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New Job, New Outlook

This coming Monday is the start of a week of changes in my household, not only do I start a new job (same company new role) but Arthur starts reception at school and Lucie is starting a new school to retake year 12.

I adore the company that I work for (NCT) as it’s been such a big part of my life over the past 5 years both as an employee and a volunteer and I still feel a tinge of nerves and trepidation amongst the excitement of my first day in the new job. My current role is client based and I deal with expectant and new parents on a day to day basis but my new job is completely different, I will be working with volunteers and local branches and although my new role presents a number of great opportunities I’m actually feeling really sad about leaving my current role.

This week I’ve been spending a bit of time reminding myself about the charity and what it offers to parents and volunteers, not only to refresh my memory but to remind myself of the fantastic new opportunity this new job presents for me and how many amazing things the charity does.

new job, new outlook

I’m going to be starting my first day in my new role with a positive attitude. I’m so lucky that I can work from home so have no morning commute, having said that I don’t work in my pyjamas or lounge clothes anymore which is something I stopped doing about 18 months ago.  I need to take a few minutes of reflection with my morning coffee to remind myself that the company chose me for the job over the other candidates.

There have been a lot of changes in the charity recently, I’ve actually picked a great time to change roles as the volunteering team has had a huge overhaul and I won’t be the only new face on Monday.  The first few weeks are going to be quite stressful for both me and the charity as my role is brand new so it’s a learning curve for us both but I’m ready to hit the ground running and make my mark.

new job, new outlook

On Sunday evening I need to amend my linkedin profile to let my old network know about my new job so I can continue to leverage the professional relationships I had.  I’ve already done some housekeeping on my Facebook profile so I can keep connections professional, I did almost give up at one point and thought it might just be easier to have two profiles but I know that’s frowned upon isn’t it!

It’s onwards and upwards from here I guess, I have no excuses about being late and I should have finished the changes I’ve made to my office at home to make it feel more like an office than a work/sewing/beauty room.

What tips do you have to get over those first day nerves?