Song Bird By Dr Miriam For GALT

songbird The Songbird (£10.99) is one of 21 developmental toys for baby’s first year and beyond.  Developed with Dr Miriam Stoppard, the UK’s most trusted parenting expert.  Each toy is designed to encourage learning through play and includes a play guide written by Dr Miriam with tips on how to play with the toy in the most beneficial way while having fun!  The range includes 7 soft, 7 wooden and 7 plastic toys. The Songbird is a soft velour bird with textures and sounds to explore.  The toy teaches your child all about the features of birds meaning it’s not just a play thing but is educational too. If you press the bird’s tummy it will make a chirping sound, when you shake it gently it rattles and the tail squeaks.  The toy is machine washable which as a parent is fabulous news, I can count the amount of toys that Arthur has covered in drool/sick/food. You are advised to keep up a running commentary during play, I know that at 6 months old Arthur doesn’t understand what I am saying but I know that if I keep doing it, one day he will understand and be able to identify with what I am saying. Saying things like “Your songbird has a yellow beak, feathered tail and wings, eyes, orange legs and yellow feet” will help your child identify the parts of a bird and colours. Arthur_Songbird The toy teaches your baby Conceptual thinking, memory, naming, manual dexterity, imagination and speech.  Arthur is currently concentrating on the manual dexterity by holding the bird.  He seems to like the bright colours and different noises that the bird makes. Arthur_Bird

You can see Arthur doing his best Songbird impression by clicking on the video below


At the moment the Song Bird is just like any other toy to Arthur but I hope that in the coming months and next couple of years the toy will allow Arthur to name the parts of a bird, allow him to memorise a birds features and help him to use his imagination.

Dr Miriam Stoppard will be taking part in a WebTV show on the 11th September all about how to use play to aid child development, If you would like her to answer a specific question related to this topic you can pop over there now and leave one for her. you can find the site here.

*Disclaimer* We received the Song Bird for review purposes, all opinions are my own and as always my reviews are honest and impartial.*

7 Responses to Song Bird By Dr Miriam For GALT

  1. there and back again a mother's tale says:

    What a sweetie! we love Galt toys!

  2. Colette ("We're going on an adventure ....") says:

    What a fab looking toy! I’m all for anything which encourages talking with little ones x

  3. Lucie Aiston says:

    Looks like a fab toy!! I always spoke to my babies!

  4. Kerry says:

    Aw love this! I’m currently trying to teach Sienna her animals, this would be handy! x

  5. Sim @ Sims Life says:

    Oh that looks super cute!! 🙂

  6. Emma TheMiniMesAndMe says:

    Arthur is super cute!

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