Vanquish Headlice With Vamousse

Headlice are pesky little things aren’t they? If you have a child of nursery or school age the chance is that they have probably had headlice.  Head lice only attack humans, they thrive on the scalp and are often found behind the ears and near the neckline at the back of the head. Do you know how they stay alive? they survive by sucking blood from the human scalp. Yuck.

Head lice are spread through direct head-to-head contact, they don’t fly or jump they climb/walk from one shaft of hair to another and they don’t just like one particular type of head, they know no socioeconomic or ethnic boundaries.

Is your head itching yet? I know mine is.  The thought of headlice makes me itchy, I hate the things but as a parent it’s my duty to check my children’s hair periodically to ensure that they don’t have them.  It may shock you to know that some parents don’t always check their child’s hair.  When Lucie was younger there was a child in her class who kept infecting other students, the teachers were aware but were unable to single them out so had to just keep sending letters home in the hope that they might just take notice which they did eventually.


Lucie is a teenager now but that doesn’t mean headlice stops, she volunteers at a brownies class full of little girls who you may have guessed are not immune to the little bloodsuckers and as a result she has suffered with headlice a few times which we only knew about when I spotted them in Arthur’s hair.

vamousse mousse

What do you do when you spot that your child has headlice?  The first thing you need to do is treat the infestation and this usually means treating all family members too.  We have been using Vamousse which kills 100% of lice & eggs within 15 minutes meaning you don’t need to re-apply like some other brands on the market.  Vamousse technology dissolves the lice’s protective exoskeleton and the lice and eggs die by dehydration. This means that their death is very quick, sounds nasty but when you have a child who is crying because their head is so itchy and they are scared because they think they have “bugs” it’s the best option.

Prior to using this I’d never used a mousse before and I always found treating head lice such a chore, mousse is definitely the easy option, it saturates the hair quickly which is great when you have a child with long hair or a very fidgety child.  Before washing my children’s hair I like to go through with the comb and remove any lice and eggs just for my own piece of mind.

vamousse shampoo

So how can you prevent headlice?  You can try to explain to older children that they should avoid head to head contact, unfortunately for younger children like Arthur who are too little to understand you have to just keep checking their hair.

Vamousse also offer a protective shampoo which can be used as a daily solution anytime there is a risk of head lice ­to protect your family, the protective shampoo actually kills lice before they can lay their eggs  I tend not to use this daily but if Lucie knows she is going to be in close proximity to her young charges I use the shampoo a few days before hand although for best results you should use the shampoo daily for at least 2 weeks.

  • Don’t share pillows, beds or soft toys which the infested person has been in contact with until they have been properly cleaned.
  • Wash all clothing, bedding, towels and any other items the infested person has been in contact with before treatment. Set washing machine to hot water cycle (above 50⁰C).
  • Vacuum furniture, carpets, rugs, floors, car seats and any other place the infested person has sat.
  • Soak the infested person’s brushes and combs in hot soapy water for at least 10 minutes to disinfect them.

You can buy Vamousse treatment and protective shampoo from Superdrug, Boots, Sainsbury’s and independent pharmacies.

How do you treat headlice?

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The Body Shop Oils Of Life

I love skincare, my skin loves skincare and the best thing about skincare products is that when you find something that works it can transform your skin.  My skin isn’t as supple as it once was, I’m 35 and gone are the days of applying a bit of cheap moisturiser every now and again and sleeping with my makeup on. I know, I know.

My skin requires a regime, it needs tlc and above all it needs products that do what they claim.  I have red patches, loss of radiance, fine lines, blemishes and dullness and I don’t like wearing heavy foundation so actually dealing with my skincare issues is important to me.

body shop oils of life

Oils of life is a fairly new range to The Body Shop, the collection is infused with black cumin seed oil, rosehip seed oil and camellia seed oil. As a trained complementary therapist I love oils especially oils that are known for revitalising and repairing skin.

I love the simple packaging, the white and gold works really well together doesn’t it (a bit like my blog header).  The bottles and jars remind me of the oil bottles we used in aromatherapy class at collage, a little bit like what you would find in an old apothecary. I really do like them and think they look great on a dressing table.

oils of life

I’ve been trying the range for a few weeks now, I had originally tried a sample of the facial oil from a beauty box which I really liked and when used with the other products it really does marvellous things.

Before I get into the range and what it’s done for my skin I want to talk about oils.  I completed my foundation degree in complementary therapy a few years ago and during that time I did a lot of research on oils and the benefits of using them.  A lot of people are scared of using oil on the skin as they think it will make it greasy or give them spots. Oils shouldn’t cause your skin to become oily, they should absorb into the skin and leave a glow.  Oils wont give you spots when used correctly, some oils actually have anti-bacterial and anti microbial properties, there are a lot of research papers on the positive benefits of oils which make interesting reading.

There are three oils that make up the oils of life black cumin seed oil, rosehip seed oil and camellia seed oil, black cumin seed black cumin seed oil is antimicrobial and some people say it can help milk supply when breastfeeding.  Rosehip seed oil is full of omega 6 which is why a lot of people use it to help with sun burn.  I’ve been using the oil for a few years now to help with my eczema but it’s also good for mature skin.  Finally camellia seed oil is an anti oxidant and apparently can help with weight loss but I’m yet to see if that works!

body shop oils of life

I have dry sensitive skin which is prone to eczema breakouts so please bear this in mind when reading my thoughts on the products.

oils of life lotion

I use the essence lotion (£15.00) after cleansing my face morning and night, a couple of drops is enough and you can pat it on with the palm of your hands or use a cotton pad if you prefer, I like to use my hands so that I can feel where the product has been applied.   This is a very light product and sinks into the skin very quickly and it makes my dry skin feel soft and radiant.   You can really feel the benefit of this lotion if you cleanse your skin after being outside in the cold/wind or if you have spent a lot of time in shops with central heating on, my skin feels instantly refreshed and moisturised and that’s without using the other two products.

oils of life oil

The revitalising facial oil (£28.00) was the product I had been using as a sample prior to receiving the full sized product.  I use this after the essence lotion and before my moisturiser.   1-2 drops is enough for your face and neck, I apply using my fingertips and massage into my skin using a gentle sweeping motion.  This oil is weightless and although it does have a scent, I find it rather pleasant and it fades away really quickly.  The oil leaves my skin glowing and radiant and I could quite happily leave the house without using moisturiser after application which is something I’ve never been able to do before.

oils of life cream

Finally the intensely moisturising cream (£25.00) is the last product in my routine.  I apply this last and use a very small amount as my skin is usually already moisturised by this point.  Like the other two products this is very light and silky and my skin has improved massively since using the cream.  I haven’t had any breakouts of eczema since using this and my sensitivity has reduced.

body shop oils of life moisturiser

Prior to using these products I hadn’t used any skincare from The Body Shop, I’m a convert and I’ll definitely be repurchasing all three items, I’ve bought the range for my mum for Christmas as I know she will love everything as much as I do.

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Goodbye October, Hello November

October was a bit of a right off for me, I spent most of it stuck in the house trying to fight off an illness that seemed to consume both myself and Arthur.  After some antibiotics and healthy eating I’m almost back to my normal self.

I’ve not been running for three weeks now and I can really tell.  My body feels sluggish and my stomach is getting very wobbly again, I’m dreading my run on Thursday evening because I just know it’s going to hurt.

I’m taking part in #BEDN again this year, I’ve never managed to finish one of these yet so fingers crossed I manage it this time around, if you’re taking part too please leave a comment so I can follow your posts.

I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been getting up to in October so I can bid it farewell, I have actually done a bit more than lying around in my pyjamas feeling sorry for myself. I’m eager to start November with a fresh face, healthy body and mind and a positive outlook.  November is going to be a good month.  I have a few really exciting things happening they aren’t blog related but I suppose some people may be interested to read about them so I may save a blog post for that.


Walks in the park | Enjoying the scenery | New Tripod | Winning an award | NCT Stars Awards | Visiting London | Autumn Walks | New products | Setting up photos


Breakfast at Rosies | Lebanese Kebabs | Homemade Brownies | Soft Tacos | Dill crusted fish with crushed potatoes | Salad Box | Basement Browns Pizza | Family Curry Night | Coffee Break


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Jean Queen By Lipstick Queen

I have a love hate with lipstick and what I mean by that is I love lipstick but more often than not the formula hates me and my flaky lips so I tend not to wear it too often favouring a tinted lipbalm instead.

Jean queen by lipstick queen

It was by chance that I read about Jean Queen by Lipstick Queen (£20) whilst browsing Cult Beauty and it sounded like the perfect lipstick for me, sheer and a one pink fits all and of course I’m a bit of a jean queen myself.

I’m a sucker for good packaging, I have some horrific coloured lipsticks but I can’t bear to part with them because the packaging is so pretty, Anna Sui, Etude House, Shiseido Benefique, Jill Stuart and Paul & Joe are some of my favourite brands thanks to the really pretty packaging so you can probably guess that the denim style packaging of Jean Queen was a huge selling point for me.

lipstick queen jean queen

The lipstick does look quite dark at first glance and you could be forgiven for thinking it is more of a deep red than a pink, maybe that was another factor that appealed to me as I’m not really a pink sort of person when it comes to lip colour.

Lipstick Queen Jean Queen lipstick

I love the creaminess of this lipstick, it applies with ease and doesn’t accentuate any dry parts of my lips or dry my lips out.  The best way to describe the colour on my lips is that it’s like an amplified version of my natural colour or a perfect nude.  Although the colour is quite sheer it does seem to brighten my face and it’s one of those colours that would work day or night.

jean queen swatch

Longevity isn’t the best, I get around 3 hours which isn’t too bad for a sheer lip colour but I can deal with that because the colour is fabulous and the formulation is perfect.  Well done Poppy King, I’ll be checking out some more of your Lipstick Queen colours soon.

Do you own any lipsticks from the Lipstick Queen range?

Suffering From A Cold? Get Sterimar

The past two weeks in our house have been one of those times that you want to mark a cross on the door so that visitors could stay away or risk contagion.  I’m blaming Arthur for being the carrier of illness as he started showing signs of cold first followed by me and then David, Lucie seems to have missed it so far and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it stays away.


No one likes having a cold, they can make you feel pretty rubbish and when they are accompanied by sinus pain you usually just feel rotten.  When you’re a parent who has a partner that works full time and often away over night you just don’t have the luxury of being able to go to bed to sleep and get better.  My mother always used to tell us that there was nothing better when you had a cold than a paracetemol and a cup of hot honey and lemon but this just wasn’t cutting it on this occasion.

sterimar kids

Sterimar is a pretty great product, I started using the kids congestion relief spray*  (£4.49) on Arthur before my cold had really taken it’s hold.  The kids spray relieves blocked and runny noses and it really did work.  The formulation is 100% natural, purified sea water which washes away excess mucus but also helps to rebalance nasal functions ensuring the nose is in top working condition to help prevent the onset of colds and further infection.

“Stérimar Kids has a slightly higher salt concentration than cells in the human body. This creates a natural osmotic effect that gently draws and drains excess, germ filled fluid from the cells in the nasal lining to gently relieve congestion and allow your child to breathe naturally”

sterimar kids nozzle

I really like the nozzle on the Stérimar Kids can, it’s specifically designed to disperses the solution in very fine droplets for increased efficiency. It is easy to use and can be used from any angle which is a huge bonus when you have children who won’t sit still.

Arthur did have to be distracted while I used this on him as he didn’t like the initial spray up his nose but it is an extremely gentle product and can be used in children from 3 months.

Did it work? Yes it did.  After around 4 hours of being completely congested and unable to breathe through his nose, Arthur’s nose was running like a tap.

sterimar stop and protect

My sickness started with a blocked up nose, pain in the forehead area and sinus pain across my face. Not nice.

As soon as my symptoms started I pulled out the Sterimar stop and protect* (£8.99) cold & Sinus Relief.  Sinus pain for me is just the worst, I work from home and do 90% of Arthur’s childcare so I just can’t afford to be ill.  One spray of Sterimar helped to decongest in a matter of minutes which provided some relief from the pain I was feeling in my face.  After 4 days of use it was apparent that the virus and bacteria which had tried to take over my body  was being neutralised.

Sterimar can be used  with medication as it’s drug free.  If you’re pregnant or diabetic you can use the products however it’s always best to check with your doctor.  I wish Sterimar did a product to help fight off the bacteria from a chest infection as that was the only thing I was left with, a visit to the doctor this morning has provided me with antibiotics so I should be on the mend soon.

You can buy Stérimar in Boots, Lloyds Pharmacy, independent pharmacies and most supermarket pharmacies.  Have you see it or used it?

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