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No More Dry Eyes Thanks Kiehl’s

Kiehls eye treatment


As an Eczema sufferer finding an eye cream to suit my skin is not an easy task, I was discussing my dry under eye problem with one of my friends and she suggested I try Kiehl’s rich and creamy Avocado Eye Treatment .


The 0.5oz tub cost me £20.00 from Space NK or you can purchase the 1oz tub direct from the Kiehl’s website for £33.00.  The green tinge to the cream does actually look like a mild guacamole but don’t let that put you off , there is a faint scent but I can’t actually put my finger on what it is, possibly the shea butter?


This cream is extremely rich and a little really does go  long way, my first couple of attempts to use this product resulting in me applying far too much product but I’ve now worked out that I only need as much as the nail on my little finger and that’s more than enough for both eyes.  I find that the cream is best applied when warmed so I gently warm between my fingers to loosen the cream up a little before application.


My dry skin means that I really do need to keep my eye area hydrated or I risk flaking which makes my makeup look very unsightly.   I have incorporated this cream into my night routine as well as my daytime routine, in the morning I apply to the orbital bone area in a patting motion rather than a rub and on an evening I use a little on my eyelids to combat any patches of Eczema.  I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the skin around my eyes since using this product and I will even go as far as to say that my fine lines have been reduced.

I’ve been using this cream daily for well over 3 months now and I can see this tiny pot lasting for at least another 3-5 months.

Malmaison Total Deluxe Detox

The day of relaxation finally arrived at Malmaison Newcastle and both myself and Chelsea certainly needed it after a stressful couple of weeks at university!


Total Deluxe Detox with Malmaison


After a hard few weeks at uni with Chemistry tests, Haematology and Environmental Science assignments to hand in, my friend Chelsea and I decided a detox was in order so have booked in to the Malmaison Spa in Newcastle upon Tyne