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I Tried, I Failed #BEDM



#BEDM with Rosalilium finished yesterday after 31 days.  When I started this challenge a month ago I knew it was going to be hard but I was determined to give it a good go.

I managed to blog for 20 days in total which was a massive struggle for me, a great number of my posts were short and of a poor quality.  I honestly don’t know how people can work, look after a family and blog full time, I found it such a struggle.

This has not put me off taking part in future projects, I really enjoyed the varied post topics but found writing good quality posts daily a challenge.

One thing I did learn from #BEDM is that sometimes the most obscure blog posts generate the most blog views, who would have thought that a terrible poem about social media would have been one of my most viewed posts this year!

Well done if you took part in #BEDM and managed to write 31 posts, I applaud you.


Dream Job



Since I was around 16 years old it has always been my dream to own some sort of smallholding, nothing too large just a handful of animals and a big space for vegetables.  I would be quite happy with a small area of water for fishing and of course an outbuilding converted into a daytime cafe and evening restaurant which serves food that I’ve grown myself.

I would love to have the space to make my own cheese, beer and wine and a few bee hives would come in handy for honey.  My grandfather used to keep ducks and chickens so I already have an understanding of what is required for the upkeep of these animals.  I have a huge fear of horses but I could be persuaded to have a couple of small ponys.

My favourite bedtime reading has to be books about vegetable growing, I’m just polishing up my knowledge for the day that I see an affordable piece of land!


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Favourite Traditions

Living in a mixed faith household it’s difficult to keep up with Halakha (Jewish traditions).  I eat Kosher when I can, I give to charity and I celebrate Jewish Holidays when I can.


My Best Friend

As Cliché as it sounds, my best friend is my partner David.  We have been together for over 10 years now and he is the first person I go to if I need someone to talk to, have a problem or just need to know if my bum looks big in something!

daviddan daviddan2 daviddan3

It’s not very often that we have our picture taken together as usually it’s one of us behind the camera so these pictures are fairly old!


Places of Interest

I’ve gone off topic for todays #BEDM, I don’t actually have a walk to work to describe as the little bits of work that I do freelance are done from home, I’m also a full time student but on Maternity leave for a year so can’t document my journey there either.  What I have decided to share with you instead are my favourite places to visit where I live.