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Clothes Shopping For Men

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem but David refuses to buy new clothes even when the ones he owns are falling apart.  He would rather walk around with holes in his t-shirts and ripped jeans until they are held together by a thread (I’m not exaggerating) than go and buy clothes so clothes shopping is left to me.

Just to give you an idea of how bad he can be, we used to work at a hotel (where we met) and when the restaurant re-branded the staff were provided with a t-shirt with a tongue in cheek breakfast slogan on the front and back, for almost 7 years after we left working there David wore this t-shirt, the underarms were ripped and there were quite a few small holes on the actual body yet David thought it was perfectly acceptable to wear this until one day he couldn’t find it because I’d had enough and thrown it in the bin!!

Last week I was sorting out the drawers in our bedroom and I came across 8 tops that still had tags on, these tops were not cheap one had a price tag of £80 when I asked why he had never worn them he told me that most of them didn’t fit (they were presents) but instead of taking them back and exchanging them for a perfectly fitting one he had just filed them away in a drawer!

Thankfully David wears trousers and a shirt for work but I do have to add that these have all been purchased by me as he hates clothes shopping with a passion even when it’s for work.

Over the summer David was the embarrassing dad who wore shorts everywhere even when it was raining, Lucie later found out that the reason for this was because the Levi’s that still had tags on in the wardrobe didn’t actually fit  but instead of buying new ones they had again been filed away. The one pair of jeans that did fit were ripped so badly at the crotch that I wouldn’t even go out with him when he was wearing them!

I took the plunge and purchased 3 pairs of jeans all in the same leg length but in 2 different waist sizes and 3 different styles.  I left them on the table for David to try on and after a week they still lay there in the same place that I left them, so to prompt a trying on session I moved them upstairs and put them on David’s side of the bed, another week later after picking the pile up off the floor I moved them again next to where he keeps his toiletries but they still hadn’t moved.  It was a bit colder at the weekend and shorts just wouldn’t cut it so forced by the weather David had to try on the jeans.  One out of the 3 pairs fit him perfectly, the other two were a little snug.  After checking my receipt online returns had to be made within 14 days grrr. So we now have another two pairs of jeans to be filed away in the wardrobe never to see the light of day.

Does anyone else live with a man with a phobia of shopping unless it’s for cameras, shoes, sports equipment etc?

Make Money From Your Old Items

Everyone has something in their home that they no longer require from Cd’s to Clothes.  There are many options for selling or trading your items but using a buying/selling site like Ebay or Gumtree can be a buyers market as everyone wants things for pennies.

If you’re looking for a hassle free way to sell your stuff Music Magpie is the place to go. I’ve previously used Music Magpie to sell old CD’s and found the service very quick and easy to use, I was very pleased to find out that you can now sell other items and have a few things in mind to send to them. There are a few simple things you need to know about Music Magpie :

To sell an item you need to enter each of the items you want to sell into the Valuation Engine to get an instant price, you can then decide if you wish to sell or not.

Sending your items is free with the Music Magpie free send service or free courier service.

You can get paid by Bank Transfer, Cheques, in e-Vouchers or donate to charity

You can now scan in your CDs, DVDs and Games quickly and easily, complete your trade, edit your details and check the status of your order using the free Iphone, Ipad, Ipod or android app.

You can now make extra cash from your old CDs, DVDs and Games with Music Magpies Facebook Store – so you can keep chatting to your friends, and never have to leave Facebook!

So you know how Music Magpie works but what exactly can you sell?

Music magpie


I only listen to music on my laptop or Ipad so Cd’s are something I can definitely get rid of.  I have a number or duplicate DVD’s in my collection and Lucie has DS games and Wii games that she is now too old for so we will ads these to our sale pile.



We don’t have many electronic items to sell but I do have a couple of old hair straighteners we can add to our sale pile.



I have no tech items to sell but it’s good to know that Music Magpie accept a wide range of items as you can see above.

clothes to t clothesI have around 8 black bags of old clothing in my house that I’ve been waiting to get rid of, It’s going to take me a while but I can’t wait to find out what my old clothes are worth!

I do understand that a lot of sellers do prefer to use a site like Ebay where you can add reserve prices to your items and set your starting price to ensure you get what you think your item is worth but I personally think Music Magpie is a great alternative to Ebay for the following reasons:

No seller fees (we all like a free service)

No feedback ( We all know that certain members leave unjust feedback)

No postal costs (Royal Mail prices are currently scandalous which puts people off buying heavy items)

No fancy packaging (Decent packaging costs a fortune, a lot of sellers resort to sending items wrapped in bin bags? which can lose you feedback points)

No paypal charges (Not only do you pay fees to sell the item but you pay fees to get your payment)

I hope I have convinced you to give Music Magpie a try, I’m now going to sort through the bags of stuff in my home!

*This post was in collaboration with Music Magpie, All words, thoughts and opinions are my own. My posts are always honest and impartial*


Dressing Children For A Heatwave

I didn’t anticipate how warm this summer would be which is very silly of me but you never can judge the great British weather can you!  When Arthur was born in March I purchased summer clothing in age 3-6 months figuring that he would be in that size, how wrong I was!  Arthur is now in age 6-9 month clothes and he is only 18 weeks old.

The last thing my children want to be doing on a hot day is visiting clothing stores to try on summer outfits, to save my sanity and them from getting hot and bothered I find it easier to purchase items online.  Browsing an online store can be done at my leisure, once the items arrive my children can try the items on when it suits them and if they don’t fit we can easily send them back which cuts out waiting in a queue in a store.

K&Co were formed in 2011, when Kays, Great Universal and Empire Stores were brought together under one name to create K&Co. What appeals most to me about K&Co is the big named brands, easy ways to pay and free delivery and returns (very rare with internet clothing retailers).  When I choose a retailer to purchase children’s items from I like to make sure I’m choosing somewhere that is family friendly, offers a great range of styles and sizes and can cater for children from babies to teenagers.

K&Co have a great range of boy’s clothing and my top picks for Arthur’s summer outfits are shown below:

K&Co Baby



I love to dress Arthur in novelty clothes for bed as he just looks so super cute, my favourite picture of him so far is of him wearing a tigger babygrow when he was a week old, I love the Tigger 2 piece suit £12.00 (1) which consists of a long sleeve top and trousers with feet is super cute and is available in 6 different sizes.

Arthur is currently teething which means I’m going through so many bibs that I can’t keep up with the washing.  I love the Ladybird boys bibs 4 pack £7.00 (2) what stands out for me is the side position of the popper, I find it difficult to remove a wet bib that has a back popper especially when Arthur is sleeping so the side popper would make life so much easier.

Not everyday in the summer is going to be warm so instead of only having shorts and vests I think it’s sensible to have a warmer outfit like this Ladybird hedgehog tracksuit £17.00 (3), the spiked hood really sells this for me.

You never know when you might get invited to a party or occasion at short notice so it’s very important to have an outfit just in case, I adore little boys in suits and this Mamas & Papas 5 piece tweed blazer set £60.00 (4) is just adorable.

When it’s hot outside I like to keep Arthur as cool as possible which usually means dressing him in only a bodysuit.  The Mamas & Papas printed bodysuits £17.00 (5) come in a pack of 5 meaning there is one for each weekday.

As a family who loves Converse this 5 pack Converse babygrow set £31.00 (6) is perfect.  Each babygrow is colourful and light enough to wear on it’s own on a hot summers day.  I’ve just ordered this set for Arthur today so please look out for a review in the next couple of weeks!

Lucie has her own fashion style and no longer likes to wear what I put out for her.  Lucie’s style usually involves a summer dress with converse, denim shorts or a playsuit.  K&Co offer a fantastic range of girls clothing so you can clothe your child from baby right through to their teenage years.

K&Co Girl


The Freespirit striped dress £20.00 (1) is both a favourite of mine and Lucie, it can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion and of course it’s on trend with the nautical theme.

Denim shorts are a wardrobe staple for teenage girls and these Freespirit shorts £14.00 (2) are perfect for the summer season.

Lucie lived in playsuits last year and she was drawn to the pattern on this Freespirit floral playsuit £13.00 (3). The playsuit has a retro look to it and paired together with a denim jacket and a pair of converse would really make this outfit stand out.

I only wish that this Freespirit toucan print dress £15.00 (4) came in adult sizes because I also adore it.  Lucie is a budding fashionista and felt like this dress deserved a mention, it’s cute, retro and perfect for a summer garden party.

Having two children with such a big age gap usually means a visit to several shops when clothes shopping but K&Co really removes that hassle.  I love the wide range of items that K&Co offers and the added knowledge that I’m buying from a well known trusted brand really makes me feel at ease when shopping online.

* This post was in collaboration with Littlewoods, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. My posts are always honest and impartial*

Baby On A Budget – Purchases So Far

At the time of writing this post I have exactly 108 days until my due date which to some people might seem like ages away but to me it’s 12 pay days, I currently get paid weekly and as well as being a student I’m on a pretty tight budget and I hate asking my other half for pocket money, he pays for the house and all of the bills so every penny of my personal money needs to be counted (of course I do allow myself the odd beauty splurge but I budget for that too!)

Christmas is only a few weeks away and as the mother of a 12 year old daughter with expensive taste it starts to become expensive so my aim when buying the things I was going to need for my baby was to purchase as much as I could as and when I had spare pennies.


Rock Chick to Frumpy Lump

My style is nothing but predictable, the majority of my wardrobe consists of All Saints graphic t-shirts, blazers, skinny jeans, huge scarves, Lamis Khamis tops,  band t-shirts and most of topshop’s tall range for good measure.

When I was pregnant with my daughter 12 years ago I was lucky enough to fit into my size 10-12 clothes until I was around 6 months pregnant, I wore my usual style tops in a size larger and some maternity jeans which lasted me until I gave birth.

This time around I’ve needed to ditch my regular clothes as they don’t go anywhere near me now I have expanded in all directions and I’m horrified at some of the horrific maternity clothes on the market.  I don’t see the point of spending hundreds of pounds on a new wardrobe that I’m only going to require for another 17 weeks but all of the affordable clothes are either far too short for my legs or body (Tall Range maternity clothes where are you) or don’t fit in with my usual style.