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Fisher-Price Woodsy Friends Comfy Time Bouncer


Arthur was recently sent a Fisher-Price Woodsy Friends Comfy Time Bouncer to review, I was very excited for this to arrive to see how Arthur reacted to it as we already had a competitors bouncer which he just did not like to sit in (I have to admit that it did look uncomfortable).

When the bouncer arrived I decided not only would I do a written review but I would also include a video to show firstly how long it took to put the bouncer together and how easy it was to assemble and to show if Arthur liked it or not. For readers who prefer a visual review my vlog is available to view below.


The video features the full installation so you can see exactly how easy it is to put the bouncer together, the video also shows Arthur enjoying his new bouncer.

The bouncer took me around 9 mins to assemble, it probably would have taken less time but I tried to use the wrong screw to assemble the base.


Once assembled the benefits of this bouncer compared to the one we owned previously are very visible. The seat looks very comfy and the deep design of it looks almost cocoon like. Arthur likes to be held close and I this design is perfect for him as it will give him a secure feeling. The seat fabric is thick and feels nice and padded so I know when Arthur sits in it he will be very comfortable. The seat is machine washable which I’m really pleased about, Arthur isn’t a sickly baby but has been known to be sick a little when over excited.

The head hugger is moveable depending on the height of your baby and the restraint expands to suit your child.

The bouncer has a vibration option which is very soothing and calming, it hasn’t sent Arthur off to sleep yet but it does keep him quiet for a while. I use my foot to gently press on the side of the bouncer to rock it which Arthur likes. The vibration option requires 1 D battery.

The toy bar is like no other I have seen, there is a musical owl that hoots on the first pull and plays music on the second pull, The colours on the toys are bright and vibrant and really capture Arthurs attention. The other toys are removable teething toys, the red one is a clacker toy. The toy bar is very easy to remove and requires 1 AAA battery.

The bouncer can be used from birth until the baby is able to sit up unassisted. The maxium weight of child is 25 lbs. (11,3 kg)

I’m very impressed with this bouncer, the comfort factor definitely does it for me, as soon as I sat Arthur in I knew he was going to like it as it hugged his body and he was obviously very comfortable. The instructions were very easy to follow and I had no problems at all with the construction of the bouncer. My favourite feature is probably the toy bar, most musical baby toys have a horrible tinny sound to the music which can be quite annoying for parents but the music on this bouncer is actually quite enjoyable. I love the pattern as it is very unisex meaning it can be passed on to future siblings.

The Bouncer chair is available to purchase at: Mothercare, Tesco, Boots, Toys R Us and Argos (Prices vary in each retailer between £42.99 – £31.95)

*Disclaimer* I was sent this product for review purposes, this has in no way affected my opinion of this product and as always my review has been honest and impartial.*