Giving Extra To Someone Special

When I was approached about an initiative on behalf of The Halifax bank which aimed to give people a little bit extra this Christmas by allowing you to purchase an extra special gift for someone close to you I jumped at the opportunity.

David has been a rock for me this past year, supporting my decision to defer my degree at university so I could spend more time looking after Arthur, allowing me time on an evening to work on my blog and spending time looking after Arthur and Lucie so I could work/cook/take time out for myself.

David isn’t materialistic at all unlike me which does often make it difficult to find good gifts to buy for him, after a lot of web browsing I decided to purchase two items that I knew would be appreciated and used.  The first item was a Griffin Survivor military tested iphone case which cost £14.99, David has a bad habit of dropping/sitting on/letting Arthur play with his phone so I thought this would be a perfect choice for him as it offers full protection for phones.  The case has a really rugged look about it is and has a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame clad shock absorbing silicone.   There is a built-in screen protector which seals the screen from the outside environment meaning that should David be caught in a sandstorm, rain or wind his phone should be protected.

phone case



The second item was something that I’d’d actually heard David mention that he wanted on a few occasions which was a small MP3 player that he could use whilst running, he has specified on a few occasions that he didn’t want an apple product so that made my decision harder as I only really have knowledge of apple products.

I spotted the SanDisk Sansa clip MP3 player £34.39 on Amazon and it sounded just perfect, a FM radio, long-life battery, expandable memory card slot where you can add a pre-loaded microSD.  The MP3 player is really small and could fit in your hand/pocket or be clipped to an item of clothing or even your cap if you wanted to.

Christmas Day Sandisk mp3 player


David was so surprised to find this on Christmas morning and apparently he had been looking at this exact model himself so I obviously have good MP3 searching skills!

I would like to thank Halifax bank for allowing me the opportunity to give a little extra on Christmas Day, the two items that I gifted were really appreciated.

*I received an Amazon gift voucher to purchase the items listed in this review.  All words, experiences and opinions are entirely my own.*


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