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Halloween Trick or Treat Lollypop Ghosts

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year, I love to decorate the house and make “spooky” food to eat on the night.  We don’t go trick or treating and we never get people knocking on our door which is one of the benefits of living in an apartment.  My children like to get treats for Halloween and one of my favourite things to do is hide the treats around the house for them to find.  This year I will be hiding a variety of Halloween treats around the house including these rather cute trick or treat lollypop Ghosts.

Trick or treat ghosts

The Lollypop ghosts are such a simple Halloween treat to make and you can pop them in a bowl to hand out to any trick or treaters who come to your door.  To make the ghosts you will need:

lolly ghost supplies

Tissue / Toilet Paper
Elastic Bands
Black felt tipped pen

It couldn’t be more simple to put these together, me and my 3 year old had great fun although I did have to stop him trying to eat every one of the lollypops!

Tissue for lolly ghost

The first step is to cut a sheet of tissue into 4 pieces, this gives you a small square which you will place your lolly on and it forms the head section. Lay your tissue down on a flat surface, depending on the size of the lollypop you may need two sheets, place a small square in the centre.

lolly ghost tutorial

Place your lollypop on the small square as shown above.  You are then going to fold the top down over the lolly.

lolly ghost tutorial

Secure the tissue around the head of the lollypop with an elastic band.  Don’t worry about the aesthetics at this point as we will be adding ribbon and separating the tissue to form the ghost later.

lolly ghost tutorial

Tie some spooky ribbon around the elastic band to form a scarf.

lolly ghost tutorial

Draw on some eyes and pull out your tissue to make it look like a floating ghost.

These ghosts are great to hand out to children who come to the door trick or treating.


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*Some of the craft items used in this post were provided as part of the on-going Bostik Bloggers campaign


Preschool Craft – Jungle Puppets

Arthur loves to role play and one of his favourite things to play is with puppets. Puppets are so easy to make and provide hours of fun for children provided they are not too heavy handed with their puppet.

The jungle puppets we recently made took less than 10 minutes to put together which is a perfect amount of time for a pre-schooler and all you need are some lollypop sticks, animal stickers or pictures, feathers, a pipe cleaner, foam or card and a pompom.

Bostik jungle puppet craft

Smaller children may need help sticking their parrot together, we used tape to attach the feathers to the stick and glue dots for the parrots head and snakes tongue.  Arthur (3) put all of his puppets together and didn’t require any help from me.

Bostik jungle puppets

If you would like to see other crafts that are suitable for preschool age children we have a craft section where you can find a variety of themed crafts.

*Some of the craft items used in this post were provided as part of the on-going Bostik Bloggers campaign


Weather Chart Craft for Preschoolers

Arthur is 3 and is at that age where he “needs” to know about everything and anything, one of the things he has taken an interest in recently is the weather and a couple of weeks ago here in the UK we had a couple of days when the weather was incredibly erratic and like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  Who would have thought that you could have sun, wind, rain and snow all in one day?  The only time Arthur has experienced real snow was when we went skiing in France back in 2014 but he was sadly too little to remember so you can imagine his delight when he saw snow flurries out of the window only to be incredibly disappointed moments later when the rain started.

I’ve tried to talk about the weather in laymans terms but I find that sometimes visual learning can be so much better especially when it comes to 3 year old livewires with a very short attention span and that’s why we made our own weather chart.

weather chart craft

To make this incredibly simplistic weather chart you will need:
A paper plate
Pens to draw or sticker/cutouts
1 arrow
Paper fastener

How to make a weather chart

Stick or draw shapes to show the different types of weather to the paper plate, attach the arrow using a paper fastener and you’re ready to go.

When Arthur wakes up each morning he asks if he can be the weather watcher and goes to the window to see what the weather is like outside, he then moves the arrow and asks me to check that he was right.  It’s such a simple craft yet you will have days/weeks/months of fun with it.

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*Some of the craft items used in this post were provided as part of the on-going Bostik Bloggers campaign

The Ugly Bug Ball Crafts

Fans of older Disney films like myself will know and hopefully love the film Summer Magic which features “The Ugly Bug Ball” which is such a great song to sing with children.  As it’s springtime and the bugs are out in force we decided to focus our crafting this month around mini beasts specifically bugs in all of their glory.

“Once a lonely caterpillar sat and cried
To a sympathetic beetle by his side
I’ve got nobody to hug
I’m such an ugly bug

Then a spider and a dragonfly replied
If you’re serious and want to win a bride
Come along with us, to the glorious annual ugly bug ball”

Ugly Bug Ball Craft

So far this week we have spent 4 hours playing with our Ugly Bug Ball.  Arthur loves bringing new bugs into the play set and explaining what the different parts of the bugs are.

To make the Caterpillar for your ugly bug ball you will need:

Materials needed to create a caterpillar for the ugly bug ball.

4 coloured eggs or pompoms
Needle & Thread
Stick on eyes
Wire for antennae

Ugly bug ball caterpillar tutorial

Stitch the eggs or pompoms together to create the body and put a tiny dab of glue on the thread at each end to secure.

Ugly bug ball caterpillar tutorial

Stick two eyes on the face of your caterpillar.

Ugly bug ball caterpillar antenna

Push two pieces of wire into the top of the caterpillars head for the antennae and your caterpillar is now ready to attend the ugly bug ball.

Of course no ugly bug ball is complete without a sympathetic beetle to listen to the caterpillar and to make this you will need:

ugly bug ball beetle

A polystyrene ball
glue or glue dots
pipe cleaner
stick on eyes

Apply glue to your polystyrene ball and stick a dark piece of lace to it.  Cut your pipe cleaner into 6 pieces and push into the polystyrene.  Stick two eyes on to the front of your beetle. Cut two pieces of light  lace into a wing shape and stick to the back of the beetle.

Your beetle is now ready to join the caterpillar at the ugly bug ball.

ugly bug ball tutorial

*Some of the craft items used in this post were provided as part of the on-going Bostik Bloggers campaign

Easter Crafts for Toddlers

I love nothing better than sitting down to do crafts with Arthur of course at almost 3 years old he would rather be playing with Playmobil or watching Paw Patrol on tv however crafting teaches valuable skills so we will continue to do this at least once a week.

easter crafts

Our crafts this week have been Easter themed and I really wanted to show you one of the Easter tree decorations we have made.  I appreciate that not all three year olds will be able to do this craft and it does require adult supervision as the main component is drawing pins, you could do this with sequins and sequin pins.

Golden Egg craft

To make the golden egg you will need a polystyrene egg, piece of ribbon and gold drawing pins.  Start by pinning the ribbon in place on either side of the egg using one drawing pin on each side.  With the remaining drawing pins overlap the drawing pins until the whole egg is covered with no gaps showing.  Your finished egg can be hung on your Easter tree or placed in an Easter basket.

Golden Egg craft

*Some of the craft items used in this post were provided as part of the on-going Bostik Bloggers campaign