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Lanolips Herbal Treatment Body Oil – Stretchmarks, Be Gone!


Disclaimer: The following post contains an image of my heavily pregnant stomach, if you are easily offended or do not like looking at pictures containing naked flesh etc I would suggest you do not continue to read this blog post.  I do apologise to anyone who may be offended by my picture but I wanted to give an honest indication of how this treatment has worked for me and my body.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I went from a dress size 8-10 to a size 22 through a mixture of overeating and not enough excercise, I was only 20 years old at the time and I was horrified by the changes that had happened to my body especially the deep purple stretch marks that appeared over my breasts, stomach, bottom, back and thighs.  12 years ago the products available for stretch marks were not great, people suggested palmers body butter, vitamin e cream and a whole host of products that did nothing for my skin because the damage had already been done.

Over the next 12 years I managed to come to terms with the massive change my body had gone through, the stretch marks on my breasts had faded away to nothing, my thighs are tattooed and my bottom has a nice covering of cellulite to mask the silvery stretch marks.  The only evidence that I’ve given birth in the past are the faint silvery “tiger stripes” at the bottom of my stomach, when my stomach is toned up I don’t notice them at all if I’m honest.

When I found out last year that I was pregnant again I was rather anxious about how my body would react to the pregnancy, I yo-yo between a dress size 12 and 16 and I didn’t want to put on the same amount of weight on as I did previously.


I was sent a bottle of Lanolips Herbal Treatment Body Oil to try and after reading the accompanying press release I couldn’t wait to give this a go.   I previously trained in aromatherapy and have a strong belief in the power of essential oils, this treatment contains both Pine and Eucalyptus oils to help boost the skin’s elasticity, helping prevent the marks forming, as well as being perfect for tackling during and post pregnancy stretchmarks.

The oils used in Lanolips treatment oil have anti-inflammatory properties to help fade the redness, and Lanolin oil which is extremely moisturising and holds up to 200 times its weight in moisture.


Since receiving this product I’ve been using it in the morning before getting dressed and straight after my bath in the evening.  I find a little goes a really long way and use the amount shown above on each area.  I’m currently using the oil on my breasts, stomach, thighs, bottom and lower back.  I have also used the oil on a couple of irritated red patches of skin on my neck which vanished after a couple of days use so this oil is definitely not just great on stretchmarks it’s great to use on other problem areas


You can see from the picture above that with only 43 days left until I give birth I’ve not gained any new stretch marks, the silvery marks you can see are from my previous pregnancy. (My hand is covering a hideous tattoo I got when I was very young and not hiding new stretchmarks!)  I was very nervous about posting this picture but I wanted my readers to get an honest account of how this treatment oil has worked for me.  I will continue to use this oil for the remainder of my pregnancy and will report back if there are any changes.

You can purcahse this Treatment oil from Victoria Health for £9.95