Colief Playdate

Colief playdate

Last week I was invited to a playdate with Colief, you’re probably aware that Arthur is now past the colic stage however as he suffered terribly with Colic in the early days I really wanted to pop along to find out more about the brand so should any readers stumble upon my blog to read about colic and the 4 months Arthur struggled with it. I wanted to be able to provide information about the products offered by Colief so parents not only had my account but had a form of help too if required.

Both of my children struggled with colic and with Arthur in particular it was a pretty dark time for me, having the chance to talk about this with the Colief experts was really uplifting and I also enjoyed talking about it with other parents who had experienced the same issues.  I also got the chance to discuss some of Arthur’s other problems like his sleeping and eating which I now feel I can talk about on this blog so please stay tuned for a blog post on this.  The entertainers from The Giggle Company were awesome, I’ve never seen Arthur having as much fun in his life.  Having entertainment for the children ensured that the parents were free to learn about the products without worrying that their children were exploring the cupboards – Arthur I’m looking at you!


The day was fun filled and consisted of being able to drink a HOT cup of coffee while the children played, product talks, colic discussion, lunch and Q&A with Colief’s expert panel.  The venue was Home Sweet Home in Central London which was perfect for this sort of event, it was basically like being in someone’s home without all of the ornaments and nik naks for Arthur to break.

colief talk

The main premise of the day was really to introduce the new Colief Expert Panel which consists of Dawn Kelly and Independent Health Visitor, Dr Jumoke Koso-Thomas a GP, Judy Moore a dietician and nutritionalist and Maggie Redshaw a developmental and health psychologist.  Having a panel who can offer such a wealth of knowledge is such a fantastic thing for Colief.  The expert panel will be bringing an online clinic once a fortnight on the Colief facebook page where parents can have their questions on parenthood answered.

playdate colief

Colief has been around since Lucie was a baby and it was the second brand of drops I used with her.  Colief is a brand best known to parents for making 100% natural colic drops which are designed to help a baby’s digestive system break down lactose which is thought to cause the painful digestive issues that are the cause of Colic. Colic doesn’t just affect bottle fed babies which is a common misconception, I expressed milk for Arthur and assumed that it was because he was drinking from a bottle that he was suffering, I didn’t realise that colic is actually caused by the sensitivity to certain proteins and sugars found in breast milk too.

We got the chance to talk to Judy Moore about Vitamin D and the vitamin D drops that Colief make which are suitable for both adults and children.  We hear a lot of conflicting information about Vitamin D for instance we are told that we get it from the sun and certain foods however here in the UK we don’t actually get enough sun to absorb the required amount of the vitamin especially when we slather ourselves in high factor sun cream.  There have been recent reported cases of rickets because as parents we don’t expose our children to the sun without wearing a high factor so the essential bone and teeth development is not happening as well as it should.

colief playdate

After talking to Judy about my concerns I’ve started giving Arthur the Vitamin D drops, I already get enough from my multi vitamin tablet.  I’ve also started to use a lower factor of sun cream on Arthur.  I read recently that we don’t need factor 50 in this country, we really don’t need factor 20 or 30 either.  What we should be doing is covering our children during peak times so they don’t burn but letting them get exposure at non peak times so they can soak in that fabulous Vitamin D.

After a lovely catered lunch, Hannah from Budding Smiles blog gave a talk about her struggle with Colic. I think at events such as this it was great to hear not only from industry experts but from someone who has gone through a struggle themselves as you get a real feel for the emotional impact that a condition can have on a family.  I know when Arthur was suffering and I had little help from healthcare professionals I found myself talking to other bloggers and parents on Facebook for advice and it really shouldn’t be that way.

I really hope the Colief Expert Panel can be helpful for some of the parents out there who have issues, I know I would have used it during Arthur’s early weeks.

Did/Does your child suffered from Colic? Did you find you got the help you needed from the healthcare professionals in your area?



Outfit Of The Week: Zebra Print Trousers

new look Zebra print trousers

new look zebra print trousers

When the weather starts to warm up I find that I live in Cath Kidston skirts or loose trousers or as my daughter calls them “Hippy Pants”.  I bought these trousers from New Look last summer and they are my favourite comfy trousers by far.  Surprisingly I didn’t purchase them from the tall range which is most unusual for me as I often find that the regular range in shops is just a little on the short side however it doesn’t really matter so much with this style of trouser.

My top is also from New look and has a beautiful lace cut back and the material of the top is textured and thicker than your usual t-shirt.  I prefer to wear a M&S vest underneath this top as my back fat is not attractive and best covered up.  I’m actually a little angry with myself that I only bought one of these tops, they had them in at least one other colour at the time of purchase.  Isn’t it always the case that when you find an awesome top that is so comfy and fits you well the shop sells out in your size and you can never find them on ebay.

My shoes are my trusted Birkenstock sandals, I buy a new pair every 2 years as they are just so hardwearing and comfy once you break them in initially.  I do know people who say they have never had to break a pair in and I really don’t understand it as I find them so hard when you first buy them however they soften up so well after a week of wear.

new look zebra print

So you have probably realised you have no chance of buying the exact outfit I’m wearing, I have put together a similar outfit that you can go out and buy now because I’m nice like that.

new look

The trousers are the exact same material of my zebra print trousers and cost £17.99 from New Look, I actually really love these and may have to make a little purchase for myself.

The vest is more or less the same as the one I have and it’s from M&S, they are currently £4 and come in a variety of colours so stock up now.

The navy mesh top £12.80 is quite different to the one I’m wearing however I really love this one and wouldn’t need my trusted vest top if I had this top.

The Birkinstocks are my actual ones and they are called the Nubuck Classic in Mocca £44.95

I’m going to try and share at least one fashion based post a week now that I’m taking my blog back under control and I hope you will pop back next week for my next instalment.

Daytime Makeup

It’s been a long time since I did a proper makeup post and if you have been with me since the start of my blogging journey you will remember that this blog actually started out as a beauty blog but it’s evolved with the changes in my life to be as it is now – a lifestyle blog.

I can’t remember exactly why I stopped writing about my beauty journey but it was probably brought on by becoming a parent for the second time, feeling too old to have such a big interest in beauty and the saturation of the beauty blogging world.  I took part in a blog chat last week which was aimed at 30+ bloggers and I realised that there are a lot of 30, 40, 50 year old women who are still talking about beauty and their love for certain products.  I shouldn’t feel like I don’t have a voice or an opinion about the products I love and for this reason I’ve decided to make an effort to write a beauty based post at least once a week.

I thought I would kick off with a post about my current daytime makeup products.  I don’t know about you but I have a lot of different creams, potions and products and I tend not to use the same thing on a weekly basis.  I’m trying to use up all of the samples and mini items I have in the hope that I may just find that holy grail product that makes me look fantastic.

daily makeup

My skin has been in pretty good condition over the past few weeks thanks to a cream I will be featuring later in the week (don’t forget to pop back to read about that).  I haven’t suffered a breakout for a few weeks and I don’t have any signs of dryness.  My lips have been a little sore but that’s my own fault for licking them after using a certain cherry chocolate lip balm.

skin base

Skincare is an area I struggle with thanks to my temperamental skin, I suffer from Eczema, have dry sensitive skin which borders on being hyper-sensitive.  I get occasional breakouts, dry sore eyes, dry flaky lips, have dark circles under my eyes, fine lines and uneven tone and colour to my skin. There is a lot going on when it comes to my face and just when I find a product I love my skin becomes sensitive to it or it just stops doing what it’s supposed to and I have to look for something else.

The three products shown above are my base products that I use before my foundation.  I currently love the Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream (£30.00) which is a deeply hydrating moisturiser, it not only smoothes my skin it also re-plumps it and you can actually feel the results after application.   The cream which contains lipopeptides and hyaluronic acid is a bit like a cross between a gel and a serum, it soaks in well and I use it before my moisturiser which is currently the balance me moisture rich day cream (£6.00 for 10ml).  I’m a huge balance me fan so it’s not surprising that my wonder eye cream (£11.00 for 7ml) is also by the brand.  I find the eye cream helps with puffiness and it really hydrates the skin around my eyes where I suffer from dryness.

skin products

I like to alternate my base depending on the seasons or time of the day I’m wearing it.  The moisture surge CC cream by Clinique (£28.00) has been a favourite of mine for light coverage for well over a year since I fell out of love with the Estee Lauder BB cream.  I love the light coverage I get and the flawless look I can achieve.  Applying powder is a habit of mine, I don’t really need it but I feel like I should use it to get a good finish, the Seventeen powder (£4.49) pictured isn’t a favourite but I’ve not got round to replacing my MAC one so this has been doing the job.  The Makeup Revolution fluid blusher (£3.00) was received in a BBB beauty box and it’s turned out to be my favourite by far, it’s virtually budge proof, blends really well and lasts all day long.

eye products

I have a love hate relationship with eye products, primarily mascara and eyeliner.  My eyes seem to develop a sensitivity to all brands in the summer months so when possible I hide behind my sunglasses and don’t bother applying product but when I need to make my eyes look less like pinholes I like to start with a base of Laura Mercier eye canvas (£22.50) which acts like a foundation on the eyes. I love Laura Mercier eyeshadow and the smoky taupes are my favourites especially sable and mica.  Benefit Browzings (£24.50) continues to be my favourite eyebrow colour as it just doesn’t move throughout the day.

I bought a new Lancôme hypnose drama mascara at Christmas and have been teaming that up with the free eyeliner that was in the box.  Lancôme mascaras are probably my favourites but I do have to be careful when using them and ensure I remove all traces on an evening or my eyes get incredibly sore.

lip colour

Finally my current favourite lip colour is the Bourjois rouge edition velvet (£8.99) in shade 07.  I do need to make sure that I have conditioned my lips prior to application as the lip colour is matte and my lips are dry which is never a good mix.  I find that this lip colour can dry my lips out after a short amount of time but as the colour is so beautiful I’ll forgive and carry on conditioning.

So that’s my daytime makeup for the week, it will probably change again next week and if it does I’ll be sure to update you.





*The items pictured in this post have all been purchased by me.

Brilliant blog posts on

Latest Free Stuff

Who doesn’t like receiving free stuff through the post? Latest Free Stuff the UK’s largest freebie site have launched an amazing app that you can download on Apple and Android tablets and phones, it’s incredibly easy to use and means you can spend boring train journeys grabbing yourself freebies instead of looking out the window.

Latest free stuff

It’s an incredibly easy process to sign up, you just enter your name and email and you’re good to go.

I’ve been trying the app for myself on my iPhone and the first few things I wanted I couldn’t get for the following reasons:

1) I don’t like having to enter my details then find I need to log into facebook, it’s too time consuming.

2) I don’t like to enter my details to find I’ve entered a contest 

3) Some of the sites want you to register before you can apply for the freebie, again this is too time consuming.

I don’t mind signing up for things however I would like to see an amendment to the app where your details are saved and are inserted automatically into the various sites. 

latest free stuff

There are some good freebies on the app and if you have the time to input your data each time I’m sure you will find it incredibly useful.  If you fancy signing up to use the app yourself I’ve linked to the app stores below.

Tablet App

Ipad click here

Android click here

Mobile App

Iphone click here

Android click here



Gardening Mistakes To Avoid

Gardening Mistakes

This year has been a true learning experience for me as a gardener and I’ve made a number of gardening mistakes which I will be avoiding next year, hopefully by reading this you will avoid making them too!

My first gardening mistake was not checking the quality of my soil, I didn’t prepare it enough prior to planting and this was a terrible mistake as it wasn’t providing the optimum nutrients to my plants.  It’s worth investing in a soil testing kit so you can check your soil ph levels as some plants grow better under certain conditions.

My second mistake was having too many ideas of what I wanted to grow and therefore growing far too many plants.  I overestimated the amount of space I have at my allotment and half way through starting seedlings off realised I had made a huge mistake by growing too many plants.  Planting more than you and your family can possibly eat is such a waste, I did try to stagger my planting but it hasn’t made much of a difference and I’ve ended up having to house 6 tomato plants on my balcony at home and I’ve given away over 50 plants on freecycle as I couldn’t stand the thought of throwing them away.

My third mistake was is a common mistake to make apparently, and that’s to plant too early. Instead of following the advice on the packet I was reading posts in some allotment Facebook groups where people from all over the UK were talking about the vegetables they planted early. I didn’t take into account that some of these people may have lived in warmer parts of the UK and that some may have had heated greenhouses or poly tunnels. I wasted a lot of seeds by planting them out too early. Planting seeds into soil that is too cold will mean they will either not germinate or they will rot and die.

I made my fourth mistake by overwatering the plants, I was eager to see my plants grow and the excitement of this prompted me to water some of them too much which resulted in some of them dying because the roots were rotten.  I now check the soil before I water the plants I have at home and I don’t water my plants at the allotment at all once they have been planted as the roots can find their own water from the soil.

I planted some of my plants too close together which was my fifth mistake. Most plants need space to grow, and seedlings that were planted into the ground as seeds need to be thinned out, there is a reason for this which I learnt the hard way. Not giving plants space leads to disease, it stresses the plants out and they won’t grow as well.

Gardening isn’t really hard if you’re doing it properly,  it’s really worth researching your plants well, reading your seed packets and taking advice from gardeners in your own local area specifically those who grow in similar conditions to you as they know what works and what doesn’t.

Next year I won’t be making any of these mistakes, I’ve wasted so much time and energy gardening badly because I rushed instead of having a little patience and my crop has suffered because of this.

Do you have any tips you can offer to gardeners?