Race For Life Training Update 3

training Diary

So this is my third training update and it’s become very clear because of the other things I’ve signed up to that I need to change the title of my updates to just training updates.  Race for life is a very important race, of course it’s the one that pushed me to take control of my fitness but it’s also a very personal cause to me as I’ve explained before as my Grandfather lost his life to cancer.

I’ve had an incredibly busy week so far and my body is aching from it so yesterday was a rest day for me to try and get rid of some of the muscle pain.  I’ve been running, done yoga and Pilates, used the sworkit app and done my favourite exercise of crunches which I’m paying for now.  I’m currently using the c210k app pro for my running which I find incredibly useful.

I’m using the MyFitnessPal app which I find helps my biscuit craving, by looking at the figures on the app I can see that one biscuit is quite sufficient rather than the whole packed I would have previously eaten.

traning food

I’ve eaten some delicious food this past week, fish seems to have been the focus for most of my meals.  The dish on the left is blackened Cajun salmon and the one on the right is river trout with brown rice, quinoa, green beans and kale.

Since my last update where I mentioned that I would be running the London Marathon for Save the Children in 2016 I have also signed up for Run or Dye which I will complete in October 2015, I was unable to attend the one closest to me in Oxford as I’m on a training course so I’ve decided to do the one in Derbyshire instead.

I’ve just recently registered to do parkrun in Leamington Spa which is a 5k run shown above, I think I’m going to alternate runs with David unless we can source a very cheap running pushchair (we should have kept the one we donated to charity last year).

My goal for this week is to find a new supportive sports bra as the one I’m wearing is now a little large and not as supportive.  I’m also on the lookout for some weights as the ones we had in our garage are incredibly rusty and I don’t really want them in the house.

Election 2015

Election 2015

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past week you will know that on the 7th May 2015 in the UK a general election took place.  Prior to this I wasn’t aware that I followed so many people who held such an interest in politics especially on Twitter and Facebook.

I’ve read some ridiculous posts from people who didn’t agree with the result, some incredibly heartfelt posts and some downright disgraceful bigotry from people who I had previously respected.  Politics brings out the worst in people which is why I prefer to keep my opinions on the subject of political parties to myself.

The election is over, a party was elected into power and it’s now time for people to decide what the result means to them personally.  I’m a strong believer that you are responsible for your own destiny, we are a nation of complainers and some of us don’t realise just how good our life is in our beautiful country.   So in the aftermath of the election I would like to share my hopes and dreams for the future, how I can change my own destiny and what my predictions are for my family’s future now that the election is over.

Would you want to know what grades your child will get in their exams? if your family will increase? if that promotion is just around the corner? If you are going to have your offer accepted on your dream house? Would having a crystal ball to see your future change who you voted for? It shouldn’t because regardless of who is in charge of the country it’s up to you to ensure that you get the things in life that you want.

I consider myself to be a very spiritual person, I feel very in touch with my spiritual side and have spent many years improving my knowledge of religion, alternative treatments and meditation and have looked into the more mystical side like angels, astrology, tarot and mediumship.

Based on some of the post election reactions I’ve read on social media I do think people will spend the next few years reflecting on their own lives and to help them change their destiny may turn to their spiritual side for guidance.  TheCircle offer an online service for people interested in the more ‘mystical’ side,  you can receive both psychic and spiritual guidance from them.  I think it’s nice to believe in something like guardian angels especially in times of hurt or crisis.  When my grandparents were ill and then later died I spent many nights talking to nothing hoping that someone like a guardian angel was listening between the worlds, it gave me comfort which is what I needed at the time to get through the day.

Rather than complaining about the elected party I would like to see people making a difference and changing their own destiny.  Go out into your local community and volunteer, raise money for a charity, become a friend of your local hospital, learn a new skill that can allow you to help others, give food to a food bank.  Your destiny is your own, so make small changes now.

My hopes for the next few years are that I can increase my work as a freelancer.  I have enrolled on both a photography and a Journalism course so I can continue to improve and expand in my chosen field of work.  I also hope to continue with my charity work, I currently donate a lot of my time to the National Childbirth Trust and have done fundraising for Cancer Research and currently fundraise for Save the Children who are my charity for the London Marathon.

I hope that we continue to be able to live well which is no ones responsibility but my own.  If our circumstances change It will be my responsibility to change my own destiny.  I will remember every day that we have the things we have because both myself and my partner work hard to provide for our family.  My day starts at 5.30am and until 7pm I spend my time as a full time mum looking after my children and my home.  I then work from 7pm-11pm each evening and when I drop into bed at the end of the night exhausted I will remember that this is the path I have chosen to follow and if I’m not happy with what I am doing it is up to me and me alone to change it.

My only dream for the future are that we can own a family home here in Warwickshire where we live.

I have a prediction for my families future now that the election is over and although times will be tough I predict that we will get through them with the perseverance that we instil into each aspect of our life.

What are your post election reflections and how do you plan to change your own destiny?

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post but all words and opinions are my own.


Run Or Dye 2015

Run or die

Run or Dye 2015 is the world’s most colourful 5km and this year they are reaching out to you my dear readers. They would like you to nominate worthwhile causes that are in need of some colour. The Run or Dye series will be taking place across the UK in 2015, bringing colour to those who deserve a lift to brighten their lives.

This will be my second 5km run and I’m so excited to participate especially since the run is not timed as it takes the pressure off.  I’d love some of my fellow readers to join me with this, it’s not just for runners you can walk or dance the course if you feel like it. Run or Dye celebrates life, friendship, fitness and fun helping you to live life in full colour and lets be honest, who doesn’t need a bit of colour in their life?

Schools, organisations and individuals in need can be nominated via the Run or Dye website. Simply get in touch and tell them who you would like to say thank you with colour to and why. Run or Dye will then select a number of those in need close to the UK Run or Dye event locations.

Run or Dye

Inspired by the ancient Hindu festival of Holi, also known as the ‘Festival of Colours’, Run or Dye gives runners, walkers and all speeds in-between, the opportunity to experience and celebrate in full colour the thrill of the Festival and introduce the idea of ‘living life on purpose’.

As part of registration all participants will receive a goody bag with their white t-shirt, their very own dye packs and plenty more to get geared up for the most colourful 5km ever experienced. After crossing the finish line, runners, and spectators, can celebrate in the world famous Dye Festival as the full force of the brilliant colours are blasted all around. The explosion of dye ensures that this really is the most colourful 5km in the world!

The remaining 2015 events will be taking place on the following dates:

16th MayBath, Bath Racecourse

30th MayExeter, Great Fulford

6th JuneLiverpool, Aintree Racecourse

27th JuneCheshire, Cholmondeley Castle

5th JulyKent, Penshurst Place

11th JulyBournemouth, Kings Park

18th JulyPerth, Scone Palace

25th JulyIpswich, Chantry Park

1st AugustNorth Yorkshire, Castle Howard

26th SeptemberOxford, Cornbury Park

3rd OctoberSouth London, Hever Castle

10th OctoberDerbyshire, Chatsworth House

18th OctoberEdinburgh, Hopetoun House

Run or Dye

If you fancy signing up and injecting some colour into your life my readers can get £3 off the entry price by using the code KISDISCOUNT.

Prices start from £23.00 and you can sign up here.


Wellesbourne Airfield

Touchdown cafe

Wellesbourne Airfield is situated about 10 miles from my home in Leamington Spa, Arthur has a huge fascination with aeroplanes and loves to watch them flying in the sky so to start our bank holiday Monday with a happy toddler we took a trip to Wellesbourne, I actually mentioned it briefly during Arthur’s 2nd birthday post where you can see him sitting in a De Havilland DH.100 Vampire XK590.

Let’s not kid anyone, when I said the main reason we went to Wellesbourne Airfield was for Arthur I wasn’t being entirely truthful, the main reason was to get breakfast from The Touchdown Café which gives you a great viewing terrace to watch the planes.  The Touchdown Café is very popular with families and bikers as well as people flying in and out so it’s best to get there early.  Food is cooked from scratch so it’s not fast food by any means.

Vulcan Wellesbourne Airfield

The most interesting thing for me about Wellesbourne Airfield is the fact they have a Avro Vulcan XM655 which is kept in taxiable condition.  On the 21st June this year it’s the annual wings and wheels event where the Vulcan will complete two high speed taxi runs, this is a must see event for any military aircraft fan.

Wellesbourne Airfield Wellesbourne Airfield

Wellesbourne Airfield

It’s not just aeroplanes that fly into and out of the airfield, you get Helicopters too!

Wellesbourne Airfield Museum

If you’re a fan of wartime plane and memorabilia the Wellsbourne Wartime museum is worth a visit.  I think it cost us 50p each to enter and although it’s not huge it’s filled with the most interesting artefacts.  The volunteers are knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions you may have about the planes.

If you’re thinking about paying Wellesbourne Airfield a visit the opening hours are 9:00am – 5:30pm daily. The postcode for sat nav is CV35 9EU




Race for life training update 2

training Diary

This week has been really hard for me as Arthur has been really poorly, I’ve taken him to see the doctor twice in 9 days only to be told he was fine and ended up at the hospital with him on Tuesday evening as he wasn’t any better so the training has been out of the window.

I’ve been really good with my food and surprisingly cutting sugar out of my diet has been easier than I thought it would be.  I’m not saying I won’t ever eat sugar again because I will I’m just making an effort to eat less of the stuff.


I’ve found a new love of gluten free porridge and I find it keeps me going from my early morning starts with Arthur (usually 6am) until after lunchtime.  Previously I would be snacking for most of the morning, have lunch out, snack some more, have dinner and snack some more until bedtime.

I am so determined to get fit that I have applied for a couple of charity places for the London Marathon 2016, I will be trying to get a place in the ballot but just in case I don’t get picked I wanted a backup.  If I don’t get a charity place I will be running for NCT.

I’m also considering applying for the Paris Marathon, I think David and Lucie were happy for me to do this so they can have a lovely holiday there!

Hopefully my training schedule will be back on track next week.  I’m currently looking for a running pushchair so I don’t have to spend my evenings training, if anyone has one lying in their cupboard that they no longer use please think of me.

Don’t forget there is still time to sponsor me via Justgiving for my 5k pretty muddy run.