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Day to Night Makeup for Christmas

With the party season fast approaching I thought it might be a good idea to show you one of my favourite day to night makeup products, something simple that can be worn as it is for work or Christmas shopping and enhanced for an evening out.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we all had makeup artists on hand like the celebrities do? It might surprise you to know that the likes of Beyonce, Zoe Saldana, Taylor Swift and more, love their penny-pinching beauty must-haves just the same as you and I and I’ve actually used some of their favourite products in my look.


So how do you go from tired mum to ready to party? I’ve used some of my personal favourites plus the favourites of Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian.

Celebrity Drugstore makeup

My base (not featured) is the Make-up Forever Velvet Mat (£29) in Vanilla which is a favourite of Taylor Swift, I really do like this foundation as it’s medium to high coverage and can be built up to cover blemishes of which I have many.

Max factor Creme Puff (£6.99) for me is iconic, my grandmother used to use it and as soon as I open the lid the smell transports me to my childhood.  It’s a real versatile product as it can be worn alone, with moisturiser or over foundation for a flawless finish.

The Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 2 palette (£6.99) is one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes for a day to night look. The eyeshadow is highly pigmented and there is a great mix of matte and glitter shades meaning you can really make your eyes sparkle with some glitter once your night is about to start.

After years of trial and error with eyebrow pencils I’ve found one that I love by Nyx.  The micro brow pencil in Espresso (£7) is perfect for filling in your brows, it doesn’t have a red pigment in it like some dark brown pencils do and the really thin pencil means that even the most heavy handed person will fail to go wrong when filling in their brows.

If it’s good enough for Gigi Hadid it’s good enough for me! Diorshow iconic curl mascara in Black (£25) has been a favourite of mine for years, I find it gives the perfect falsh lash effect without the need for falsh lashes.  3 coats is usually enough for my lashes and I get a full day and night of wear with no flaking.

Finally for the lips I used a favourite of Kim Kardashian, the Maybelline colour sensational lipstick (£3.97).  I’m not a fan of beige like Ms Kardashian, I prefer a red, my current favourite being ravishing rose, what I really love about this lipstick is you can blot it on a tissue to get a really subtle red which suits all or you can wear it as it’s supposed to be – daring and ready for sipping those Christmqas cocktails.

Are any of my celebrity drugstore favourites a favourite of yours?

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Daytime Makeup

It’s been a long time since I did a proper makeup post and if you have been with me since the start of my blogging journey you will remember that this blog actually started out as a beauty blog but it’s evolved with the changes in my life to be as it is now – a lifestyle blog.

I can’t remember exactly why I stopped writing about my beauty journey but it was probably brought on by becoming a parent for the second time, feeling too old to have such a big interest in beauty and the saturation of the beauty blogging world.  I took part in a blog chat last week which was aimed at 30+ bloggers and I realised that there are a lot of 30, 40, 50 year old women who are still talking about beauty and their love for certain products.  I shouldn’t feel like I don’t have a voice or an opinion about the products I love and for this reason I’ve decided to make an effort to write a beauty based post at least once a week.

I thought I would kick off with a post about my current daytime makeup products.  I don’t know about you but I have a lot of different creams, potions and products and I tend not to use the same thing on a weekly basis.  I’m trying to use up all of the samples and mini items I have in the hope that I may just find that holy grail product that makes me look fantastic.

daily makeup

My skin has been in pretty good condition over the past few weeks thanks to a cream I will be featuring later in the week (don’t forget to pop back to read about that).  I haven’t suffered a breakout for a few weeks and I don’t have any signs of dryness.  My lips have been a little sore but that’s my own fault for licking them after using a certain cherry chocolate lip balm.

skin base

Skincare is an area I struggle with thanks to my temperamental skin, I suffer from Eczema, have dry sensitive skin which borders on being hyper-sensitive.  I get occasional breakouts, dry sore eyes, dry flaky lips, have dark circles under my eyes, fine lines and uneven tone and colour to my skin. There is a lot going on when it comes to my face and just when I find a product I love my skin becomes sensitive to it or it just stops doing what it’s supposed to and I have to look for something else.

The three products shown above are my base products that I use before my foundation.  I currently love the Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream (£30.00) which is a deeply hydrating moisturiser, it not only smoothes my skin it also re-plumps it and you can actually feel the results after application.   The cream which contains lipopeptides and hyaluronic acid is a bit like a cross between a gel and a serum, it soaks in well and I use it before my moisturiser which is currently the balance me moisture rich day cream (£6.00 for 10ml).  I’m a huge balance me fan so it’s not surprising that my wonder eye cream (£11.00 for 7ml) is also by the brand.  I find the eye cream helps with puffiness and it really hydrates the skin around my eyes where I suffer from dryness.

skin products

I like to alternate my base depending on the seasons or time of the day I’m wearing it.  The moisture surge CC cream by Clinique (£28.00) has been a favourite of mine for light coverage for well over a year since I fell out of love with the Estee Lauder BB cream.  I love the light coverage I get and the flawless look I can achieve.  Applying powder is a habit of mine, I don’t really need it but I feel like I should use it to get a good finish, the Seventeen powder (£4.49) pictured isn’t a favourite but I’ve not got round to replacing my MAC one so this has been doing the job.  The Makeup Revolution fluid blusher (£3.00) was received in a BBB beauty box and it’s turned out to be my favourite by far, it’s virtually budge proof, blends really well and lasts all day long.

eye products

I have a love hate relationship with eye products, primarily mascara and eyeliner.  My eyes seem to develop a sensitivity to all brands in the summer months so when possible I hide behind my sunglasses and don’t bother applying product but when I need to make my eyes look less like pinholes I like to start with a base of Laura Mercier eye canvas (£22.50) which acts like a foundation on the eyes. I love Laura Mercier eyeshadow and the smoky taupes are my favourites especially sable and mica.  Benefit Browzings (£24.50) continues to be my favourite eyebrow colour as it just doesn’t move throughout the day.

I bought a new Lancôme hypnose drama mascara at Christmas and have been teaming that up with the free eyeliner that was in the box.  Lancôme mascaras are probably my favourites but I do have to be careful when using them and ensure I remove all traces on an evening or my eyes get incredibly sore.

lip colour

Finally my current favourite lip colour is the Bourjois rouge edition velvet (£8.99) in shade 07.  I do need to make sure that I have conditioned my lips prior to application as the lip colour is matte and my lips are dry which is never a good mix.  I find that this lip colour can dry my lips out after a short amount of time but as the colour is so beautiful I’ll forgive and carry on conditioning.

So that’s my daytime makeup for the week, it will probably change again next week and if it does I’ll be sure to update you.





*The items pictured in this post have all been purchased by me.

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Body Collection Revisited

Back in September I wrote about the Body Collection Professional Beauty Case from Chemist Direct and I promised a follow up post about the makeup and accessories that came with the case.  The Case and contents cost £29.99 and I explained in my previous post that I thought the case alone was worth that cost, I still do believe that and have had multiple comments on it from friends asking where they can get one.

There were a lot of items inside of the case and I’ve provided a breakdown below:


I won’t lie, some things I liked and others I didn’t but after all this is only my personal opinion and your tastes may be different to my own.  I use a lot of high end makeup and tools so I wasn’t expecting anything to be better than what I already own but tested everything with an open mind.

I tested the Nail Polishes first, the set comprised of a deep purple with hint of shimmer, a tomato red a pale shimmer pink with just a hint of glitter.  The purple and pink were opaque in three coats but the red colour was a very thin consistency and would need a base colour before application.  Two out of three is not at all bad in my opinion.

nail polish


The four lipsticks were not colours I would usually go for but all suited my skin tone.  I would have liked to see 2 different colours like a brown or purple.  You can see in the picture below that lipstick 1 & 4 and 2&3 are almost identical.


The top lip pictures are of lipsticks 2&3 and the bottom are 1&4

PicMonkey Collage

The eyeshadows come in a fantastic range of colours and are in a range of matt and shimmer colours, my eyes are very sensitive and I’m only able to wear certain types of eyeshadow, unfortunately I couldn’t wear this on my eyes so I’m unable to comment about staying power.  I love the singular eyeshadows, they look extremely pretty with the cushioned pattern pressed into the shadow.   My favourite colours are actually the blues, there is one of the singular shadows which is a lilac/blue and is just stunning to look at.





Next up are the lipgloss pots which come in three shades of pink, the lipgloss applies very easily to the lips and is not sticky at all, there are some bonuses to products in pots compared to tubes!


The blush duo consists of a really pretty pink blush and a highlighter, out of the whole kit I think the blush is probably my favourite and something I will use as my daily blush.


I will be using the scissors, buffer and toe separators (not pictured) along with the eyelash and brow comb as you can’t really go wrong with that.  The tweezers didn’t grip anything and the nail clippers left jagged edges on my nails.  When I did the bristle test on the brushes a lot of the hair came out in my fingers so they probably wouldn’t last a wash however if you are just using them to blend you could probably get away without washing them after each use, I would prefer to have a few sponge brushes or even a couple of different coloured pencils than a range of accessories.


The eyeliner is actually a great little pencil, very easy to apply and very easy to smudge/blend definitely another keeper from this set.

eye pencil

So there you have it, there is no doubt that this case is amazing value and I would be quite happy to swap one of my foundations for it and when you look at it like that who wouldn’t want to swap 1 thing for 80!

*Disclaimer – I received the Beauty case for review purposes, as always this has not affected my opinion and all thoughts are my own*


Body Collection Professional Beauty Case with Cosmetics

I love makeup, I own a lot of the stuff and spend more than I would like to admit on makeup each month.  I love finding new ways to store my ever expanding collection and that’s where the Body Collection Professional Beauty Case from Chemist Direct comes in.


Not only is the case brilliant for storing day to day makeup items it comes with the following items:


  • 54 eye shadows
  • 4 blushers
  • 4 lipsticks
  • 4 lip glosses
  • 4 nail varnishes
  • Eyeliner pencil
  • Lip liner pencil
  • Toe divider
  • Nail buffer
  • Pair of nail clippers
  • Pair of tweezers
  • Pair of nail scissors
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Blusher brush
  • Foam applicator
  • Eyelash and brow comb
  • Shading/blending brush
  • Lip brush  



The two pencils are easy to apply and have good pigmentation


The lipsticks are nicely pigmented and seem moisturising.


The blush has nice colour and is not shimmery which is very rare in a blush but something which I love.

bc_eyeshadowThe eyeshadows build up well and have good pigmentation.

You can view a short video showing the full contents of the case in more detail below.



This is how the case currently looks with my daily makeup items inside which gives an idea about how much room there is!


I have decided to use the case to store my items and myself and Lucie will use the makeup to experiment with different makeup looks which we will share with readers in follow up posts and youtube videos.

The Case and contents cost £29.99 and I personally feel the case alone is worth that, I can’t wait to see how I find the application of the makeup items.

*c/o Chemist Direct


Design For The Face By Armani

I visited the Giorgio Armani stand in Fenwick today to find out a little more about the brand and to have a makeover.  I do already own an Armani foundation which is fairly light coverage and was interested in trying out some of the other products.

This is my naked face wearing only face cream, It’s not very often I can be seen au natural as I hate my complexion.