Race for Life

Race for life

On the 27th June 2015 I will be participating in the Race for Life, I have signed myself and my daughter Lucie up to do this and to make things a bit more interesting we will be doing the 5k pretty muddy run which is basically a muddy obstacle course.

5k is just over three miles and is apparently achievable for all ages and abilities, I have not participated in any form of fitness since 2011 when I went swimming once a week and played badminton at University.  I’m confident that I will be able to do this without the need for oxygen at the end and I’d love to get my fitness back to a reasonable level.

Cancer Research is a charity very close to my heart, my late grandfather had two forms of cancer before passing away and although the cause of death on his death certificate wasn’t cancer related it is one of the reasons why he is no longer with us.

I have close personal friends and blogging friends who have battled through various forms of cancer all under the age of 40 and each and every one of them is now cancer free but some people are not so lucky and this is why cancer research needs our money so they can prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.  The following information is taken from the Race for Life website:

cancer research

If you’re feeling generous you can sponsor Lucie and myself via JustGiving our target is £200 and I would love to beat that if possible.

Have you run the Race for Life? Do you have any tips for us?

Wauwaa and the lack of communication

I ran my own Jewellery  business with an online shop successfully for a number of years before returning to full time education and in the 5 years that I traded I quickly found that the number one rule was to communicate with my customers especially if there was a problem, usually you can come to some sort of agreement so all parties are happy.

If communication is the first rule then keeping customers happy is the second rule, everyone wants repeat custom so making sure your customers are happy is extremely important.

I’ve been a Wauwaa customer since June 2014 and have placed a number of orders since then, my only issue with the company until recently has been the fact delivery takes a long time, in one case it took over 20 days for my order to arrive, they do state 10-14 days on their website so you know it’s not a fast service.

I placed my final order with Wauwaa on the 18th March this year, it wasn’t a large order and I had originally only wanted one thing (a pair of crocs for Arthur) but it seemed silly to pay delivery charges for just one item so I also purchased a sun hat and a set of coloured cups.

I received my order on Monday and noticed that only two of the three items had been delivered, I checked my emails to see if Wauwaa had contacted me about a delay, they hadn’t so I went on to the Wauwaa website to see if there was a note on my account again no there wasn’t.  I noticed the only way to contact Wauwaa was via email as the site displays no telephone number so I sent an email to let them know that an item was missing, according to the website you can expect a reply within 24 hours.


By close of business on Tuesday I still hadn’t had a response to my email so I contacted them via twitter to ask when I could expect a reply, I’m still waiting for a tweet back however they don’t seem to use their account very often.

On Wednesday I was getting a little annoyed so I contacted them via their Facebook page, I noticed a lot of the other comments were from people who had received incomplete orders so assumed there must have been a warehouse issue, it still doesn’t excuse why I wasn’t informed earlier.

I took to twitter again to vent as I find it unacceptable that such a big company is happy to take your money yet doesn’t have the decency to answer an email, tweet or facebook message.  20 minutes later I received a response to my original email, it was obvious they hadn’t actually read my email properly.  The response is below and the comments in bold are mine.

Hi Daniella,
Unfortunately our supplier has contacted us and due to high demand the Electro Kids Sandals are now out of stock. Why couldn’t you tell me this before shipping my order? I am extremely sorry for this. It appears these sold out in high volumes from different retailers making them unable to accurately allocate stock for us. We are putting measures in place to ensure this doesn’t continue to be an issue going forward as we do understand how disappointing and frustrating this must be. We have had to cancel this from your order and process a full refund for you. Please note that refunds can take up to 30 days to appear in your account depending on your bank provider although they rarely take this long. Ok so you accepted orders when you didn’t have the stock and it took 1 email, 2 tweets and 1 facebook message for me to find this out, I also have to wait up to 30 days to get my money back!The rest of your order should be dispatched shortly via next day delivery and should be with you within the next few days. Once your order is ready to leave our warehouse you will receive an email with a tracking link included so you can follow your order every step of the way.  If you had read my original email you would see that I already have my order which is how I knew something was missing.I’m so sorry for this inconvenience. We know how disappointing this must be and please know we are putting processes in place to ensure situations like this do not occur in the future.  Yes it’s disappointing, the main reason I ordered was for the shoes, I would have just cancelled the whole order had I know they were not available.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.Kindest regards,
Wauwaa Customer Service Team


I’ve spoken to a few people about Wauwaa this week and every single person has had a issue with orders, some people like myself had missing items and were not informed and one person has been waiting for an order since February.

This isn’t good enough Wauwaa, where is the communication?

Have you got a positive Wauwaa story?  I’d love to hear it.

Little Bird by Jools Oliver

In our home gender doesn’t have a colour, if you follow me on Instagram you will see that Arthur wears a rainbow of clothing and I purchase items that I like rather than what society expects Arthur to wear and I’m not ashamed to say I often purchase his items from the girls section.

I was rather late to discover the Little Bird range of clothing at mothercare and I came across it by accident but I’m so glad I did as it’s one of the first high street ranges I’ve seen that offers unisex clothing.  Jools Oliver (Jamie’s wife) is the brainchild behind the range, I’m not usually a fan of celebrity designers but Jools has done so well with this range that I can only applaud her.

Little Bird

I love rainbows and so does Arthur so while browsing the internet for Arthurs summer wardrobe you can imagine my delight when I found a whole host of rainbow inspired clothes that looked like they had just stepped out of a Rainbow Brite film which coincidentally  was my favourite toy/programme as a child.

Little bird by jools

My second order of clothes (above) arrived last week and I can’t wait for the warmer weather to arrive so Arthur can wear his new items.

little bird

I couldn’t resist letting Arthur do a quick fashion show, doesn’t he look cute!  Arthur is wearing the Rainbow Print T-shirt in age 2-3 £7.00 and the Blue Towelling Shorts in 2-3 £8.00.

I’ve got my third order of clothing on it’s way and I’m really excited to see the Summer range.  One thing I’ve noticed is that if you see something you like you need to buy it there and then as the following week chances are your size will be gone, this happened to me with a couple of items.

Are you a fan of the Little Bird clothing range?


Sunbites by Walkers

sunbites snacks

Sunbites are the multigrain snack from everyone’s favourite brand Walkers, I’ve been aware of Sunbites for a while now but usually snacks in our home are purchased to suit the palate of my teenage daughter Lucie and I rarely get a choice in what we buy.

The new additions to the Sunbites range include Crispy Crackers, Pitta Bakes and Crackers & Dip.  The Crackers and Pitta bakes come in delicious flavours like Sun Ripened Sweet Chilli, Oven Roasted Rosemary and Vintage Cheddar with Caramelised Onion, real grown up flavours.  The Sunbites snacks actually contain 30% less fat than regular crisps so I’d love to see more flavours in the range that would appeal to the younger market.


I’m a big fan of savoury snacks and prefer savoury over sweet any day so these snacks were perfect for me.  Between the Crackers and the Pitta bakes I was slightly more partial to the crackers, it may have been slightly down to the Sun ripened Sweet Chilli flavour which I preferred however the Pitta Bakes were rather scrummy and I would definitely buy them again to maybe accompany some dips.

Sunbites Crackers and Pitta Bakes come in multipacks of 5 bags and have an rrp of £1.89 which is really good value for money.  I’d like to try the Cream Cheese and Chive crackers next I think as it’s one of my favourite flavours.


My son Arthur helped me out with the Sunbites Crackers and Dip which we had in Caramelised Red Onion Chutney with Lightly Salted Crackers which have an rrp of £1.49.  I loved the sweet and salty contrast and could quite happily have spent the afternoon munching my way through a huge pot of these as they were very addictive.

Earlier in the post I mentioned that I thought these were grown up flavours, I started off with 5 packets of each and after trying one bag of each for myself found that my teenager had been helping herself to the rest as they were “Just so yummy”.  I retract my statement about the flavours as they are obviously loved by all ages and  I now have no excuse about buying more!

What is your favourite snack?  Have you tried the Sunbite range for yourself?

* Disclaimer* Snacks were received as a press sample, my thoughts on the product are my own.


2nd Birthdays

2nd birthday

Ten days ago we celebrated Arthur’s 2nd Birthday, for me it was a very bittersweet time and I’m not enjoying how fast the time is flying past.  I’ve enjoyed the past two years so much and the fact my baby has turned into such a character with an infectious personality in a small space in time makes me wonder where the time has gone as it doesn’t seem like five minutes since I was in hospital giving birth to him.

Birthday Balloons

It’s difficult knowing what to get a 2 year old for their birthday, Arthur has a room full of toys that he doesn’t really play with, he has a wardrobe full of clothes and doesn’t actually need anything so we decided to buy him some new pyjamas, a book and some flashcards.  He got money from most of our family and friends and my parents bought him some lovely wooden toys including an aeroplane which he hasn’t put down since he opened it.

Party Blower Opening presents

Arthur seemed more interested in the Peppa Pig wrapping paper than the contents and actually had the most fun playing with a party blower, he made sure each of us had one after he had licked them all first to see which one he preferred the taste of.

Birthday Boy

I always think it must be such good fun to be a toddler, the world must seem a fascinating place and having a whole day that is all about you and the fun things you like to do must be magical.  We had quite a few tantrums and tears, the day as a whole was a little bit overwhelming for Arthur I think, birthdays are hard work when you are 2.

Minion cake Birthday Cake

Arthur currently has a little bit of an obsession with “Me Mees” or Minions to you and me so I thought it was only right that he got a Minion cake that he dropped on the floor cracking the icing 2 days before his birthday, I discovered on his birthday that Arthur doesn’t like the taste of fondant icing and he isn’t that fussed on cake either.

Vampire fighter plane

Arthur’s birthday treat was a trip to the airfield at Wellesbourne where we watched planes landing and taking off and as a special treat he got to sit in the cockpit of a De Havilland DH.100 Vampire XK590 at the wartime museum which for me was the highlight of the trip although Arthur couldn’t get out fast enough and preferred to look at it from the safety of his daddy’s arms.

It’s hard to believe that this time next year Arthur will be celebrating his 3rd Birthday and starting nursery school. Time please stop going quite as fast.