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Children’s Books Christmas Present Challenge

We love books in our household, so when we were invited to participate in the Random House Children’s books Christmas present challenge it was a no brainer that we would accept.


Some of the books that Arthur reads now belonged to Lucie and before that belonged to me, I still have a book on my bookshelf that I was given for Christmas 1987 (Alice through the looking glass) although I don’t let anyone touch it as it was a favourite of mine and in mint condition still.  I love to receive books as a gift although i don’t get a lot of spare time to read these days so I’m so thrilled that my children are both avid readers too.  I must add that Arthur isn’t a child genius so we read the books to him and ask him to describe the scene in the picture.

I can’t imagine a life without books, I find them so magical and my favourite story growing up and still as an adult has probably got to be Enid Blyton’s The Enchanted Wood (The original with Jo, Bessie and Fanny not the reprint with Joe, Beth and Frannie?).  I’m thankful that I still have all 3 original Faraway Tree books and not the new versions.  I hope that when I’m old and have grandchildren of my own I can still read these stories to the next generations in their original format.

We were sent 3 fabulous children’s book which are age appropriate for Arthur who will be 4 in March 2017.  Two of them are new to us and one of them Arthur already owns so this will be gifted to my good friend Clare who i’m sure will enjoy reading it to her daughter.


I’ve wrapped up The tale of Kitty-in-Boots for Arthur’s Christmas Eve stocking, I love Beatrix Potter books and I’m ashamed to say that this will be the first one that Arthur has owned but I’m sure it won’t be the last.  I love the Quentin Blake illustrations, they always transport me back to my childhood favourites by Roald Dahl but I digress.

Shirley Hughes is also a new author to Arthur and I know he will love not only the story of Alfie and his best friend but the lovely illustrations in the book.  Lucie used to enjoy reading Lucy & Tom’s Christmas by the same Author as one of her Christmas books, it was so well written and I’m looking forward to sharing Alfie’s adventures with Arthur on Christmas day when he opens this book.


The Fairytale Hairdresser and the Princess and the Pea is a book we purchased a couple of weeks ago for Arthur as I fell in love with the fun pictures in the book, it’s a really funny book with some very funky hairstyles and outfits and a great book for me to gift to my friend.

What was your favourite childhood book?

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Reading Challenge

I had initially planned to do a reading challenge at the beginning of the year which consisted of a book a week and we’re into February already and I’ve managed to get through a grand total of zero books so far this year. I’m glad I didn’t blog about my plans as that would have been embarrassing. Oh wait I did write about it on my 14 things for 2014.

To make things easier on myself I’m aiming to read 30 books before the end of the year and to make it easier for me to keep track of them I’ve already selected some of my 30 books which are sitting pretty on my bookshelf.  I’ll cross off each book as I go so I know how many I have left to read.  If you’re doing a similar challenge please feel free to leave a link in the comments as I love to find new books to read and hopefully we can encourage each other to keep going.

My book list for this year is as follows but is subject to change if something amazing gets published this year.

1. Yes Sister No Sister – Jennifer Craig

2. Miss Appleby’s Academy – Elizabeth Gill

3. Easy Bake Coven – Liz Schulte

4. Three Girls and a Baby – Rachel Schurig

5. I Heart London – Lindsey Kelk

6. All the Single Ladies – Jane Costello

7. My Single Friend – Jane Costello

8. The Last To Know – Melissa Hill

9. The Walking Dead – Robert Kirkman

10. Breakfast at Darcy’s – Ali McNamara

11. I Heart Vegas – Lindsey Kelk

12. Just Another Manic Mum-Day – Mink Elliot




















Make Money From Your Old Items

Everyone has something in their home that they no longer require from Cd’s to Clothes.  There are many options for selling or trading your items but using a buying/selling site like Ebay or Gumtree can be a buyers market as everyone wants things for pennies.

If you’re looking for a hassle free way to sell your stuff Music Magpie is the place to go. I’ve previously used Music Magpie to sell old CD’s and found the service very quick and easy to use, I was very pleased to find out that you can now sell other items and have a few things in mind to send to them. There are a few simple things you need to know about Music Magpie :

To sell an item you need to enter each of the items you want to sell into the Valuation Engine to get an instant price, you can then decide if you wish to sell or not.

Sending your items is free with the Music Magpie free send service or free courier service.

You can get paid by Bank Transfer, Cheques, in e-Vouchers or donate to charity

You can now scan in your CDs, DVDs and Games quickly and easily, complete your trade, edit your details and check the status of your order using the free Iphone, Ipad, Ipod or android app.

You can now make extra cash from your old CDs, DVDs and Games with Music Magpies Facebook Store – so you can keep chatting to your friends, and never have to leave Facebook!

So you know how Music Magpie works but what exactly can you sell?

Music magpie


I only listen to music on my laptop or Ipad so Cd’s are something I can definitely get rid of.  I have a number or duplicate DVD’s in my collection and Lucie has DS games and Wii games that she is now too old for so we will ads these to our sale pile.



We don’t have many electronic items to sell but I do have a couple of old hair straighteners we can add to our sale pile.



I have no tech items to sell but it’s good to know that Music Magpie accept a wide range of items as you can see above.

clothes to t clothesI have around 8 black bags of old clothing in my house that I’ve been waiting to get rid of, It’s going to take me a while but I can’t wait to find out what my old clothes are worth!

I do understand that a lot of sellers do prefer to use a site like Ebay where you can add reserve prices to your items and set your starting price to ensure you get what you think your item is worth but I personally think Music Magpie is a great alternative to Ebay for the following reasons:

No seller fees (we all like a free service)

No feedback ( We all know that certain members leave unjust feedback)

No postal costs (Royal Mail prices are currently scandalous which puts people off buying heavy items)

No fancy packaging (Decent packaging costs a fortune, a lot of sellers resort to sending items wrapped in bin bags? which can lose you feedback points)

No paypal charges (Not only do you pay fees to sell the item but you pay fees to get your payment)

I hope I have convinced you to give Music Magpie a try, I’m now going to sort through the bags of stuff in my home!

*This post was in collaboration with Music Magpie, All words, thoughts and opinions are my own. My posts are always honest and impartial*


Book Love



I love books, any kind of book be it picture, fiction or non fiction.  I have a very eclectic collection of books and the picture above shows only a small selection of the books that I own.

In my last house I had a full wall bookshelf that housed all of my reading material and my cookery books were kept in the kitchen, I didn’t have room for such a big bookshelf when I moved so the majority of my books are in boxes in the garage.


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