Schools Out For Summer

Lucie finished school on Friday for 6 weeks, as a family we really enjoy the summer holidays as it’s a great opportunity to spend quality time together.  This year we only have 4 weeks to arrange fun things as Lucie is going to Portugal with her grandparents for 2 weeks.

This is Lucie’s last summer before she turns 13 and probably wont want to do things with us anymore which is quite sad so some of our activities need to be extra special.  Lucie’s 13th birthday will be happening just before she goes back to school and I have some wonderful things planned which I will blog about soon.

Our summer holiday activities are listed below, I will update this page with links to the corresponding blog post as soon as we have completed them.

Summer of Fun


Visit the Sealife Centre Birmingham

Treasure hunt

Visit Warwick Castle

Bake a chocolate cake

Visit Alton Towers

Have a pre-birthday party

Make Afternoon tea

Visit the cinema

Make our own sweets

Go swimming

Visit Abbey Fields Park

Have a DVD day

Cook a ‘Come Dine With Me’ style meal

Make a Scrapbook

Visit Kenilworth Castle

Make Natural skincare products

Visit War Memorial Park

Prepare Chutneys for Christmas Hampers

Visit St Johns House Museum

Make Jewellery

Visit Oxford

Go on a camping trip

Bake Bread

Go to London for the day

Have a family night in for under £10

Visit Cadburys World

Revamp an old outfit



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