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Baby Balm, Neal's Yard


Last month it was confirmed by my health visitor that Arthur has Eczema on his head, I had originally thought it was cradle cap as Lucie suffered from that as a baby but alas it’s Eczema as I feared.

I was prescribed a huge tub of cream for his head and skin and some liquid to put in the bath.  After reading the ingredient list on the products I was shocked to find that the main ingredient was Paraffin, I wouldn’t use this on myself so I certainly wasn’t going to use it on my baby!

The cheapest way to make a moisturising cream is to use Paraffin Oil, also called Mineral Oil, which is derived from petroleum.  Products containing Paraffin oil must be safe for use as they are so widely available but I know from personal use that these products don’t actually moisturise the skin, they leave a coating on the top and can often make the symptoms worse especially with children who suffer from Eczema ( I’m speaking from experience).

After deciding that I wasn’t going to use the prescribed cream I was now faced with the problem of where to turn next, my first port of call was Neal’s Yard in Leamington Spa.

If you have never heard of Neal’s Yard or visited one of their stores you are seriously missing out.  Neal’s Yard products contain no mineral oils like Paraffin, no silicones and no synthetic fragrances which makes the products perfect for a babies delicate skin.

On entering the store I explained what my issue was with Arthur’s skin and asked if there was a natural product I could use to help combat the unsightly dry skin.

Arthurs head before


(I’ve been using the product for over 3 weeks now so the dry skin is not as bad as it originally was)

Arthur’s head was red, dry and very sore looking, it was obviously causing him some discomfort as he was trying to scratch it at every opportunity, I’m embarrassed to admit it but I was making him wear a hat when we went out for a walk to stop people staring at his head.

Baby Balm


I was advised to try the Baby Balm (£11.00) which Protects and calms the skin with gentle, moisturising ingredients, including olive oil, coconut oil and shea nut butter. The balm can be used on the head, face, body and bottom.  The price tag may shock a lot of people, £11 is not exactly purse friendly but I have found with this product that a little really does go a long way, having the product in a pot rather than a bottle means that you can take out only what you need and any extra can be replaced into the pot.

NY Baby Balm


The balm is fragrance free but has a very subtle scent which I think may be the Shea nut butter, it’s a very pleasant scent although at the end of the day I find that my baby’s head smells a little bit like a puppy so his hair needs to be washed nightly.

Neal's Yard Baby Balm

The balm is very oily and melts very easily, it takes seconds for the skin to absorb it which is helpful when you have a very wriggly baby like Arthur.  I not only use the skin on Arthur’s head but we use it after a bath as a massage balm which he loves, I don’t apply the balm to his hands as they are never out of his mouth!

Arthur Head with Baby Balm


After 3 weeks of use the difference in Arthur’s skin is amazing, I can’t thank the staff at Neal’s Yard enough for introducing me to this product.  No one want’s to see their child suffering and most parents wouldn’t want to apply a product to their child’s skin that they wouldn’t want to use on their own, for this I’m so thankful that companies like Neal’s Yard exist so we can purchase items containing no nasties for our children.

Don’t forget that although the balm contains ‘Baby’ in the title, mums can use it too, I’ve been applying it to my feet at night and when I wake up in the morning they are baby soft thanks to the nourishing oils.

Keep up the good work Neal’s Yard!


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