Medosan Bio Clinica plus Anti Wrinkle Cream Does It Work?

When I think about Anti Wrinkle cream the first thought that comes into my mind is that it won’t work, how can a cream take away the signs that I’m getting older when we’re told that surgery is the only way to look younger.

Medosan Bio Clinica Plus

I’ve been using Medosan Bio Clinica plus anti wrinkle cream* (£19.95) now for a few months and I really should have published this post two months ago but I was part of a night cream trial which was at it’s testing stage for a month and I wasn’t sure if the results I was seeing were from the night cream or this anti wrinkle cream so I held off and continued using this for a further 6 weeks exclusively.

I’m 35 years old and the past couple of years have not been kind to me, being a full time mum to a toddler and a teenager as well as working full time as a freelancer takes it’s toll and in my case it shows around the eyes.  My skincare regime prior toddler is non existent as I just don’t have the time anymore and it really does show.  My skin has been neglected and I thought there was no way back from this.


The anti wrinkle cream claims that you can turn back the clock of aging by smoothing out your wrinkles and making them literally ‘disappear’, thanks to the magic of genuine pearls. The 20 essential proteins and mineral substances inside the little pot of cream have apparently shown to be highly effective in cell renewal and improving the skin’s elasticity.

Medosan Bio Clinica plus isn’t just about the anti aging though, it contains valuable plant extracts like Aloe Vera and Marigold which gives your skin important protection against the damaging effects of the sun.

Rather than go on and on about the ingredients, claims and other fluff about the cream I thought it would be best to show you the results and let you make up your own mind about it.

Before an after pictures were all taken on an IPhone 6, no filters have been used and apart from the cream and a touch of mascara my skin is completely natural.

Medosan bio clinica plus Before

The picture on the left was taken after 4 weeks of use, there are still a few fine lines but the lines around my mouth, forehead and eyes have reduced.  The picture on the right was taken 4 weeks later and although there are still some fine lines there had been a massive reduction.

Medosan Bio Clinica After

I took these pictures this morning, I’m wearing nothing on my face and not only have my lines gone I’ve noticed that my skin is looking the best it has in a long time.

I’m impressed.  For me this does what it says on the box, my fine lines around the eyes have gone, the lines under my eyes have reduced, forehead lines have reduced and the fine lines around my mouth have gone.  I have eczema and sensitive skin and although this cream is fragranced I’ve been able to use it without any major issues and it hasn’t caused spots or blemishes.

Have you tried this cream yourself? Do you think we should let nature take it’s course when it comes to ageing?

* c/o Tower Health

Freelancing in the creative industries

10 years ago I never thought I would be a freelancer in the creative industries, I was working for HMRC while studying at university and that’s when I decided to take on some work as a Virtual Assistant, which I’ve been doing ever since.  I started writing blogs around 8 years ago as I had all of these creative thoughts and needed an outlet to share them, three years ago I started “pro blogging” and I find that my two jobs work really well together.


Working 30 hours a week as well as being a full time mum to a toddler and a teenager can be a bit of a struggle sometimes, If I worked from an office away from home I would be able to switch off but it’s very different when you work from an office in your home.

So how do I maintain a good work/life balance?

1) I switch off.  When you work from home it can be difficult to switch off especially when most of us have a smart phone glued to our hand.  I turn on the switch around 10pm every evening unless I’m working with one of my clients in the USA, this ensures that I’m not disturbed by emails, texts, tweets or facebook messages.  I get emails all through the night so by turning the sound off I can let them wait until the morning otherwise I would never stop working.

2) Set working hours.  I create a to do list each morning based around any work I have to complete on that particular day.  I try not to spend more than 8 hours a day working so depending on the family commitments I have that day I usually work 3-4 hours between 6am and and 1pm, catch up on emails and social media accounts between 3pm and 5pm, and any other outstanding work between 7pm and 10pm.  Working from home means that I can be flexible with my hours so if I have family staying I do most of my work in the morning while they look after Arthur meaning I can spend the whole evening relaxing.

3) Record working hours.  I use a great online site called Toggl which allows me to log the time spent on a particular project.  Quite often my clients pay me in advance by the hour to do their work so recording the time spent allows me to provide them with a spreadsheet of time which can be incredibly useful if I need to ask for extra time or money to complete something.  Recording your working hours also means that you spend less time procrastinating and more time doing actual paid work.

4) Look after yourself. When you work from home you often forget to take a break however regularly skipping lunch or not drinking enough water during the day will make you feel bad and in my case it brings on terrible headaches. Exercise helps to reduce stress levels so try and go out for a long walk once a day. Taking time out to have a bath, read a book or watch a film can also help you relax and disconnect from work.

Being both a mum and freelancer is difficult, I’m not going to lie about that, I have burned the candle at both ends on several occasions when I’ve taken on more than I can physically handle and it’s led to an unhappy family.  Using a 2 week diary to prioritise my work schedule has greatly improved my work/life balance and has been noted by my friends, it might not work for a lot of people but it works well for me.  It’s not just the work aspect that can be difficult, if you have clients who pay on time that’s great, but a lot won’t which makes paying the bills difficult, so keeping on top of cashflow is also important.

What are my top tips for freelancing as a mum?

1) Don’t take on more than you can handle.  If you only have 20 hours spare a week for work and your client wants 30 hours of work completed don’t hesitate to consider outsourcing by using a virtual assistant.

2) Share the load.  If you’re in a relationship or have family living close ask for help with the children/meals/cleaning.

4) Create an invoicing system.  I use an online program that matches my actual bank statements to my online accounts, each month I reconcile so I can quickly see any discrepancies.

3) Create a workspace.  Not everyone has space for their own office, I’ve seen other mums convert cupboards or have multiuse desks in bedrooms or kitchen.  Use pinterest for inspiration.

4) Arrange childcare.  You can easily take the odd client call or send an email while the children are around but you  can’t give your work the concentration it needs when cbeebies is on the TV or you’re toddler is asking for snacks or to use the toilet. Make sure that you have adequate childcare in place to allow you to work on your freelance projects.

How do you find work as a freelancer?

I find networking the best way to secure new clients but networking isn’t just about face to face meetings anymore.  If you’re a creative type, Hiive is a great platform for professional networking and it also has a jobs page that is currently free for employers to use.  On Hiive’s vacancies page you can see vacant roles from employers like Channel 4, the British Fashion Council, Sky, and SME’s, freelancers can create a portfolio so when employers are looking to hire they can match you to their roles.  You can also create or join swarms where you are able to network with likeminded people which is a great tool for freelancers who work from home and don’t get the chance to do this face to face.

Taking the first step into freelancing as a mum is always the hardest but once you’ve taken that initial leap the hard part is over and with no corporate restraints you can work the way YOU want to using your own terms and conditions.

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Hatton Adventure World

Last weekend we visited Hatton Adventure World so Arthur could play cowboys as part of the Wild West activities that were on (If you visit now until the 8th September you can take part in pirate activities).  As well as being a cowboy or girl you could learn how to build a traditional Red Indian’s home, watch a Wild West Show and take part in the tin can shoot outs as well as all of the regular shows and activities at Hatton.

Hatton summer 2015

Arthur is now just the right age (2 years and 5 months) to appreciate most of the things Hatton adventure world has to offer and our visits there last longer and longer each time.  As a family you can take a ride around the Hatton Estate on the Tractor Safari, or feed the animals, Lucie’s favourite thing to do is the panning for gold or holding the gunea pigs and during this visit Arthur’s favourite activity was playing on the JCB Track driving his own little digger!

There is a new addition to Hatton which is the outdoor Laser Combat which is for children aged 8 years+ unfortunately Lucie didn’t come with us during our visit so we were unable to try it out as Arthur wouldn’t have been too happy about us going off.

Piglets Hatton

When we arrive at Hatton adventure world we always visit the farm animals first, Arthur was thrilled to see the piglets on this occasion and took his time trying to stroke one through the fence.

guinea pig Hatton

The guinea pigs were our next stop and this was the first time that Arthur has actually taken an interest in them.

Lizard at Hatton

We got to hold a snake during our last visit to Hatton adventure world and on the occasion we got to stroke one of the bearded dragon, Arthur was a little heavy handed with the poor creature but thankfully both the animal and the staff member holding it had a lot of patience with him and he mastered the art of gentle stroking.

JCB Hatton

The JCB park is lots of fun and although Arthur couldn’t quite get the hang of pedals he enjoyed being pushed around the track.

Dinosaur Hatton

Arthur is really into Dinosaurs at the moment so you can imagine his surprise when we turned a corner and there in front of him were a selection of Dinosaurs, he was so excited that he broke through the chain barrier to get to them.

Arthur on slide at Hatton playground hatton

Arthur loves nothing better than to run around, climb and slide so the playground at Hatton makes an excellent play place for him.  We sat on the grass for around 45 minutes while he climbed in and out of the huge play tractor and slid down the slide.

Things went a bit downhill for Arthur after his play in the park, it was home time and as we had been playing in the sun for most of the morning it was about time we went indoors,  Arthur wasn’t happy about this which resulted in an epic meltdown and I suppose this reaction says a lot about Hatton Adventure world when your child doesn’t want to leave.

Hatton Adventure World is open daily throughout the year from 10am to 5.30pm. You are welcome to just turn up and pay on the day or you can pre-purchase tickets on line and take advantage of our special offers.

Summer prices are £13.95 for Adults and children aged 2-14 years. Under 2′s are FREE. Visitors under 14 years must be accompanied by an adult (18 years+)

*Visit c/o Hatton Adventure World

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

We’re incredibly lucky to live so close to some incredible places to visit for a family day out, last week we visited Birmingham for lunch and decided to pay a visit to The Birmingham Botanical Gardens which offer something for everyone. There are four spectacular glasshouses with various plants that would be found in tropical rainforest to arid desert climates, birdhouses, playground and fifteen acres of gardens to explore. Children under 5 are free so we only had to pay for adult tickets which cost £7 each, £14 for a great day out is really not expensive.  There are lots of places to eat a picnic so if you’re on a budget you can take your own food and the entrance price is the only thing you need to pay for. The entrance to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a little dated and looks like it could do with a bit of a makeover, don’t let that put you off though as once you get through the security gates it does get better. Fish Birmingham Botanical ornamental fish birmingham botanical The ornamental fish are really something worth mentioning, I’d be surprised if you have ever seen fish quite as big.  Arthur found the fish fascinating and I’ve I’m honest I could have spent ages watching them too. Fountain birmingham botanical gardens tropical flowers birmingham botanical gardens The Tropical glasshouse has some really interesting plants such as the para-rubber tree which is used to make car tyres, you can also see a banana, cocoa, sugar cane and coffee plant.  If you have older children you could make the visit quite educational and the variety of plants gives you some good talking points for when you return home. carniverous plant birmingham botanical garden carnivorous plants birmingham botanical

tropical greenhouse birmingham botanical

The subtropical house is the largest of the greenhouses and is where you will find the ferns, cycads, carnivorous plants and the orchids.  There are several educational plants in this house such as pineapple, rice, tea, cinnamon, sugar cane and peanut.

Aloe birmingham botanical gardens Arid plants birmingham botanical gardens cactus birmingham botanical gardens

The Arid house is where you will find the plants from climates with low rainfall and plants from dry locations such as cliffs or tree branches. As well as cacti, this house contains a collection of ‘living stones’, carrion flowers, and century plants. You can see a great example of an Aloe vera plant (pictured above) in this house.

 park birmingham botanical gardens

Children on all ages will love the children’s playground and discovery gardens, there is a great totem pole representing the cycle of life, slides, trampoline swings, see-saw, roundabout and a Tarzan trail.

Rock Pool Birmingham Botanical Pool Rock Birmingham Botanical

flower birmingham botanical flowers birmingham botanical

There are so many beautiful plants, trees and bushes to see and for older children there is a beautiful rock pool to walk around, I wouldn’t recommend taking young children there unless you know they wont try and dip their hands/feet/body into the water.

Birdhouse Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The birdhouse is the perfect place for quiet reflection or to simply admire the beautiful roses.

Birmingham Botanical Garden Lawn

If you still have any energy left at the end of your visit you can take advantage of the huge lawn area and roll your body down stopping at the bottom to sunbathe and reflect on your day.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens can be found on Westbourne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 3TR.

What’s In My Makeup Bag?

I’ve had a little makeup bag product switch around since I wrote my last post, I’ve been feeling a little underwhelmed with my products and when I feel like that I think it’s best to have a bit of a sort out and that’s when I came across some old favourites.

makeup bag

My skin has been doing ok recently so I knew it would be silly to stop using the Avene rich hydrating cream so that has stayed, I’ve added in some Green People SPF15 as we have had some amazing weather recently and this cream doesn’t irritate my Eczema.

My lips have been incredibly dry due to the weather and I had forgotten all about Rodial Glam Balm which always soothes my lips, I’m so glad I brought this out of hiding as it’s done wonders for my lips and the inside of my arms where my Eczema has been itchy.  The Clinique CC cream is still my favourite so that has stayed for another couple of weeks although I could probably do with a darker shade at the moment.

Bourjois healthy balance powder has been unleashed again, I’m not sure how I feel about this powder so I’m giving it a weeks trial to see how it gets on with my skin.

what's on my face

I’ve not used a Nars product for such a long time and as soon as I opened deep throat I remembered how much I loved the colour, I have a feeling this will be staying in my makeup bag for a while.  I bought the MAC eyeshadows during one of Gaelle’s blog sales and if I’m being completely honest I put it in my cupboard and forgot all about it.  I’ve been playing with it for over a week now and although I’ve mainly been using the two colours on the left I really love this and like the Nars blush I can see this staying in my bag.

The Chanel eyeliner was always my favourite and I think I fell out of love with the soft texture as I favoured a harsher line however at the moment it’s a soft line I’m looking for so this has been resurrected for the remainder of the summer.  I’d forgotten how easy the YSL eyebrow pencil was to use, it’s not heavy and if I give it a good sharpen I can create some really thin lines to fill in my brows so I’ve replaced my benefit brow-zings for the time being.

I’m suffering with my eyes again and my Lancôme mascara is just not working so I’m back to using Clinique as it’s gentle and kind to my eyes however I just can’t achieve the look I crave from my mascara but that’s just something I have to put up with while my eyes are sorting themselves out.

I’ll probably mix and match the contents of my Makeup bag before the end of the summer but for now I’m really loving these products.