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Renunail Nail Treatment Revisited

I’ve always struggled with growing my nails, they either split once they get to a certain length or peel. Back in 2014 I wrote a post after 8 weeks of using the Dr LeWinn’s Renunail polish which transformed my nails from short and stumpy to long and lovely.  Unfortunately years of acrylic nails had made my nails so thin that even though they had grown they just didn’t stay long and they kept splitting and peeling.

A few weeks ago I decided to try using the polish again, my nails were growing but not as quick as I would have liked.

After 4 weeks I had gone from no nails to this.

A further 4 weeks and my nails are both long and strong (staining is from wearing red without a base coat.)

I’m so pleased I revisited this product as it really is one of the best products I’ve found for promoting nail growth.

It may be a coincidence but recently I’ve been eating a more protein rich diet so this could have also contributed to my speedy nail growth, I also take fish oil supplements which have had a positive impact on my skin so maybe also my nails.

I make sure that I oil my cuticles and moisturise my nails which I think has helped with the growth and lack of splitting – this was something I didn’t do previously.

I’ve not had acrylics for over 2 years now and haven’t experienced any pitting or ridges in my nails.  I don’t use gel polish if I can help it as I’m sure the acetone soaking was doing nothing for my nails.

Have you used the Renunail treatment? What are your top tips for long, strong nails?