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I love books, any kind of book be it picture, fiction or non fiction.  I have a very eclectic collection of books and the picture above shows only a small selection of the books that I own.

In my last house I had a full wall bookshelf that housed all of my reading material and my cookery books were kept in the kitchen, I didn’t have room for such a big bookshelf when I moved so the majority of my books are in boxes in the garage.

I own around 1500 paper books and 40 kindle books, I had to start buying kindle books when I realised I had no room for the real thing.  I don’t mind reading an electronic book but nothing beats the feel of the real thing and I think I will always prefer the smell, sound and feel of a real book.

I used to have favourites that I would read over and over again but with two children taking up my time I have very little time for reading so I tend to read my ever growing pile of new books.

My Current top five books are as follows:


Berlin Then and Now – Nick Gay

I purchased this book when I was in Berlin and I find the metamorphosis of the city fascinating,  the book does not contain any in depth material but it does give a good commentary of the changes that took place after the war.

Kelley Armstrong

The Otherworld Series – Kelley Armstrong

I started reading this series after a work colleague introduced it to me and I was hooked, If you like Vampires, Witches, Wolves and other paranormal beings this series is definitely worth a read.

food for free

Food For Free – Collins Gem

This is the perfect pocket guide for foragers. Over 100 edible plants are listed and the book is fully illustrated meaning you shouldn’t go wrong picking the plants.  The book features  information on countryside laws and regulations to ensure you don’t get into any trouble.

creative close ups

Creative Close Ups – Harold Davis

This book is an excellent guide for taking photos using a macro lens, the book is excellent for the beginner like myself.


Skullface –  Antoni Cadafalch

I received this book as a present a couple of years ago and it’s a book I go back to time and time again for inspiration.  As a tattoo fan I have a selection of designs in my head from this book which would make the most amazing body art.


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