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Children love to play outdoors in all weather but if they don’t have the right clothing it’s not always convenient.  My children have never stayed in one size for long so I’ve always begrudged paying a lot of money for their outerwear only for it to be worn for a couple of weeks before we need the next size.  When you find a brand of clothing that is both affordable and excellent quality it’s very rare and that’s what I found in Dry Kids.

Dry Kids set

Dry Kids sell a range of outerwear, high visibility vests, t-shirts, fleeces and accessories which fit children from babies up to teenage years.  I understand that affordability means different things to different people, I personally do not see £50 for rain clothes affordable, £25-30 I can deal with but when you compare this to the product I’m about to show you I’m sure you will agree that it really is affordable.

Jacket and Trouser set Dry kids

The Dry Kids jacket and trouser set* costs £13.95.  What can you buy for £13.95? A couple of books from Waterstones, a t-shirt from Frugi, a pair of trousers from M&S, A pair of wellington boots.

The waterproof set starts at age 2 and goes up to age 14, we selected the set in age 3-4, I was aware that it might be a little on the large side especially on top but as Arthur wears most of his clothes in age 3-4 I knew it wouldn’t be long before it fit perfectly.

Dry Kids

The waterproof fabric has been tested to 3000mm of hydrostatic head which is a way of measuring how waterproof a piece of fabric is. The manufacturer will take a clear tube and clamp their material over the bottom end. They will then fill the tube slowly with water and watch to see how high the column of water can get before the material lets drips through.

Dry Kids poppers

There is an elastic waistband to the trousers for comfy snug fit and poppers at the ankle so that you can wear them inside or outside wellington boots.

The Jacket folds into front zip pocket for easy storage meaning you can keep the set at the bottom of a pushchair, in a changing bag or in the car.   There is reflective tape detail for those dark winter morning and nights and a vented back panel to the jacket with a mesh lining so your child doesn’t get too hot.

Unfortunately I can’t give an opinion on using the set as waterproofs as we have had very nice weather here in Warwickshire so I’ll have to update when we have had some rain or snow.

Have you bought anything from Dry Kids before?

*Press Sample

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