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Tea-riffic DIY Valentine’s Day Card

Like a lot of crafts and DIY cards, this Tea-riffic Valentine’s card is not restricted to your Valentine.  The card would probably make a pretty good birthday card or you could pop two tea bags on the front for a quirky anniversary card and write a witty slogan underneath (if the recipient is a fan of tea of course).  This card doesn’t require a lot of craft supplies or skills so it’s suitable for children and adults alike and great if you’ve forgotten to buy a card for someone special.

DIY Valentine Card

To make the Valentine’s card you will need the following items:

1 Teabag
1 Blank card & Envelope
1 set of eyes
1 Black felt tipped pen
1 piece of paper smaller than your card
Glue or Glue Dots

DIY Valentine Card

Start by preparing the card topper, A plain sheet of A4 white paper was used for this card and a ruler was used to cut it so the edges were not perfect, you could also use watercolour paper which rips really well or sugar paper.

DIY Valentine card Topper

The tea bag was glued to the paper using glue dots and the string and little heart label was stuck down using a small bit of PVA glue.  If the label is coloured you might want to use some washi tape or cut a small piece of plain paper.

Eyes were attached with some PVA glue and a sharpie was used to both draw a mouth directly on the tea bag, and to write the Valentine’s Day message “You’re Tea-riffic”.   If you have time and the skills a calligraphy message would look fantastic on this card. The teabag topper was stuck on to the card with glue dots and it was ready to be delivered to my Valentine.

If this card isn’t your cup of tea (excuse the pun) you might like this Valentine’s card from last year which was inspired by a danish weaving basket, it was a little tricky to make but the end result was worth it.

Don’t forget to pin this DIY Valentine’s card for later.

DIY Valentine card


Easter Crafts for Toddlers

I love nothing better than sitting down to do crafts with Arthur of course at almost 3 years old he would rather be playing with Playmobil or watching Paw Patrol on tv however crafting teaches valuable skills so we will continue to do this at least once a week.

easter crafts

Our crafts this week have been Easter themed and I really wanted to show you one of the Easter tree decorations we have made.  I appreciate that not all three year olds will be able to do this craft and it does require adult supervision as the main component is drawing pins, you could do this with sequins and sequin pins.

Golden Egg craft

To make the golden egg you will need a polystyrene egg, piece of ribbon and gold drawing pins.  Start by pinning the ribbon in place on either side of the egg using one drawing pin on each side.  With the remaining drawing pins overlap the drawing pins until the whole egg is covered with no gaps showing.  Your finished egg can be hung on your Easter tree or placed in an Easter basket.

Golden Egg craft

*Some of the craft items used in this post were provided as part of the on-going Bostik Bloggers campaign