First Trip To The Beach

A couple of weeks ago I took the children to my parents for a week so they could spend some time with their grandparents and so some of my friends could meet Arthur for the first time.  We had enjoyed some really hot days here in Warwickshire and because we don’t have a beach locally I had planned a trip to Whitley Bay when I arrived in Newcastle.

When Lucie was a baby I had moved to the coast so the beaches were always on my doorstep, I can’t remember her first visit but I have some great memories of her getting soaked when venturing too far into the water once she could walk.



Once Arthur had been smothered in his factor 50 sun block I removed him from the comfort of his pushchair and took him down to the sand.



His first steps on the sand were captured by my mum, by this point Lucie and my dad had walked halfway down the beach so Lucie could paddle in the rock pools.



You can barely see us but I did manage to navigate myself over the rocks and seaweed so Arthur could take his first steps in the sea.  The water was freezing but Arthur didn’t mind, he’s a real water baby but thankfully didn’t cry when it was time to have his feet removed from the water.

We finished our visit off with Fish & Chips and Ice-Cream, Arthur stuck to his milk on this visit but I’m sure by the next time we come back he will be able to tuck into a fish.

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