Benefit They’re Real Mascara

I was really late to the party when I purchased my first tube of Benefit’s They’re Real mascara, I had actually tried it before at a Benefit makeover but just never got round to making a purchase.

I won’t lie to you, when I first used this mascara a few months ago I really wasn’t impressed at all and actually took to twitter to express my hatred of the product, some people agreed with me and some people didn’t.  I went back to my Dior mascara and when I had finished the tube decided to give They’re Real another try.

I’m so glad I didn’t listen to myself the first time around as I have really grown to love this mascara and rate it highly as one of my favourites.

Benefit They're Real Mascara


mascara wand


I’ve never really been a massive fan of a plastic/rubber wand but I do actually like this wand which is made up of lots of short, spiky looking bristles which lift and coat every single lash. The bristles on the end of the wand are used to fanout your corner lashes which gives extra lift and volume.

They're Real

When Applying a second coat of mascara you need to do this while the first coat is still wet or you will end up with nasty clumpy lashes (I learnt this the hard way!).

I have quite a few positive things to say about this mascara! I can apply this mascara to my lashes at 6am and when I take my makeup off for bed it hasn’t budged, flaked or imprinted itself on my eyelids.  Some reviews I have read say this mascara is really difficult to remove but I have not found this to be the case, I find the mascara melts off with ease.

Some mascara has been known to irritate my eyes, I found this happened with Badgal by Benefit after a full day of use but I’ve had no issues with They’re Real.

benefit They're Real Mascara


I would usually wear 3-4 coats of Mascara for evening use and 2 coats for daytime use, I find 1-2 coats of They’re real is quite sufficient and gives me quite a dramatic look which I’m very happy with.  In the picture above I’m wearing one coat of mascara and I think you will agree that it is more than enough for a daytime look.

You can purchase Benefit’s They’re Real from a variety of places for £19.50 which in my opinion is great value for money.

*Disclaimer – I purchased this item myself, I wasn’t asked to write the post, I just love the mascara*

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