Corsodyl Ultra Clean

Bleeding gums is one of those taboo subjects that we just don’t talk about, i’m really not sure why this is. I’ve suffered from gum problems for many years now and after several treatments from the dentist my issues go away for a short while but not completely.

I like to think I take good care of my teeth, they are strong and apart from the obvious bleeding gum issue and sensitivity my teeth are doing ok.  I’m 37 and only have 1 filling, I brush twice a day and floss with interdental brushes, I change my toothbrush on a regular basis but I still suffer from bleeding gums.

If you do notice blood in your saliva when brushing or flossing it’s a sign that your gums are not healthy and it could mean you have gum disease.  This is something that affects 50% of adults worldwide.


Gum disease is caused by plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that constantly builds up, on and in between, your teeth. If left unchecked, plaque will irritate the gums leading to redness and soreness. If allowed to continue, gum disease can cause serious problems. The gum may start to come away from the tooth, creating ‘pockets’ around it where even more plaque can grow. Over time, these pockets deepen, gums continue to recede and teeth can become loose.

I changed my toothpaste  to Corsodyl ultra clean* 30 days ago and I thought I would share the results with you (don’t worry the results are not visual).

Day 1 – 5 Pink saliva when spitting after brushing, noticed it was not as dark as usual. Interdental brushes still very bloody after use.

Day 5 – 7 Saliva had only a small tint of pink when brushing. Interdental brushes had small amount of blood.

Day 7 – 13 No blood when brushing. When using interdental brushes there was only a small amount of blood on the brushes.

Day 13 – 30 No blood when brushing or when using interdental brushes.

The Corsodyl paste itself has a pleasant taste unlike some of the harsh chemically flavoured products I’ve received from my dentist to help with my gums. The toothpaste is actually formulated to help with bleeding gums so if you suffer like I do you may want to consider giving this a try as it targets the areas which can get a build up of bacteria (usually around the gum line).

I’ve been so impressed with this toothpaste that I’ve purchased it twice since my initial testing. If I’m completely honest I wasn’t sure this would work as well as it did, I’ve used similar products in the past which haven’t been great on my sensitive teeth but since using Corsodyl ultra clean even my sensitivity has improved.  It may be a coincidence but since using this toothpaste I’ve not had an ulcer in my mouth which is unheard of as I’m really susceptible to them.

* Sample for review purposes

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