperature setting, allows you to obtain the perfect ironing settings for all of your garments.


Like all Tefal’s steam generators, the Pro Express features the unique anti calc collector to keep the appliance scale-free. As the water across much of the UK is very hard, scale can build up and affect the performance of appliances. To combat the problem, Tefal has developed patented technology which changes the properties of scale inside the boiler unit so it can be easily collected at the side of the generator for easy disposal.



The Pro Express has an auti-off function, it automatically shuts off when left unattended. An added benefit is that it switches itself off after 30 seconds if the soleplate is left face down, or eight minutes if left on its heel.

I do find the unit rather heavy, not when in use but when carrying from room to room especially when the unit is filled with water.  I can honestly say that ironing is actually fun for me now, I really don’t mind doing it at all and I love the results I get with this iron.

Tefal press show

Tefals new Smart Technology Steam Generator range features one universal setting which is safe to use on all fabrics,  an auto control which has 3 settings: Normal/Delicate/Jeans, X-Pert control featuring 5 fabric settings: Synthetics/Silk/Wool/Cotton/Linen making this range of irons perfect for the simplicity seeker.

You can purchase the Tefal pro Express Turbo from Amazon for £192.68



*Disclaimer: I am a member of the Tefal Innovation Panel, I have spoke about my role on Madame Gourmand.  I received this iron for review purposes, this has not affected my opinion and as always my reviews are honest and impartial.

16 Responses to Tefal Steam Generator Iron

  1. Andrea @loveandcake says:

    Having just bought a steam iron like this, I think they are brilliant 😀

  2. Such a great idea that it turns off itself! x

  3. anna says:

    this sounds much better than normal ones!

  4. Clare Nicholas says:

    Loving your ironing board!!!
    I’ve still not managed to love ironing

  5. Vikki Honess says:

    Great review! I’m not one for ironing, in fact i try to avoid it at all costs, but this product looks fab! Will have to sweet talk the other half in to getting me one. x

    Love From Mummy

  6. Tory KNowles says:

    Oohh – looks great. Might even inspire me to tackle my mounting pile of ironing! x

  7. Mama Owl says:

    Looks like a clever bit of kit!

  8. amanda walsh says:

    I hate ironing so anything that makes the job easier is a big plus for me

  9. Have to admit I’m very skilled at hanging things to dry in such a way as they won’t need ironing 😉
    This iron sounds incredible tho!

  10. Kim Carberry says:

    I hate ironing too….This does sound great though!

  11. Katie says:

    How heavy is this? I love a nice heavy iron

  12. Kerry says:

    Love the anti calc collector! Defo need one of these! Kerry X

  13. Emily says:

    These irons look great and sound so clever, I’d really love one! xx

  14. Rachel hirst says:

    great detailed review, would make ironing school uniform so much easier


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