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Fitbug Orb and Kiqplan

When you lose a family member to cancer it gives you the urge to do something to raise awareness and raise some money.  I signed up to do the Race for Life 5k Pretty Muddy run a few months ago and on the 27th June I completed it alongside my daughter Lucie.  We dedicated our run to my Grandfather James Webster who suffered from two forms of cancer before sadly passing away on the 24th January 2010.

We have raised £147 of our £200 target and there is still time to donate by visiting our page, you can see some of the professional photographs that were taken of us on our page too, they’re pretty muddy!

To ensure that I was as prepared as I could be I used the Fitbug Orb to monitor my steps and I used the 5k Kiqplan app to take me from the couch to 5k.  Both the Fitbug orb and the Kiqplan app worked together on my iPhone 6 meaning I could see exactly where I was with regards to my training and fitness on a daily basis.

Fitbug Orb

The Fitbug Orb is a handy little device that can either be worn on the wrist, around the neck on a lanyard or clipped to your clothing.  I found that the wrist strap irritated my eczema so I was unable to wear it there, when clipped to my clothing I found the steps were slightly different to my iPhone’s account of my steps via the health app and I have been unable to monitor my sleep but this could be due to the fact I still wake in the night for Arthur so I’m incredibly restless.

Kiqplan race for life Kiqplan race for life

The Kiqplan app is so handy for getting you from couch to 5k in just 12 weeks, the app costs £4.99 to buy from the app store and offers so much and I found the rewards and badges, earned in return for putting in the effort really motivated me to complete my goals.  There are so many apps on the market that offer a o-5k style training, I personally found this one very good as the training is really tailored around your fitness and eating habits as the app works with other features on your phone to help you get the best out of your training.

If you’ve completed any charity runs this year I’d like to say a big well done to you and if you have any to complete good luck with your training.

*Disclaimer I was sent the Fitbug Orb and Kiqplan app to help me with my race for life training.


Spring Event at Newcastle Malmaison

Last week I was kindly invited to the Newcastle Malmaison to attend a Spring Event, the event was a thank you to business customers who use the hotel on a regular basis, it’s a great way for the hotel to make customers aware of what they can offer and give other business in the area a chance to show their wares so to speak.

Image Courtesy of Lady From a Tramp

On entering the Malmaison we were taken into the Cafe Mal for pink Champagne, cocktail glasses filled with fruit were placed on every table to pop into the glasses of champagne.

Tables had bowls of these delicious crunchy sweetcorn kernels which were a lovely snack.

I’ll give you a sneak peek of the Candy Buffet which was placed in the cafe, I’m saving the actual write up for my Food Blog as I feel it deserves a post of its own!

We made our way up to the Bar for Cocktails and Mal Munchies, it was a good opportunity to mingle.  The seating areas in the bar are perfect for both cosy private conversations and group chats, the views over the River Tyne and Millennium Bridge are amazing!

The Cocktails and food will also be featured over on my food blog as they deserve their own spotlight.  You can see a sneak peek of the cocktails in the picture above, they went down a treat with the patrons at the event.

As everyone was tucking in to the Mal Munchies, Katie and I made our way up to the Chateau Lounge to take some pictures.

There was a good selection of hot drinks and wines, my favourite Taylors of Harrogate herbal tea was also offered.

The Chocolate Brownies and flapjacks were to die for!

Goody bags were provided by both Malmaison and Fenwick and included body wash, body lotion, perfume samples and Chocolate from Hotel Chocolat.

Hotel Chocolat had a huge range of corporate chocolate boxes on display and the fabulous staff were walking round with trays of chocolate to sample which were delicious.  I will be dedication a blog post to Hotel Chocolat over on my food blog.

Katie was treated to a Jessica Geleration manicure which lasts for around two weeks without chipping or peeling, the petit spa offers this treatment for £30 for 1/2 hour treatment.

I was introduced to Cartier perfume at the event, I’d never had the chance to smell any of the fragrances before and I was totally hooked, I visited Cartier in Fenwick a couple of days after the event and I will dedicate a future blog post to my purchases.

I also had the chance to try out some of the Giorgio Armani make up which prompted me to visit the beauty counter in Fenwick for the makeover I featured on my blog  which can be found here

As always the Staff at the Malmaison were amazing, polite and couldn’t do enough to help answer any questions.  If you havent visited the Malmaison in Newcastle I urge you to do so.  The Petit spa is perfect for a girly day out and the food served in the restaurant is delicious.

The hotel can be found at: Quayside, Newcastle, NE1 3DX

Bare Minerals Master Class

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Master class event courtesy of Katie from Lady from a tramp. The Master class took place in one of the many Fenwick restaurants and continued down into the ground floor Bare Escentuals counter.


Prior to the event Katie and I had a little wander around the many beauty counters that Fenwick has to offer which involved swatching colours on our hands and spraying copious amounts of perfume on our wrists.


Newcastle Malmaison Bloggers Dinner

On Thursday evening I was lucky enough to be invited to a bloggers dinner event at Newcastle’s Malmaison hotel. As I am fairly new on the blogging scene it was a fantastic opportunity for me to meet likeminded people including Alexis Forsyth from Newcastle Sparkles, Stephanie Watson from Bcharmd, Julie Chambers from Julie Chambers Design, Jeff Lyall from Newcastle Eats and Sandra Tang from NE1.  We were joined by staff from the Malmaison including General Manager Lizzy Kelk, Group Marketing Manager Louise Philip, Group Marketing Manager Emma Benney, Regional Business Development Manager Beth Gatherar, and Social Media Executive Danielle Pegg.

We met at 7pm in the bar for drinks and nibbles, it was very informal, everybody was extremely friendly and the atmosphere was very relaxed.
We made our way through to the dining area and were seated at a fabulous round table in a private dining area which would be perfect for parties or corporate dining events. If you would like to find out what I ate and drank please visit Madame Gourmand.
As this was the first bloggers event Newcastle Malmaison had hosted it was a great opportunity for us to find out about the brand, and for the brand to find out how social media and bloggers could help them raise awareness of the facilities they had to offer.
What I enjoyed most about the evening was meeting other local bloggers as I spend most of my time on twitter I only find out about blogs via the people I follow. The local bloggers I follow are generally beauty based so it was really nice to meet a fellow foodie and another lifestyle blogger!  I used to be a silversmith and jewellery designer as one of my many previous job roles so it was lovely to see a fellow jewellery designer at this event.  My other half is an Architect and 3d visualiser and is familiar with Julie Chambers Design which just goes to show what a small world it really is!
I know my fellow beauty bloggers will be dying to know what was in my goody bag?  Well Malmaison did not disappoint and my bag was filled with lots of treats!
First to be picked out was the Mal Body Lotion which smells divine! It contains fig fruit, orange, basil and cedarwood.  The absorption into the skin is very fast as the lotion is quite thin but the scent lingers allowing the luxurious fragrance to last through the day.  I wore the lotion with my Etat Libre d’Orange Rien perfume and the two rich scents really did complement each other. To accompany the body lotion was a matching Mal All in One Body Wash. I’ve not had the chance to use this yet but I will post a review to my blog once I have tested it.  I assume this would be used before the body lotion so the scent will last longer.
The next indulgent surprise was the Anatomicals Help the Paw Hand Cream.  I love Anatomical products and this one did not disappoint with its citrus undertone and suggestion of black pepper that blessed the nostrils while feeling lovely on the hands. A full review will be posted on my blog. A box of energy patches called Snoozers are Losers by the Anatomicals brand was also included; although I have never heard of an energy patch they claim to provide extra “zip” by placing one on the upper part of your arm. I’m yet to try these but again a full review will follow.
Finally, and last but not least, there was an Espa relaxing salt scrub which is a mix of mineral rich sea salts and essential oils.  As a complementary therapist I’m most excited about trying out this product!
As events go I think Newcastle Malmaison pulled this one off with style, nothing at all could be faulted which is really saying something as my eyes and ears were working overtime to take everything in. Even though I was using the experience to review the staff, food and ambience, I did thoroughly enjoy myself even though my fellow diners probably thought I was a bit odd as I constantly had my camera out taking photos. I did restrain myself somewhat by keeping the notebook in my bag which in hindsight was probably not such a good idea as I know I’ve probably missed vital information which I could have used in my review!  I’m very much looking forward to attending more local events and hope to build a good relationship with the bloggers I met at this one.