5 Little ducks went swimming one day

I’m lucky to have a variety of lakes, rivers and canals local to me and there is nothing better than seeing Ducks, Geese or Swans with babies walking along the path or swimming.

Last week we had a walk down the canal in Leamington Spa and came across a couple of ducks with their babies, Arthur loved watching them jump into the water and if I’m honest so did I. ┬áThere is something fascinating about ducks and their young, further down the canal we saw a young black duck with orange/red beak who looked a little bit lost, we watched for a while and another duck of similar size appeared and the two of them headed down the canal making a call noise until a larger duck appeared from the hedgerow obviously the mother and they all waddled off out of the water back into the woodland.

canal duck duck canal duck ducklings

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