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Angela Langford – Bloom and Glow

How many skincare brands can you name who’s primary aim is the happiness of customers above all? Angela Langford’s ethos is to make sure that you are happy with the products you receive – and that they are satisfied that the products you receive are right for you and your skin. It’s really rare to find a brand who really do care about what you’re ordering and as someone who spends more money than I would care to mention on skincare it’s refreshing to know that I can spend my money on products that are actually completely suited to my skin rather than the trial and error I’m used to.

Angela Langford Bloom and Glow

When you register on the website, you are asked questions about you and your skin that you wouldn’t normally be asked by other skincare brands. The more information you provide, the better the chance of Angela picking the right products from her range of award winning skincare, first time. Questions about your skin type, your skin condition, any allergies, any other information you think relevant – it is all welcomed by Angela and her team.

My skin has changed a lot in recent years, I no longer suffer from dry skin with outbreaks of eczema, I can now add sensitive and mature skin into the mix.  I have allergies, mainly food allergies but I do have a sensitivity to certain products, changes in the weather etc.


Angela Langford skincare contains no parabens, no petrochemicals, no synthetic fragrances, colours or other skin nasties. When I first started using natural products my skin didn’t react well to it, I had breakouts, dry and red patches and my skin never looked worse but I think this was due to all of the nasties coming out as my skin has now never looked better (although I do admit I have gone back to some of the old brands I was using).

Angela’s natural skin care products are cruelty free – they test on friends, family and of course themselves but never on animals.  As more and more of us are moving over to cruelty free brands, Angela Langford can be added to the list ( there are a lot of vegan options too).

I’m lucky that I studied both complimentary therapy and applied science at university so I have a good understanding of the science behind skincare but even I get bamboozled with some of the claims from skincare companies, Angela Langford doesn’t complicate things or confuse you with miracle claims. Detailed information about each of the ingredients that are in the products and more importantly, an explanation about why Angela has selected each ingredient and what the benefits of each are can be found on the website and it makes really interesting reading.

I’ve been using Angela Langford’s Bloom and Glow (£20.50) for a few weeks now, I like to use skincare for a fair amount of time before giving an opinion on it as I think it takes more than 1 or two weeks to see if a product is having a positive or negative effect.

Taken from Angela’s website:

Natural vitamin E repairs & protects your skin against damage that causes our skin to age prematurely. Q10 is a regenerating antioxidant that is naturally present in our skin, but levels diminish as we get older.  Evening primrosepenetrates into your skin, helping it to retain moisture & increases your skin’s ability to absorb to oxygen.

Chia seed & rosehip contain high levels of healing & repairing omega 3, helping to reduce fine lines, improve your skin’s elasticity & help you look younger. Together with jojoba, they are highly balancing & great for treating unbalanced skin. They are also really soft & smooth so ideal if your skin is sensitive.

Bisabolol is derived from chamomile & is a skin calmer & natural anti-inflammatory that also gives your skin a healthy glow, whilst sea buckthorn is a superfood for your skin! It is repairing, calming, healing, anti-ageing – a real skin multi-tasker & also promotes cell regeneration; as does neroli.

Finally, rose geranium helps balance hormones & clear congested skin – it’s uplifting scent is heavenly to use.

The first thing that you notice about the oil is the rich colour, it’s not pale yellow like a lot of the facial oils on the market, it’s a golden colour bordering on orange and the scent is delicious.  If you are sensitive to scents this oil will not be for you as the floral scent is prominent.  Luckily for me I don’t have sensitivity to scents  and I just adore the smell of this oil.  I use this in the morning before my moisturiser and before bed mixed into a rich night cream.

A small amount of the oil goes a long way, a couple of drops is more than enough for your whole face and neck area each morning, I can see this small bottle lasting at least 3-4 months – maybe more.

Since using this oil I’ve noticed that my once dull skin is a lot more radiant, I purposely didn’t change any of the other products I was using prior or during using this oil so I could give it a fair try.  The redness on my cheeks has eased quite a lot and I don’t seem to need as much foundation anymore to cover it which again can’t be down to anything other than the oil.

I’m such a convert to this skincare brand that I recently ordered the repair & renew and I can see clearly now so I’ll be sure to let you know my thoughts on these once I’ve given them a good try.

Please do let me know if you have tried this brand and what products you recommend.

*all products are sent to me as samples from brands and agencies unless otherwise stated.


HA+ Hyaluronic Acid 3 In 1 Hydra Activ Hero Cream

Skincare products are something I like to spend money on, I love to find out about new products and I’m always looking for a hero cream. My problem skin has tried a fair few products ranging from cheap supermarket items to purse emptying cult products. One thing I’ve noticed is that when it comes to my skin, nothing works forever.

Figs and Rouge are a brand who claim to be science led and results driven, they focus on working with independent skincare institutions ensuring they are producing natural products that will benefit the skin and provide effective results. Sounds great doesn’t it?

HA+ Hero cream

I purchased a pot of the Hydra Activ Hero Cream on a whim, I’m new to the brand and this is the first product I’ve bought and used.  What really piqued my interest was finding out that the formulas contain active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol and Salicylate Acids, something I’ve started to take a real interest in thanks to the Skincare queen Caroline Hirons.

I usually use a separate acid like Glow tonic which is a glycolic or Zelens pads which contain salicylic, lactic, lactobionic and citric so to try a skincare which is an all in one and actually contains the acid is very new to me.

HA+ Hero cream

You will be forgiven for thinking that this is a pot of steamcream, it does look very similar at first glance with the funky patterns and the metal tin. All of the Figs and Rouge pots have a different limited edition pattern, mine is called ‘Athena’ which looks rather regal I think, I think I’ll use this to store pins once I’m finished with the product. You get 80ml of product for £18 which isn’t cheap at all when it comes to a face cream, having said that, a little seems to go a really long way and I guess you’re not just getting a moisturiser you’re also getting acids in the mix.

HA+ Hero cream

One thing I’ve noticed about this cream is that it’s absorbed incredibly quickly into the skin.  My skin seems to soak the cream in like a sponge which I’m not sure is a good or bad thing.  The cream claims to offer 24 hour intense moisture support for the face and body, I always use a night cream so I can’t answer any questions about the longevity of the cream, what I will say is that my face does feel plumper and soft after using the cream and on the days when I don’t wear any foundation I don’t appear to have any dry patches.

Autumn was probably the worst time of year to try this cream for the first time, the changes in the weather do nothing for my skin and as a result I have been suffering from dryness around my nose, red cheeks and facial skin chafing from the wind so it’s not looking very pretty at the moment.  I wasn’t expecting any miracles from this cream, the redness on my cheeks hasn’t gone after 2 weeks of use but I don’t think that’s anything to do with the cream, it’s most likely down to having the central heating on and going out in the wind.

Would I buy this again? Yes I would.  It’s rare for me to not get a reaction from a new facial product and when I can use something with no repercussions I grab hold of it as long as it’s working on my skin and that’s what i’m going to do with this cream.


Daytime Makeup

It’s been a long time since I did a proper makeup post and if you have been with me since the start of my blogging journey you will remember that this blog actually started out as a beauty blog but it’s evolved with the changes in my life to be as it is now – a lifestyle blog.

I can’t remember exactly why I stopped writing about my beauty journey but it was probably brought on by becoming a parent for the second time, feeling too old to have such a big interest in beauty and the saturation of the beauty blogging world.  I took part in a blog chat last week which was aimed at 30+ bloggers and I realised that there are a lot of 30, 40, 50 year old women who are still talking about beauty and their love for certain products.  I shouldn’t feel like I don’t have a voice or an opinion about the products I love and for this reason I’ve decided to make an effort to write a beauty based post at least once a week.

I thought I would kick off with a post about my current daytime makeup products.  I don’t know about you but I have a lot of different creams, potions and products and I tend not to use the same thing on a weekly basis.  I’m trying to use up all of the samples and mini items I have in the hope that I may just find that holy grail product that makes me look fantastic.

daily makeup

My skin has been in pretty good condition over the past few weeks thanks to a cream I will be featuring later in the week (don’t forget to pop back to read about that).  I haven’t suffered a breakout for a few weeks and I don’t have any signs of dryness.  My lips have been a little sore but that’s my own fault for licking them after using a certain cherry chocolate lip balm.

skin base

Skincare is an area I struggle with thanks to my temperamental skin, I suffer from Eczema, have dry sensitive skin which borders on being hyper-sensitive.  I get occasional breakouts, dry sore eyes, dry flaky lips, have dark circles under my eyes, fine lines and uneven tone and colour to my skin. There is a lot going on when it comes to my face and just when I find a product I love my skin becomes sensitive to it or it just stops doing what it’s supposed to and I have to look for something else.

The three products shown above are my base products that I use before my foundation.  I currently love the Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream (£30.00) which is a deeply hydrating moisturiser, it not only smoothes my skin it also re-plumps it and you can actually feel the results after application.   The cream which contains lipopeptides and hyaluronic acid is a bit like a cross between a gel and a serum, it soaks in well and I use it before my moisturiser which is currently the balance me moisture rich day cream (£6.00 for 10ml).  I’m a huge balance me fan so it’s not surprising that my wonder eye cream (£11.00 for 7ml) is also by the brand.  I find the eye cream helps with puffiness and it really hydrates the skin around my eyes where I suffer from dryness.

skin products

I like to alternate my base depending on the seasons or time of the day I’m wearing it.  The moisture surge CC cream by Clinique (£28.00) has been a favourite of mine for light coverage for well over a year since I fell out of love with the Estee Lauder BB cream.  I love the light coverage I get and the flawless look I can achieve.  Applying powder is a habit of mine, I don’t really need it but I feel like I should use it to get a good finish, the Seventeen powder (£4.49) pictured isn’t a favourite but I’ve not got round to replacing my MAC one so this has been doing the job.  The Makeup Revolution fluid blusher (£3.00) was received in a BBB beauty box and it’s turned out to be my favourite by far, it’s virtually budge proof, blends really well and lasts all day long.

eye products

I have a love hate relationship with eye products, primarily mascara and eyeliner.  My eyes seem to develop a sensitivity to all brands in the summer months so when possible I hide behind my sunglasses and don’t bother applying product but when I need to make my eyes look less like pinholes I like to start with a base of Laura Mercier eye canvas (£22.50) which acts like a foundation on the eyes. I love Laura Mercier eyeshadow and the smoky taupes are my favourites especially sable and mica.  Benefit Browzings (£24.50) continues to be my favourite eyebrow colour as it just doesn’t move throughout the day.

I bought a new Lancôme hypnose drama mascara at Christmas and have been teaming that up with the free eyeliner that was in the box.  Lancôme mascaras are probably my favourites but I do have to be careful when using them and ensure I remove all traces on an evening or my eyes get incredibly sore.

lip colour

Finally my current favourite lip colour is the Bourjois rouge edition velvet (£8.99) in shade 07.  I do need to make sure that I have conditioned my lips prior to application as the lip colour is matte and my lips are dry which is never a good mix.  I find that this lip colour can dry my lips out after a short amount of time but as the colour is so beautiful I’ll forgive and carry on conditioning.

So that’s my daytime makeup for the week, it will probably change again next week and if it does I’ll be sure to update you.





*The items pictured in this post have all been purchased by me.

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Eau Thermale Avene Skincare Routine

I’ve spoken about my love for Eau Thermale Avene skincare products on a few occasions on my blog, it’s a brand that I keep going back to time and time again. It’s so affordable, especially when retailers have an offer running. I find that all of my family can and do use the products and there is something for all skin types.

I’ve stopped using the extremely rich compensating cream as a day cream as I think it was slightly too rich for everyday use especially when my eczema is at bay and have started to use it after a shower or if I’ve been out in the cold as that’s when my skin needs it the most.

avene skin recovery cream

My current day time moisturiser is the Eau Thermale Avene rich skin recovery cream (£12.50) which I bought in bulk last time there was a 3 for 2 offer on, a tube usually lasts me around 3 months with daily use which I think is fantastic value for money. This is called a calming cream and is specifically designed for naturally sensitive skin which I unfortunately have.  I have found that the condition of my facial skin is worse after showering or swimming and I get a tight feeling and dry patches after being in a room with heating on or outside in the wind. This cream really does do what it says on the tube. Calms irritation, helps restore the hydrolipidic film and provides long-lasting protection.

Avene Serum

I’ve recently added the Soothing hydrating serum* (£12.75) to my beauty regime.  What I noticed straight away about this product is how soothing it is on the skin, my face instantly felt smooth after application and a little goes a long way so I can see this tube lasting at least 6 months.  Before I started using this product I had noticed a lot of irritation on my face due to spending too long in the shower (yes I’m one of those strange people who’s face is irritated by water) I had 6 or 7 patches of red inflamed dry skin on my face that my moisturiser was struggling to calm down on it’s own so I opened up the serum and although the patches of skin were not instantly transformed, the redness did calm down and the tightness and itching subsided.

Eau thermal avene serum


I find the best way to apply this serum is to pump a small amount on to your finger (the size of your smallest fingernail, dot on to your skin and then use a patting motion rather than rubbing to ensure you get a good coverage.  I have not experienced any ‘stickyness’ but when I let my friend have a try of the product she said she found it to be a little sticky (she has normal/oily skin).

In my opinion this product is great for use under the rich skin recovery cream as it adds a futher layer of hydration, I’m looking forward to using it in the winter months and the next time I go skiing as I’ll be able to give it a really good test.  I love finding products that actually do work for me, my skin can be a nightmare but I’ve been really lucky with the Avene products I’ve tried so far and my skin seems to like them.

Until the end of March 2014 all french skincare has 1/3 off at Escentual so it’s worth stocking up on any of your Avene favourites.

*Press Sample


Neal’s Yard Baby Balm

Baby Balm, Neal's Yard


Last month it was confirmed by my health visitor that Arthur has Eczema on his head, I had originally thought it was cradle cap as Lucie suffered from that as a baby but alas it’s Eczema as I feared.

I was prescribed a huge tub of cream for his head and skin and some liquid to put in the bath.  After reading the ingredient list on the products I was shocked to find that the main ingredient was Paraffin, I wouldn’t use this on myself so I certainly wasn’t going to use it on my baby!

The cheapest way to make a moisturising cream is to use Paraffin Oil, also called Mineral Oil, which is derived from petroleum.  Products containing Paraffin oil must be safe for use as they are so widely available but I know from personal use that these products don’t actually moisturise the skin, they leave a coating on the top and can often make the symptoms worse especially with children who suffer from Eczema ( I’m speaking from experience).

After deciding that I wasn’t going to use the prescribed cream I was now faced with the problem of where to turn next, my first port of call was Neal’s Yard in Leamington Spa.

If you have never heard of Neal’s Yard or visited one of their stores you are seriously missing out.  Neal’s Yard products contain no mineral oils like Paraffin, no silicones and no synthetic fragrances which makes the products perfect for a babies delicate skin.

On entering the store I explained what my issue was with Arthur’s skin and asked if there was a natural product I could use to help combat the unsightly dry skin.

Arthurs head before


(I’ve been using the product for over 3 weeks now so the dry skin is not as bad as it originally was)

Arthur’s head was red, dry and very sore looking, it was obviously causing him some discomfort as he was trying to scratch it at every opportunity, I’m embarrassed to admit it but I was making him wear a hat when we went out for a walk to stop people staring at his head.

Baby Balm


I was advised to try the Baby Balm (£11.00) which Protects and calms the skin with gentle, moisturising ingredients, including olive oil, coconut oil and shea nut butter. The balm can be used on the head, face, body and bottom.  The price tag may shock a lot of people, £11 is not exactly purse friendly but I have found with this product that a little really does go a long way, having the product in a pot rather than a bottle means that you can take out only what you need and any extra can be replaced into the pot.

NY Baby Balm


The balm is fragrance free but has a very subtle scent which I think may be the Shea nut butter, it’s a very pleasant scent although at the end of the day I find that my baby’s head smells a little bit like a puppy so his hair needs to be washed nightly.

Neal's Yard Baby Balm

The balm is very oily and melts very easily, it takes seconds for the skin to absorb it which is helpful when you have a very wriggly baby like Arthur.  I not only use the skin on Arthur’s head but we use it after a bath as a massage balm which he loves, I don’t apply the balm to his hands as they are never out of his mouth!

Arthur Head with Baby Balm


After 3 weeks of use the difference in Arthur’s skin is amazing, I can’t thank the staff at Neal’s Yard enough for introducing me to this product.  No one want’s to see their child suffering and most parents wouldn’t want to apply a product to their child’s skin that they wouldn’t want to use on their own, for this I’m so thankful that companies like Neal’s Yard exist so we can purchase items containing no nasties for our children.

Don’t forget that although the balm contains ‘Baby’ in the title, mums can use it too, I’ve been applying it to my feet at night and when I wake up in the morning they are baby soft thanks to the nourishing oils.

Keep up the good work Neal’s Yard!