Race for life training update 2

training Diary

This week has been really hard for me as Arthur has been really poorly, I’ve taken him to see the doctor twice in 9 days only to be told he was fine and ended up at the hospital with him on Tuesday evening as he wasn’t any better so the training has been out of the window.

I’ve been really good with my food and surprisingly cutting sugar out of my diet has been easier than I thought it would be.  I’m not saying I won’t ever eat sugar again because I will I’m just making an effort to eat less of the stuff.


I’ve found a new love of gluten free porridge and I find it keeps me going from my early morning starts with Arthur (usually 6am) until after lunchtime.  Previously I would be snacking for most of the morning, have lunch out, snack some more, have dinner and snack some more until bedtime.

I am so determined to get fit that I have applied for a couple of charity places for the London Marathon 2016, I will be trying to get a place in the ballot but just in case I don’t get picked I wanted a backup.  If I don’t get a charity place I will be running for NCT.

I’m also considering applying for the Paris Marathon, I think David and Lucie were happy for me to do this so they can have a lovely holiday there!

Hopefully my training schedule will be back on track next week.  I’m currently looking for a running pushchair so I don’t have to spend my evenings training, if anyone has one lying in their cupboard that they no longer use please think of me.

Don’t forget there is still time to sponsor me via Justgiving for my 5k pretty muddy run.

Win an Eye of Horus Eyeliner

Eye of Horus illuminating range of eye makeup is based on Ancient Egyptian formulas and natural ingredients such as Moringa Oil, best known for its regenerating powers. The formulas are perfect for sensitive eyes which I seem to have developed over this past few months

My favourite eyeliner from the range is the Goddess pencil in smokey black which is perfect for tight lining.

eye of horus

By entering the rafflecopter below you could win your own Eye of Horus eyeliner in Sapphire worth £17.

“Perfect for creating flawless definition, sultry smoky looks and eye popping colour, Goddess Pencil can be blended and shaded onto the entire eyelid or applied delicately along the waterline. Literally gliding smoothly onto the eyelid without pulling or dragging, Goddess Pencil is truly waterproof once set and comes complete with a smudging tip to create the ultimate in smouldering looks.”

You will be pleased to know that there are no mandatory options, this doesn’t mean I won’t be checking for invalid entries because I will.


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Google Algorithm Update 2015 – Is your blog safe?

Google Algorithm Update 2015

Back in February Google announced that starting on April 21st 2015 they would be expanding their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in Google search results. You can read more about the algorithim changes on the google blog.

Today I tried to view several parenting/lifestyle blogs on my mobile phone and ended up clicking off them as they were not mobile friendly at all.  Rather than write to each of the blog owners which quite frankly would take me ages, I decided it would maybe be better to write a blog post in the hope that one of those blog owners might see it and secondly in the hope that someone might share it so that someone with a site that isn’t mobile friendly will change it.  I appreciate that not everyone checks the Google algorithm updates but if a lot of your viewers visit your blog via google I think it’s important that you have a bit of an idea about what’s going on in the Google world.

If your blog or website isn’t mobile friendly like a lot of blogs I came across this morning, you will see a significant decrease in mobile search traffic which none of us want do we?  Now that more and more of us use out smartphones to shop, email and read blogs it’s so important to make sure that our sites are mobile friendly.  I don’t think the changes will affect search traffic from desktop computers or tablets so if your traffic is from these sources only you have nothing to worry about.

Google have a great mobile friendly test page where you can enter your url and check your site and I would recommend you use this in the first instance.

Your site isn’t mobile friendly, so what do you do now? The answer is to implement a mobile friendly theme.  If you use a Blogger blog you need to choose to use a mobile template if one isn’t set. WordPress users can install an app like WP smart mobile theme plugin.

Many of us spend a lot of time on our blogs building up a relationship with readers, don’t let a small thing like an unfriendly design ruin that.



Beautiful Brunette


I was recently sent some Beautiful Brunette shampoo and conditioner by Creightons which is a new brand to me and also I suppose a new way of washing my hair.  I usually buy a shampoo and separate conditioner to suit either my hair type or to work on a problem area which lately has been postpartum hair loss which I’m still suffering with two years after giving birth to Arthur.

Beautiful Brunette Shampoo

The tubes of Beautiful Brunette shampoo and conditioner are 250ml so you could say they are very generous, I’ve found that a little of both goes a long way and you really do only need one squirt.

You can click on the video above to hear and see my thoughts on the product.

I’ll start off with the cons of the shampoo, there is actually only one in my opinion and that is the fact that the shampoo does contain sodium laureth sulphate and Butylphenyl Methylpropional which can sometimes irritate my eczema but not every product can be perfect can it?

Now on to the pros, there are many.  The shampoo cleans well, your hair actually feels really clean after use and quite often I don’t get that feeling from just one wash.  The same thing can be said about the conditioner, you hair really does feel conditioned after use and doesn’t have that feel that you can sometimes get with a conditioner were your hair feels like it needs a few more rinses to get all of the product out.

Both the shampoo and conditioner contain Pro-vitamin B5 which helps to replace moisture and strengthens the hair and that’s probably what gives it the soft feeling.

My hair colour is natural, I’ve not actually had anything done to it for a few years due to excess colouring which left it damaged but I did find that after using the shampoo it didn’t seem as dull anymore. Coincidence? maybe.

wet hair_Beautiful Brunette

When my hair was wet I could see that it wasn’t as dried out as usual, it had bounce and shine.

dry hair_Beautiful Brunette

Once dried my hair had bounce, shine and was extremely smooth.  Hair loss during drying was minimal compared to usual and for the first time in a while I actually felt happy to wear my hair down for the day.

Oh and did I mention that each tube costs £1? Yes you read that right. 1 whole pound each from Poundland. Bargain right?

Race for life training update 1

training Diary

I’ve now been training now for a couple of weeks and I’m actually very surprised to say that I’ve dropped a dress size!  When I started my training journey I didn’t do it to lose any weight, I thought I might tone up but to drop a dress size in such a short space of time has really shocked me.

I’m using a variety of apps to monitor my walking/exercising and although I haven’t actually done any real running yet I have done a few 6+ mile walks and a fair bit of yoga.  I’m currently using the MapMyFitness and MapMyWalk apps which I downloaded from the apple app store and they seem to work really well with the MyFitnessPal app which I’m using to log what I eat during the day.

My current training schedule is 5 days of exercise and 2 rest days however I still seem to do 3-4 miles of walking on a rest day but it is at a leisurely pace compared to my usual fast paced walking.  We have been to London twice and walked 14 miles the first time and 9 the second, my legs felt so sore after the 14 mile walk but I think it was due to the fact I hadn’t used some of the muscles for such a long time.

running clothing

I’ve bought some rather jazzy running leggings from Next as I’m just too self conscious to wear shorts at the moment, I’ve been covering myself up with a Nike jacket, I don’t seem to be able to find a vest top that is long enough for me under £25 so until I do so the jacket is staying.

I think I’ll have to find a different pair of trainers for the race for life as they are going to get pretty muddy and as my current shoes are so comfy I don’t really want to ruin them.

Are you doing the race for life this year?  Do you have a training schedule?