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Let the Dead Speak by Jane Casey

I can’t remember the last time I got to sit down and read a book from start to finish in 2 days, it just doesn’t happen anymore but last weekend I had the opportunity and I grabbed it with both hands.  I love a book that has me gripped from the start, I like to get lost in the plot and Jane Casey is a genius at allowing this to happen.

let the dead speak Jane Casey

When it comes to reading books I like a really wide range of genres. Crime and thrillers are not my first choice of genres but I do always enjoy them when I get the chance.  Let the Dead Speak by Jane Casey is part of a series, it’s actually book 7 so I was a little worried that I would get a bit lost as I had no background of the characters but it’s a really good standalone book. The synopsis below had me gripped and I can’t wait to go back and read books 1-6

A murder without a body: Eighteen-year-old Chloe Emery returns to her West London home one day to find the house covered in blood and Kate, her mother, gone. There may not be a body, but everything else points to murder.

A girl too scared to talk: Maeve Kerrigan is young, ambitious and determined to prove she’s up to her new role as detective sergeant. She suspects Chloe is holding something back, but best friend Bethany Norris won’t let Maeve get close. What exactly is Bethany protecting Chloe from?

A detective with everything to prove: As the team dig deeper into the residents of Valerian Road, no one is above suspicion. All Maeve needs is one person to talk, but that’s not going to happen. Because even in a case of murder, some secrets are too terrible to share…

Maeve Kerrigan is (I assume) the main character in all of the books, she has been promoted to Detective Sergeant so I assume the earlier books are maybe about her journey to this promotion and her experience and confidence is as a result.

Let the dead speak really did have me guessing all the way through. I always think I’m quite good at working out the answers but in reality I’m pretty rubbish.  Jane Casey’s writing held my attention completely and I couldn’t wait to put the book down.  I love how Jane made me think that so many of the characters had committed the murder and the twists written into the story were captivating .

Characters were realistic and the relationships did seem believable.  It’s obvious that a lot of research has gone into the story which had me wondering if Jane has a background in law or criminology.

This is the first book by Jane Casey that I’ve read and I loved the complex plot and well written story line, definitely an author to follow and hopefully the series will be picked up by the BBC for a new drama series.

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The Adventures of The Cuddle Pirate

The Adventures of the cuddle pirate


The Adventures of The Cuddle Pirate is a fabulous series of children’s books written by Kelly Elsworthy and Illustrated by Becky Dench.

It’s never too early to instil into your children the importance of healthy eating and in each of the books you will travel over land and sea with the Cuddle Pirate and his shipmates, embarking on great adventures and discovering tasty healthy food on the way!

The book doesn’t just have healthy eating heroes, there are a whole host of baddies like Sugar Shark and his gang who just love junk food. They like drinking fizzy pop and eating sweets, chocolate and crisps. Their mission is to ruin all of the healthy food the Cuddle Pirate and his crew discover on their journeys by sneakily adding sugar to it.

cuddle pirate picture

The characters are colourful and fun and the members of the Cuddle Pirate’s gang all have food related names such as Pickles the parrot and Tomato Tommy the ship’s cook.

The Cuddle Pirate is captain of the “Grapevine Galleon” and leader of the crew. He’s big, strong and cuddly!

He knows when little boys and girls eat up all the good things on their plate. And for those who do, the Cuddle Pirate sends them cuddles in their dreams.

The Cuddle Pirate carries a tiny telescope which magically grows bigger and bigger so he can see for miles across every ocean. This helps him to spot the nasty old Sugar Shark and his gang who are forever trying to spoil the crew’s quest.

cuddle pirate pictures

The books are not only a fantastic read for children but for adults too, although Arthur is too young to understand about the importance of healthy eating he really enjoys looking at the pictures in the book and sits and listens to the story over a couple of nights.  I find that by describing the picture in the book it helps Arthur to improve his vocabulary as he is using words that he might not usually come across.

My favourite character is the Sugar Shark, he reminds me of Dr. Claw who is Inspector Gadgets nemesis, Like Dr. Claw the Sugar Shark never can quite manage to act out his nasty plan as he want’s because the Cuddle Pirate and his gang are always there to stop him.

cuddle pirate recipe

Each book has a recipe, the one shown above is from the first book The Adventures of the Cuddle Pirate and the Giant Jelly, it’s a great trifle which Lucie and Arthur made together (Arthur helped to put the swiss roll in the bowl).  Not only does the book encourage healthy eating it also provides a recipe to allow your children to become creative in the kitchen.

We love these books so much that we also bought the kindle version from Amazon so that we can read when we’re out and about.

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