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No More Dry Eyes Thanks Kiehl’s

Kiehls eye treatment


As an Eczema sufferer finding an eye cream to suit my skin is not an easy task, I was discussing my dry under eye problem with one of my friends and she suggested I try Kiehl’s rich and creamy Avocado Eye Treatment .


The 0.5oz tub cost me £20.00 from Space NK or you can purchase the 1oz tub direct from the Kiehl’s website for £33.00.  The green tinge to the cream does actually look like a mild guacamole but don’t let that put you off , there is a faint scent but I can’t actually put my finger on what it is, possibly the shea butter?


This cream is extremely rich and a little really does go  long way, my first couple of attempts to use this product resulting in me applying far too much product but I’ve now worked out that I only need as much as the nail on my little finger and that’s more than enough for both eyes.  I find that the cream is best applied when warmed so I gently warm between my fingers to loosen the cream up a little before application.


My dry skin means that I really do need to keep my eye area hydrated or I risk flaking which makes my makeup look very unsightly.   I have incorporated this cream into my night routine as well as my daytime routine, in the morning I apply to the orbital bone area in a patting motion rather than a rub and on an evening I use a little on my eyelids to combat any patches of Eczema.  I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the skin around my eyes since using this product and I will even go as far as to say that my fine lines have been reduced.

I’ve been using this cream daily for well over 3 months now and I can see this tiny pot lasting for at least another 3-5 months.

Epaderm Cream and my struggle with Eczema

I have been an Eczema sufferer since I was a child and have used an assortment of treatments from the doctor  some have worked and others sadly have not.

I often find once a cream is working on my skin that after around 2-3 months of use my skin becomes too used to the product and I’m back to square one again!

Although I have not been tested, I think in some cases I’m allergic to Parabens as certain beauty products really irritate my skin.  When I’m having a bad attack strong steroid and cortisone creams are prescribed but quite often the flare ups don’t stop.

It was by chance that I discovered Epaderm cream, I had signed my daughter up to the UK National Eczema Society who send out a new members pack which included a trial size epaderm cream (my daughter also suffers from Eczema)

I have been using  this product for around 4 weeks now and my skin is 90% improved and feels soft with no red patches. The cream has a lovely silky feel when rubbed into the skin and when I apply it to my face I like to wait around 10 mins before applying makeup.  I now know that epaderm also do an emollient which can be used in the bath in place of soap.

Epaderm can be purchased from Chemist Direct for £2.45 for a 50g tube.

Rich Repair Nourishing Cream – Aromatherapy Associates

As a woman in my 30’s aging is something that I know is eventually going to happen, but I would like to make sure the process takes as long as possible!

 As a complementary therapist, I believe in the use of essential oils when used in products for the skin so I was thrilled when I was sent a sample of the Aromatherapy Associates Rich Repair Nourishing cream to try.

I’ve been a fan of Aromatherapy Associates for quite a while now and own quite a few of the products which seem to work very well on my skin.

This particular cream claims to  “Renew your skin’s vitality with intensely moisturising rainforest botanicals”  and “Soften and smooth the appearance of fine lines”

The three essential oils contained in the cream are Rose, Patchouli and Frankincense.

Frankincense has a sweet, warm aroma that is said to stimulate the mind.  It has comforting properties that help focus your mind and help relieve stress and despair.

Frankincense is mentioned in one of the oldest known medical records, Ebers Papyrus, dating from the sixteenth century B.C., and ancient Egyptians listed the oil on hundreds of prescriptions and recipes. Frankincense was valued more than gold during ancient times, and only people with great wealth and abundance possessed it.  Frankincense is also a valuable ingredient in skin care products for aging and dry skin. It was an ingredient in a rejuvenation face mask in ancient Egypt.

Patchouli has an exotic scent, it  has a reputation as an aphrodisiac, a notion that probably originated in India, where it is used as an anointing oil in Tantric sexual practices.  Patchouli is used in aromatherapy as an antidepressant, antiseptic and antiviral.  Patchouli is a cell rejuvenator and can treat a number of skin problems including eczema which I suffer from.

Rose is my favourite aromatherapy oil, and unfortunately is very expensive as the distilling process is rather difficult. Rose is reputed to fend off ageing and is often used as a calming oil for sufferers of nervous tension.  Rose like patchouli is a cell rejuvenator and can soothe and heal skin conditions.

I love the simple packaging of Aromatherapy Associates products, they are simple and let the product inside do the talking.

The cream itself has an amazing scent and a tiny amount goes a really long way.  The blob pictured above is enough to cover my whole face and neck.  The cream soaks into the skin very well and leaves no residue.

I’ve been using this cream for over a month now and my eczema has not had any flare ups, I’ve had no redness or dry patches and my skin seems a lot softer.

I currently use this cream with the Instant skin firming serum which I already owned and the two really complement each other.

This cream is available to purchase from Aromatherapy Associates for £53