Energy Consumption In The Home

As part of my Environmental Management degree we have looked at different forms of energy and household energy consumption so the topic of energy consumption in the home is something I’m very interested about.  In my household we are guilty of energy waste and I suspect if you look at how you use energy in your home you will realise that you waste an awful lot yourself which is quite frivolous really considering energy costs us so much and prices go up year after year.

In the past 5 years I have noticed a considerable jump in the amount of money I pay for gas and electric, instead of putting an extra layer on I turn the heating up without thinking, leave electrical items on standby, leave lights on, run the washing machine on small loads rather than waiting for more items, have my computer constantly switched on and it’s little things like this that add to the energy bill each month.

The house I’m currently living in is far more energy efficient compared to my last property which was a 1920’s building and no matter how high the heating was on it never felt hot inside as so much heat was lost through the windows.

The infographic below shows that energy used by households has risen by nearly a 5th in the last 40 years which is due to a number of factors, in our home it’s the type of cooking we do and the electrical equipment we have in each room.

Be smarter with your consumption and choose the right energy tariff.

There are numerous ways to save energy in your home, something you can do for very little cost is block the source of draughts by making home made draught excluder’s. Do your washing on a lower temperature only boil the amount of water in the kettle that you need, pop on a jumper instead of turning up the heating and change your lightbulbs to LED or energy saving.

Do you have any tips on how to save energy in the home?

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  1. Gaelle@lipstickergosum says:

    I am rubbish with electricity and must make an effort to turn things off at the plug. I am a bit of a heating nazi though. We had our windows changed to save energy and it is on a strict timer!

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