Touchscreen gloves with the iPhone 6

I love my iPhone, it’s in my hand more often than anything else I own.  I use my phone to keep in touch with friends and family and most importantly to take snaps of Arthur and Lucie so family who don’t live near us can get to see them growing up through video and pictures.

I recently discovered that the iPhone is the most used phone camera which is pretty impressive, I’ve had all versions of iPhone and the improvement in the camera compared to the first one I had is huge.  I can’t find many differences between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 apart from the speed of focus and flash, you can see for your self below.

iphone 6 iphone5

We’ve had some pretty cold days this winter/spring and usually if you’re wearing gloves you can’t access your phone as the material just slips from the screen.




I’ve been test driving these fab touchscreen gloves in shocking pink which look pretty snazzy when teamed up a nice blazer and chunky jewellery as shown above.

touchscreen gloves

The Trendz gloves are the perfect fashion accessory for Iphone6 during cold spells of which we have had many. They allow ultimate control of your touch screen device with their built-in intelligent touch technology. The gloves contain specially formulated conductive threads so that you can operate your touch screen with ease, whilst keeping your hands and fingers warm. I’ve been using these gloves with my iPhone and Ipad and they also work on my laptop which has a touch screen so when the temperature drops in the house I’ve been frequently wearing them to stop my hands getting cold.

You can see the gloves in action in the youtube video above, I thought it might be a good idea to share this with you rather than just talk about how great the gloves are, I know I like to see products in use as it’s more believable than just reading someone’s opinion.

Disclaimer: I was sent the gloves for review purposes.




Win 3 Microgreens Windowsill Allotments


How would you like to win 3 microgreens windowsill allotments?  These were purchased by myself and not provided by a sponsor (I think it makes it more fun)

Each kit contains everything you need for 3 harvests each which means you will be eating a lot of delicious and nutritious salads over the coming weeks.

Up for grabs are Ruccola Ruffles which has an intense peppercorn taste, Aqua Asiana which tastes like watercress and Ruby Frills which has a sweet beetroot taste.

To win all 3 just enter below using the Gleam app.  There are lots of different ways to enter and the only mandatory option is to leave a comment telling me what the first thing you grew from seed was.  Good Luck!

Microgreens Windowsill Allotment x3


Spring Planting

Spring is almost upon us and for the past 3 weeks I’ve been preparing my allotment ready for planting the seeds I’ve been sowing that will hopefully turn into our vegetables over the coming year, it’s a very exciting time but the planning of it all has given me a headache.  Who knew planting vegetables would be so complicated?  I’ve tried online templates, CAD drawings and finally settled for good old pencil and paper when drawing out my plot rotation over the next four years.

seeds feb

I currently have no free space on any of my windowsills while my seeds are starting to turn into plants, I fear I may have to set up a mini greenhouse in my study to house my next batch of seeds.  Sometimes it can get on top of you a little, I’ve had panics that I’ve got too much of one variety and not enough of another, I’ve had a panic that I won’t have enough space for everything and I’ve had a panic about how I will transport my plants to my plot.

I decided to plant in stages so that I had a good supply of vegetables rather than everything growing at the same time which have of course provided me with even more work, I don’t do things by half do I!

trays of seeds I have to admit that I get really excited each morning when I go downstairs as there is always something different happening inside of my propagators, the broad beans are the most interesting for me as they go from nothing to a huge beanstalk in days.  Unfortunately no one else in my house seems to have the same enthusiasm as I do when it comes to my little seedlings, I bet there won’t be any complaining once my plants are fully grown and featuring in one of my recipes.

My main fear is that I won’t be able to grow everything I want this year, I have well over a hundred packets of seeds, all different varieties and I think I’ll probably end up swapping half on facebook groups or giving them away to fellow plot holders.  Thankfully some packets are ok until 2016/17 so I’ll be able to use them over the next couple of years.

balcony pots

My most impressive buy this year so far has been some rose bushes that I purchased from Pound Land, I wasn’t expecting much from them but they are starting to get lots of new stems, I bought them originally to put in pots outside of my shed but decided to put them on my kitchen balcony instead so I can enjoy looking at them while I cook, I’m tempted to pop back to the shop for some of the blueberry and gooseberry bushes that I spotted.

Later on this year I will be sowing some melon varieties which I’m very excited about, I hope my greenhouse will be warm enough for them but that’s a story for another blog post.

What will you be planting this year?

JJ Cole Bundle Me

Arthur is almost 2 years old and although he has been walking since he was 9 months old he uses his pushchair a lot when we are out and about as he has a habit of running away when we are in shops and he likes to go in his own direction when we should be walking into town. Sitting still can often mean you get cold quite quickly so I like to make sure he is really wrapped up which is usually blankets, coats, cost toes or a combination of them all.


We have been putting the Urban BundleMe* by JJ Cole through it’s paces over the past couple of weeks,  If you have never heard of the BundleMe it’s a foot-muff that will keep your baby snug without the weather getting in.  The BundleMe features a quilted outer nylon shell that’s wind and water-resistant which makes it perfect for children like Arthur who hate having the rain cover on their pushchair even when it’s blowing a gale, it’s suitable from ages 12 to 36 months meaning we should get a lot of use from it over the next 12 months.

JJ cole bundleme

As soon as the BundleMe arrived Arthur couldn’t wait to climb inside and actually spent 30 minutes snuggled up inside of it watching a film.  I was impressed at how roomy this was compared to other cosy toes that I have used in the past, Arthur managed to fit quite a few of his teddy bears in with him and still had plenty of room left to get snuggled.

The makers of the BundleMe say there is no need for blankets or jackets as the stylish and warm inner lining, made of soft and stylish Thermaplush™ keeps your baby snug, I’ve not tested this out yet as we have had some incredibly cold days that really did require a coat but what I can say is that when I take Arthur from the pushchair he is lovely and warm.  If I’m being totally honest I could think of nothing better than sitting snuggled up in the BundleMe on a cold day.

bundleme pushchair

The BundleMe has a zip-up removable top for easy temperature control and it can be used with most strollers, I have tried this in my Cosatto Yo, Quinny Zaap Xtra and Maxi Cosi Mila and it fits perfectly in each of them. BundleMe is designed to fit three-point and five-point safety belts and other restraints can rest directly on your child without the foot-muff getting in the way.

I love the fact I can zip the bundle me right up to Arthurs neck, his arms are completely covered if needed and the only thing exposed is his head, I wish I had know about the BundleMe earlier as this is a fabulous pushchair accessory and such good value for money, it equates to around less than 17p per week if used weekly over three years and that my friends is a bargain.

You can purchase the BundleMe direct from Tomy for £54.99 here, it comes in Plumberry as shown, Stealth which is a neutral black and Neptune which is a green/blue colour.

*Press Sample

Gardening Subscription Services


February is a good month for planting so I figured I would share with you some of the best gardening subscription services available to purchase online so new gardeners can get themselves started and those who are already a dab hand can find some new companies to buy from.

three seasons seed club

Seed Pantry offer the three seasons seed club for £70,  It’s a wonderful collection of seasonal seeds and equipment to enjoy vegetable growing at home, with three, on time, Seed Starter Pack deliveries throughout the year.

Box 1 Christmas Chilli Seeds Starter Pack, delivered in December.

Box 2 Spring/Summer Veg Seeds Starter Pack, arrives early March.

Box 3 Autumn Veg Seeds Starter Pack, arrives mid August.

london herb garden

London Herb Garden offer two options to subscribers which are incredible affordable, the first is the monthly herb seed subscription £3 per month which gives you one packet of carefully chosen seeds sent in the month they need to be sown and could include herbs such as lovage, mizuna, sorrel and parsley.All orders received before 24th of the month will receive that month’s seeds.

The second option from London Herb Garden is their monthly vegetable seed subscription £3 per month Monthly vegetable seed subscription which gives you one packet of seasonal seeds and could include vegetables such as kohl rabi, aqua dulce broad bean and chilli twilight.  All orders received before 24th of the month will receive that month’s seeds.


Plant-n-Grow offer a subscription service which is specially designed, hand packed and delivered from their Shedquarters in Edinburgh.  Plant-n-Grow makes growing easy.  With their selection of indoor and outdoor grow your own boxes specially selected and sent out in advance of the sowing time for you to sow, grow and cook, fresh.

Prices start from £13.95 a month and your first box will be posted within 2-5 working days with subsequent boxes posted on the first day of every month.  All boxes come complete with your seeds, propagator, growing medium (either a seed mat or compost discs), indoor and outdoor growing instructions, chef prepared recipe unique to the box you select, seed markers and pencil.

allot in a box

The aim behind Allot in a box is to provide a complete kit of everything that is needed to grow your own veg at home, wether you live in the city or the countryside.

This is all provided in beautifully crafted and ethically sourced packaging making it a great gift idea and offering an easy, fun and practical way to get more people into growing there own.

The most popular subscription is the quarterly box which will supply you with enough products to keep you growing and eating food all year round! Within these 4 boxes you will receive 20 seed packs in total, all tailored to match the season, bespoke plant tags, organic jute twine, Homemade ‘Scrubs-up’ Soap, ALLOTINABOX® Grow Wheels and many more bespoke gardening gifts! All designed to provide you with the necessary equipment to make growing a fun and easy experience.  An annual subscription is £59.99


Do you already subscribe to any of these boxes?