Recycle, Upcycle, Reuse

We don’t get to visit our extended family very often, I’ve visited my Aunt twice this year and each time it’s taken until we were just about to leave for Arthur to come out of his shell and act like his normal joyful self.

During our January visit Arthur would not go down on the floor until my Aunts two boxer dogs had been put outside in the garden, to a 10 month old baby they were huge monsters who wanted to eat him when in reality they wanted to lick him until they couldn’t lick him anymore.

Once the dogs had been put outside Arthur took a shine to one of the dog beds which closely resembled our sofa, I think Arthur thought it was a baby sofa as it was the perfect size for him and he was in his element sitting on it.

Last week we visited my Aunts new house, she only has one of her boxer dogs as the other sadly passed away a couple of months prior to our visit and just like the first time Arthur didn’t want to be near the dog. ┬áThe dog had a new bean bag bed which Arthur didn’t seem to find as comfortable so he spent his time commando crawling underneath a coffee table instead just to taunt the dog.

When we were due to leave my Aunt said she had remembered how much Arthur loved his baby sofa and as her dog now had a new bed asked if we wanted the old one to take home (it had been washed).

After a spray and wipe with some sanitiser spray Arthur now has his own upcycled sofa just like mine.

baby sofa Toddler Sofa


Who would have thought a dog bed could keep a toddler not only comfortable but quiet! He sat for ten minutes straight reading his book (before getting up and throwing it across the room in true toddler style).

2 Responses to Recycle, Upcycle, Reuse

  1. ellie says:

    He looks very comfy, it really is surprising what keeps them quite. C loves sitting in our dogs beds or lying on their blankets.

  2. Alyssa says:

    O wow thats amazing , i didnt realise that was a dog bed at first. Perfect mini sofa

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