Valentine Crafts For Toddlers

Now that Arthur is almost 3 he is becoming more and more interested in crafting.  He takes a lot of care and attention when doing a task and likes to make sure it’s right before showing someone.  For Christmas he received a magnetic drawing board and I can’t count the amount of times he has removed the picture because he made a mistake, he’s a little like me in that respect as I don’t like things to look wrong in my eyes and will repeat as many times as necessary until I get it right.  I only wish he looked for perfection in other areas outside of crafting!  I can’t understand how someone can be so precious about drawing a face yet muddle all of the play doh together until it resembles a brown mass.

Toddlers crafts valentines

The past week we have been making crafts for Valentines day on the 14th February.  We made a beautiful valentine frame that can be brought out each year and a weaved card that will go into Arthur’s memory box.

Valentine craft supplies

The frame is really easy and cheap to make.  I picked up a plane wooden frame for £1 and you can use an assortment if card, foam, buttons and glitter glue.

We prepared the frame first.  Arthur applied 4 blobs of red glitter glue and stuck a wooden heard on to one of the corners of the frame.  We left this to dry while we prepared the picture.

We stuck a red foam heart on to a piece of white card cut to fit the frame.  We then stuck wooden hearts on the foam and topped each one with a red button which we glued on with white glue.

Valentine frame

Once the picture was dry we secured it inside of the frame.

The card was a bit tricky to make.  We took inspiration from Danish weaving baskets which are traditionally made at Christmas.  I was determined to let Arthur try making these himself and offered very little help which makes the card more personalised.

valentine card

To make the valentine card you will need two pieces of felt, 1 piece of card, scissors and white glue.

Start by cutting out two long, flat ovals out of felt approximately 2 inches wide.

felt heart

Fold the oval shapes in half, and cut three parallel lines up towards the rounded edge and stop about an inch from the curve.

With the folds of each folded felt oval facing each other take the top part of one of the felt ovals and weave it over and under the other felt oval so that you see the colour change in every other slit. It should start to resemble checkerboard, continue until your heart shape is finished.

Valentine card

Glue the heart on to a piece of folded card and leave to dry.

What will you give your valentine this year?

*Some of the craft items used in this post were provided as part of the on-going Bostik Bloggers campaign


New Year New Me

In April 2016 I will be running my very first marathon.  I’m overweight and this isn’t great as it makes my knees hurt, I sweat more and I don’t feel comfortable when I’m out running in public.  If I’m completely honest I don’t really have a problem with being overweight.  I’m greedy, I love cakes, crisps, biscuits, chocolate and lots and lots of food but I’m also obese which is a very clinical word isn’t it and I personally just prefer to just say I’m fat.  Fat girls can probably run a marathon with no problem so I don’t want to turn this into a debate. This fat girl can’t run a marathon unless she sheds some weight.

Death_to_stock_photography_Vibrant (10 of 10)

I weighed in at 14 stone and 8 pounds on the 28th December 2015, I used the scales in boots and as you can imagine they told me that my BMI is too high and that I’m well out of my healthy weight bracket.  My target weight is 12 stone 5 which puts my a few pounds lower than the higher weight in my healthy bracket and I’d love to reach this weight by summer.

In the past I’ve tried diets, the gym, starving myself, listening to hypnotherapy tapes and slimming pills which gave me a lot of the gastro problems I take long term medication for.  This time I’m using my fitness pal to monitor what I’m eating and to allow me to check my macros, I’m running 3-4 times a week and doing yoga, Pilates, free weights and cardio on the other days of the week.

I’ve been eating some amazing foods recently which I hope to share with you over on Madame Gourmand.  I have a few boards on Pinterest where I’ve been pinning some of the recipes I’ve cooked or want to cook so if you have any fabulous meals you think me and my family would like please let me know in the comments.

I go to boots each Monday to weight myself and as of last Monday I’m weighing in at 14 stone 1 pound and I’ve gone from wearing a 16-18 sized clothes down to a 14 on the bottom.  My aim is to lose 1lb per week and if I can do this I know I’ll run better come marathon day as I’ll not be carrying so much excess weight.  Weight loss is a touchy subject for some people but by writing about it I think it gives me a goal to work towards.

This is a New Year and I hope by the end of it I’m a new, happier, fitter me.

Affordable Waterproofs From Dry Kids

Children love to play outdoors in all weather but if they don’t have the right clothing it’s not always convenient.  My children have never stayed in one size for long so I’ve always begrudged paying a lot of money for their outerwear only for it to be worn for a couple of weeks before we need the next size.  When you find a brand of clothing that is both affordable and excellent quality it’s very rare and that’s what I found in Dry Kids.

Dry Kids set

Dry Kids sell a range of outerwear, high visibility vests, t-shirts, fleeces and accessories which fit children from babies up to teenage years.  I understand that affordability means different things to different people, I personally do not see £50 for rain clothes affordable, £25-30 I can deal with but when you compare this to the product I’m about to show you I’m sure you will agree that it really is affordable.

Jacket and Trouser set Dry kids

The Dry Kids jacket and trouser set* costs £13.95.  What can you buy for £13.95? A couple of books from Waterstones, a t-shirt from Frugi, a pair of trousers from M&S, A pair of wellington boots.

The waterproof set starts at age 2 and goes up to age 14, we selected the set in age 3-4, I was aware that it might be a little on the large side especially on top but as Arthur wears most of his clothes in age 3-4 I knew it wouldn’t be long before it fit perfectly.

Dry Kids

The waterproof fabric has been tested to 3000mm of hydrostatic head which is a way of measuring how waterproof a piece of fabric is. The manufacturer will take a clear tube and clamp their material over the bottom end. They will then fill the tube slowly with water and watch to see how high the column of water can get before the material lets drips through.

Dry Kids poppers

There is an elastic waistband to the trousers for comfy snug fit and poppers at the ankle so that you can wear them inside or outside wellington boots.

The Jacket folds into front zip pocket for easy storage meaning you can keep the set at the bottom of a pushchair, in a changing bag or in the car.   There is reflective tape detail for those dark winter morning and nights and a vented back panel to the jacket with a mesh lining so your child doesn’t get too hot.

Unfortunately I can’t give an opinion on using the set as waterproofs as we have had very nice weather here in Warwickshire so I’ll have to update when we have had some rain or snow.

Have you bought anything from Dry Kids before?

*Press Sample

Tiny Trolls Of Norway

From experience children feel the cold more than adults do and even more so when they are sat in a pushchair and not moving around to keep warm so for me it’s incredibly important to make sure that Arthur is warm when we’re outside.

Tiny Trolls Of Norway

Tiny Trolls of Norway are a company who provide high quality outdoor clothing for children aged 1-8 years. Not only can you purchase fantastic accessories but they also do a range of winter suits, coveralls, rain suits and fleece clothing.  Arthur’s nursery is a 2 mile walk from our house and although Arthur sits in his pushchair for the journey he is too big for a cosy toes now and he does get cold especially his hands and head.

Tiny Trolls Of Norway Instagram

Arthur has been wearing his little scarf and mittens daily since we received them and who could forget the Instagram picture above when Arthur didn’t want to take his hat off!

Lurvehette scarf

The Lurvehette scarf* (£6.39) is a particular favourite of mine as it’s so versatile, we’ve used it as a hat, scarf and hand warmer when I forgot to take Arthur’s gloves out with us.  It looks incredibly on trend too and Arthur quite often just wears it in the house.

Rumpetroll gloves

The Rumpetroll gloves* (£14.39) are super cute mittens that are perfect for rain and snow as they are 100% waterproof.  The mittens are lined with fleece to ensure hands are kept warm and what I like most about them is the length.  So many times when Arthur has been out wearing woollen gloves that only go to the wrist I’ve noticed that his arm is really chilly where the coat has moved from the wrist area but you don’t have this problem with the mittens.

Dovregubben hat

The Dovregubben hat* (£19.99) is definitely a talking point when we’re out and about.  Arthur really does look like a warm little troll when wearing it.  When worn with the scarf I know that there is no chance of any wind getting to Arthur and when we come home from playing at the park he is lovely and toasty warm when we take his hat off.

If you’re looking for a really unique gift for a child I can recommend Tiny Trolls of Norway, I’ve not seen anyone else wearing the Dovregubben hat but I’ve been asked several times where they can be purchased from.

I must apologise about the indoor pictures, it’s almost impossible to keep a toddler still outdoors and he had to be bribed with chocolate for the purpose of these photographs.

*Press Sample



YT Club Flexi Tripod

A blogger and YouTubers most valuable piece of kit in my opinion is a tripod, yes the camera and computer are also important but to be honest you can type your work up and film on a phone if need be but to get the best photographs or video content a tripod is so important to ensure you don’t get shaking of your device.

When taking photos and videos I use a variety of cameras including my iPhone 6, Nikon D80 and Nikon 1.  I do have a really good tripod which is height adjustable and comes with it’s own carry bag for manoeuvrability but it’s no good if I’m out and about and want to take an impromptu photo or piece of video footage and that’s where the YT Club Flexi Tripod* comes in.

YT Club Flexi Tripod

The tripod is incredibly versatile and easily fits into my handbag so I can carry it around with me just in case a photo or video opportunity arises. The legs can be positioned at different angles and can even be wrapped around objects like railings enabling you to take photos or videos in places that you just wouldn’t be able to access with a larger tripod.


I’ve use this as a selfie stick with my iPhone, positioned it at an angle with my DSLR and wrapped it around the door handle with my iPhone.

The tripod comes with a removable universal phone holder which means you can attach any phone not just an iPhone. You can easily pop out the quick release plate to interchange between different devices.

The special rubber design means the tripod will not tip over or mark objects so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your camera or phone.

YT Flexi Tripod

£19.99 is a real bargain for such a great item in my opinion and I know a few bloggers who  would love to receive it as a gift.

Have you tried a flexible tripod?

*Discount provided for purchase