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Holiday Beauty Essentials

Before I go on holiday be it in the UK or abroad it takes me such a long time to decide what beauty products I will need to take with me.  To some people it might seem like I take an excessive amount and to others it may seem like I don’t take enough.  I haven’t included mascara or eyeshadow as I don’t always wear it while I’m on holiday.

SPF Products

The first set of products are my SPF items, I use these regardless of which country I’m in.  Riemann P20 (£14.99) offers over 10 hours of sun protection, what I like most about this is the fact it’s a fast drying liquid rather than a cream.  I spoke about the Clinique CC cream here, it offers a whopping SPF30 and I’ve never seen such a high number in any skin care product .   The L’Occitane hand cream SPF20 and prefer to take a travel sized tube away with me than my usual 75ml tube.    Supergloop SPF30 lipbalm is only taken on skiing holidays or when I know the temperature is going to be hot enough to affect my lips, I usually use Green People lipcare SPF8.  Finally I like to carry the La Roche Posay SPF20 in my handbag for face top ups.

Holiday Essentials

I prefer to take a smaller sized deodorant with me (not if I’m flying) and my favourite holiday fragrance is the Korres perfume which I blogged about here.  The Kiehls argan skin salve is brilliant for face, body and hair emergencies so it’s a handbag staple for me.  Rather than carry bottles of shampoo in my case I prefer to save up sample packets over the year and use them as they take so much less room than a bottle.


The Avene skin recovery cream and water spray are staples in my beauty regime so it’s only natural that they would come on holiday with me. In the summertime I love nothing better than bright nails and China Glaze Purple Panic and OPI’s A roll in the Hague are perfect with a tan.  Benefits Bella Bamba lipgloss gives a hint of pink to the lips and if I’m not in a pink mood Burt’s bees Honesuckle is the perfect nude.  The Benefit realness of concealness is perfect to cover any blemishes on my face.

DSCN1811Finally just in case I don’t get any sun I like to take fake tan with me so even if I’m in the coldest place on the planet I can still look bronzed.  Lauren’s way tan is perfect for this, you can read my review of the original tan here my review of this perfect travel sized set will feature on this blog next week.

What sort of items feature in your Holiday Essentials?

No More Dry Eyes Thanks Kiehl’s

Kiehls eye treatment


As an Eczema sufferer finding an eye cream to suit my skin is not an easy task, I was discussing my dry under eye problem with one of my friends and she suggested I try Kiehl’s rich and creamy Avocado Eye Treatment .


The 0.5oz tub cost me £20.00 from Space NK or you can purchase the 1oz tub direct from the Kiehl’s website for £33.00.  The green tinge to the cream does actually look like a mild guacamole but don’t let that put you off , there is a faint scent but I can’t actually put my finger on what it is, possibly the shea butter?


This cream is extremely rich and a little really does go  long way, my first couple of attempts to use this product resulting in me applying far too much product but I’ve now worked out that I only need as much as the nail on my little finger and that’s more than enough for both eyes.  I find that the cream is best applied when warmed so I gently warm between my fingers to loosen the cream up a little before application.


My dry skin means that I really do need to keep my eye area hydrated or I risk flaking which makes my makeup look very unsightly.   I have incorporated this cream into my night routine as well as my daytime routine, in the morning I apply to the orbital bone area in a patting motion rather than a rub and on an evening I use a little on my eyelids to combat any patches of Eczema.  I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the skin around my eyes since using this product and I will even go as far as to say that my fine lines have been reduced.

I’ve been using this cream daily for well over 3 months now and I can see this tiny pot lasting for at least another 3-5 months.