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The Challenge Has Started!

For the first time in 6 months I’ve finally managed to use up some of my products, my personal challenge has started and I’m so proud of myself that I have finished 8 items this month.

I still need to update my challenge page as it only contains 1/4 of the items that I actually have to use up, writing them all down is very time-consuming and I don’t want to shock people too much with the sheer amount of products that I have.

This month I have 3 bath products, 1 deodorant, 1 bottle of perfume and 3 mascaras.  I appreciate this might not seem like a lot to some people but for me it’s a massive achievement.

My first product is Zensation by Rituals, this was a shower foam that I blogged about in February you can read about it here.  Zensation has a very delicate scent and lasted for 1.5 months when used daily.  A little goes a very long way  with this product especially when used with a sponge.

Zensation can be purchased for £6.90 here: www.rituals.com

My second product is Yogi Flow by Rituals, this is exactly the same as Zensation in format but the scent and tin are different.  This item came in a beauty box which is how I was made aware of the shower foam, I’d heard of the brand before but not the product.

Yogi Flow can be purchased for £6.90 here: www.rituals.com

Wu Wei bath foam is my third product and the last of my bath product empties for this month.  Wu Wei provides a beautiful soft foam in a very delicate fragrance, like the shower foam a little goes a long way and I managed to get 1 month daily use out of this product.  At £11.50 this is not cheap and most people would probably prefer to use this for special occasions.

Wu Wei can be purchased for £11.50 here: www.rituals.com

My fourth product is a staple for most women, I usually have 4 or 5 on the go at the same time but I’ve been making an effort to only use one tin to ensure I use my existing stash up before buying more.  Sure is a brand that I’ve been religiously using for years now, I don’t really have too much to say about this apart from it does the job required.

My Fifth product was a Christmas present from my Grandmother, I don’t usually use the same perfume everyday as I like a different scent for each occasion, I did really like this perfume and probably used it more often than any of my others, I’ve actually purchased this again as it’s a great daytime fragrance.  In My opinion the perfume is sweet and oriental with a hint of floral.  The perfume comes with a cute charm bracelet which my daughter claimed for herself so unfortunately I don’t have a picture to show you.

Naughty Alice retails at £53.00 for the 50ml and can be purchased here: www.viviennewestwood.co.uk

My Final 3 items are Mascaras, I hated all three of them and didn’t actually finish them but as they were going to be thrown out I figured I would include them in this blog post, as I don’t have anything positive to say about them I will just list the names and prices below.

Bourjois Coup de theatre 2 in 1 mascara £9.49

2true instant volume mascara £1.99

Rimmel Sexy Curves Intense £8.19

I really hope that next month brings more products to share with you

Foaming Rituals


Rituals Foamsensation is my new favourite shower accessory, since receiving Yogi Flow in a subscribed beauty box I was completely smitten!