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Halloween Trick or Treat Lollypop Ghosts

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year, I love to decorate the house and make “spooky” food to eat on the night.  We don’t go trick or treating and we never get people knocking on our door which is one of the benefits of living in an apartment.  My children like to get treats for Halloween and one of my favourite things to do is hide the treats around the house for them to find.  This year I will be hiding a variety of Halloween treats around the house including these rather cute trick or treat lollypop Ghosts.

Trick or treat ghosts

The Lollypop ghosts are such a simple Halloween treat to make and you can pop them in a bowl to hand out to any trick or treaters who come to your door.  To make the ghosts you will need:

lolly ghost supplies

Tissue / Toilet Paper
Elastic Bands
Black felt tipped pen

It couldn’t be more simple to put these together, me and my 3 year old had great fun although I did have to stop him trying to eat every one of the lollypops!

Tissue for lolly ghost

The first step is to cut a sheet of tissue into 4 pieces, this gives you a small square which you will place your lolly on and it forms the head section. Lay your tissue down on a flat surface, depending on the size of the lollypop you may need two sheets, place a small square in the centre.

lolly ghost tutorial

Place your lollypop on the small square as shown above.  You are then going to fold the top down over the lolly.

lolly ghost tutorial

Secure the tissue around the head of the lollypop with an elastic band.  Don’t worry about the aesthetics at this point as we will be adding ribbon and separating the tissue to form the ghost later.

lolly ghost tutorial

Tie some spooky ribbon around the elastic band to form a scarf.

lolly ghost tutorial

Draw on some eyes and pull out your tissue to make it look like a floating ghost.

These ghosts are great to hand out to children who come to the door trick or treating.


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*Some of the craft items used in this post were provided as part of the on-going Bostik Bloggers campaign


Baby’s First Halloween

We have always made a big deal out of Halloween in our household, I don’t agree with the process of Trick or Treating but I love to decorate the house, make spooky food and dress up in silly costumes.

This year is the first year that I haven’t bought a pumpkin or put decorations up, I think it’s because Lucie is getting older and isn’t as bothered about it as she used to be.  I won’t be dressing up this year so to compensate I bought/made Arthur 3 outfits – babies look so cute in costumes!

Arthur’s first outfit was a glow in the dark sleepsuit which he has actually been wearing for a couple of weeks, it’s actually very handy as I don’t need to put the night light on to find him when he wakes during the night.

skeleton skeleton_costume


The second outfit was a 99p ebay purchase, the little devil costume is quite an appropriate title at the moment as you need to have eyes in the back of your head with Arthur.

devil devil_costume



finally my home made costume of the doll Chucky from the film Child’s Play.  I had been watching a costume on ebay (home made) but it sold for over £30 so after asking on twitter I was told it would be easy to make one myself which I did.  Arthur had this outfit on less than 20 minutes before peeling the lettering off, I have no idea how as they were ironed on!

chucky chucky_comp chucky_costume